stars in the Bible

Stars are mentioned in various places in Scripture.


Constellations of stars—Pleiades and Orion are mentioned in Amos 5:8 and other verses)

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Questions about stars

Stars spoken of symbolically

Hebrew and Greek words for stars

כּוֹכָב —transliteration: kokab —meaning: a star —occurrences: 37

כִּימָה —transliteration: Kimah —meaning: a cluster of stars —occurrences: 3 (example: Amos 5:8 KJV —“the seven stars and Orion”)

ἀστήρ —transliteration: astér —meaning: a star —occurrences: 24
ἄστρον —transliteration: astron —meaning: a star —occurrences: 4

Is the universe populated by other beings?

Stars and astrology

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