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also known as: Shemer or Shamer

This was the name of two places and one biblical man.

Shamir, a son of Micah (Michah)

also known as: Shamer

“Of the sons of Uzziel, Micah; of the sons of Micah, Shamir.” —1 Chronicles 24:24

“The sons of Shamer were Ahi and Rohgah, Jehubbah and Aram.” —1 Chronicles 7:34

Hebrew: שָׁמוּר —transliteration: Shamur or Shamir —meaning: a sharp thorn

Shamir, a town in Judah

This town was located among the mountains of Judah (Joshua 15:48).

It is probably Somerah, 2½ miles northwest of Debir.

Hebrew: שָׁמִיר —transliteration: Shamiyr

Shamir, a town on Mount Ephraim

This was the residence of the heroic Tola, one of the judges, on Mount Ephraim in the Tribe of Ephraim (Judges 10:1-2).

Hebrew: שָׁמִיר —transliteration: Shamiyr

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