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Hebrew: אַרְפַּכְשַׁד

also known as: Arpachshad, Arphaxad

This is the name of the third son of Shem, born two years after the Deluge (the worldwide flood).

He died at the age of 438 years (Genesis 11:10-13; 1 Chronicles 1:17-18; Luke 3:36).

He lived in Mesopotamia, and became, according to the Jewish historian Josephus, the progenitor of the Chaldeans. The tendency is to recognize in the word the name of the country nearest the ancient domain of the Chaldeans. Some regard the word as an Egypticized form of the territorial name of Ur Kasdim, or Ur of the Chaldees.


  • Grandfather: Noah
  • Father: Shem
  • Mother: not named
  • Brothers: not named or numbered
  • Sisters: not named or numbered
  • Sons: Salah and others
  • Daughters: not named or numbered in the Bible
  • Grandsons: Eber and others
  • Great-grandson: Peleg and others
  • Great-great-grandson: Reu and others
  • Other notable descendants included: Abram (ABRAHAM)


ADAM Seth Enos Cainan Mahalaleel Jared Enoch Methuselah Lamech NOAH Shem Arpakshad (aka Arpachshad) Shelah EBER (Heber—patriarch of the Hebrews) Peleg Reu Serug Nahor Terah ABRAHAM Isaac Jacob JUDAH Perez Hezron Ram Amminadab Nahshon Salmon Boaz Obed Jesse KING DAVID
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