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Meaning: passing over

This is the name of various biblical men…

  1. a descendant of Noah / The apostle Luke lists him as the son of Sala, the grandson of Cainan, the great-grandson of Arphaxad, and the great-great-grandson of Sem (Shem), who was the son of Noah (Noe). The generations list in Genesis seems to refer to this same man as “Eber” (Genesis 10:21, 24-25). (See: HEBREW)

  2. Son of Beriah and grandson of Asher (Genesis 46:17; 1 Chronicles 7:31-32).

  3. The Kenite (Judges 4:11, 17; 5:24), a descendant of Hobab. His wife Jael received Sisera into her tent and then killed him.

  4. 1 Chronicles 4:18.

  5. A Benjamite (1 Chronicles 8:17).

  6. A Gadite (5:13). (See EBER.)