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What’s wrong with practicing astrology?

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Astrology is a pseudo-science based on the view that the stars and planets exert a strong influence on human affairs. It claims that the relative positions of the heavenly bodies at an individual’s birth determine his or her basic makeup, and that changing astral positions can be used to predict the future. However, because the heavens were never intended for these purposes, astrology is a dangerous and wrongful practice. Stars were created for calendar keeping and for declaring God’s glory. To use them otherwise is idolatry, as warned against throughout Scripture (Deut. 4:19; 2 Kings 23:5; Isa. 47:13). Astrology should not even be consulted for amusement. It is connected with the forces of evil and can lead to other occult practices and bondage to sin.

Astrology has three major flaws, each of which cancels any claim to scientific validity.

  1. First, astrology fails to succeed when tested against reality. For example, the distribution of the heavens at the moment of birth is supposed to determine one’s astrological sign and thus one’s personality and future. On that basis, twins should have nearly identical lives. However, twins often vary greatly in talent, personality, and the paths of life they choose. Remember Jacob and Esau (Gen. 25:19-34).

  2. Second, one’s so-called astrological sign is no longer valid. Because of the precession of the Earth’s axis, a person is actually born under a different star sign than is assigned by the outdated horoscopes in use today. Astrology is based on the former positions of stars (as they were 3,000 years ago in Babylonian times). Each year, the error in dating the zodiac signs grows greater.

  3. Third, it is impossible for the stars to have an effect on a person, much less on world events. The gravity of stars and planets is the only force that acts through space distances, and its effect is negligible on Earth.

Author: Dr. Donald B. DeYoung—adapted from Astronomy and the Bible: Questions and Answers, 2nd Edition (Grand Rapids, Michigan: Baker Books, 2000), 176 pp.

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