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Hebrew: בֹּ֫עַז

Meaning: unclear, possible strength, boldness, striker, quikness, or alacrity (brisk and cheerful readiness)

The name of a biblical man and a pillar/column of Solomon’s Temple.

  1. Boaz, the husband of Ruth, a wealthy Bethlehemite

    By the “levirate law” the duty devolved on him of marrying Ruth the Moabitess (Ruth 4:1-13).

    Boaz was a kinsman of Mahlon, her first husband.

  2. Boaz is the name given (for what reason is unknown) to one of the 2 (the other was called Jachin) decorated bronze pillars (columns) which Solomon erected in the court of the temple (1 Kings 7:21; 2 Chronicles 3:17). Some say that Boaz (strong slayer) may be in honor of King David and his strong faith in God.

    These pillars were later broken up and carried to Babylon by Nebuchadnezzar.

Article Version: August 31, 2017