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second son of Shem (Genesis 10:22; 1 Chronicles 1:17)

He went from the land of Shinar and built Nineveh, etc. (Genesis 10:11-12). He probably gave his name to Assyria, which is the usual translation of the word, although the form Asshur is sometimes retained (Numbers 24:22, 24; Ezek. 27:23, etc.).

In Genesis 2:14Assyria” ought to be “Asshur,” which was the original capital of Assyria, a city represented by the mounds of Kalah Sherghat, on the west bank of the Tigris. This city was founded by Bel-kap-kapu about B.C. 1700. At a later date the capital was shifted to Ninua, or Nineveh, now Koyunjik, on the eastern bank of the river. (See CALAH or NINEVEH.)