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Meaning: region beyond

Hebrew: עֵ֫בֶר

also known as: Heber

This is the name of 5 biblical men and appears 15 times in the Old Testament. It first appears in Scripture in Genesis 10:21.

  1. Eber, the 3rd post-Duluvian patriarch after Shem (Genesis 10:24; 11:14)

    He is regarded as the founder of the Hebrew race (10:21; Numbers 24:24). In Luke 3:35 he is called Heber.

    He died at the age of 464 years (Genesis 11:14-17).



    ADAM Seth Enos Cainan Mahalaleel Jared Enoch Methuselah Lamech NOAH Shem Arpakshad (aka Arpachshad) Shelah EBER (Heber—patriarch of the Hebrews) Peleg Reu Serug Nahor Terah ABRAHAM Isaac Jacob JUDAH Perez Hezron Ram Amminadab Nahshon Salmon Boaz Obed Jesse KING DAVID

  2. Eber, one of the 7 heads of the families of the Gadites (1 Chronicles 5:13)

  3. Eber, the oldest of the 3 sons of Elpaal the Benjamite (1 Chronicles 8:12)

  4. Eber, one of the heads of the familes of Benjamites in Jerusalem (1 Chronicles 8:22)

  5. Eber, the head of the priestly family of Amok in the time of Zerubbabel (Neh. 12:20)