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El Origen de la Humanidad

La Raza Humana

Click here.¿Dónde consiguió Caín a su esposa? respuesta
¿Si todos los seres humanos son los descendientes de Adán y Eva, entonces con quién se casó Caín? Usted aprenderá la única explicación a ésta pregunta y cómo esto pudiera ser posible.

Click here.¿Cómo podrían todas las razas humanas descender de Noé, sus tres hijos y sus esposas? respuesta
Son las diferencias en las razas razones justificables para refutar que todas las razas descendieron directamente de Noé y su familia? Aprenda la verdad del caso.


Click here.¿Prueba la similitud de ADN entre chimpancés y humanos que hay un ancestro común? respuesta
Se dice que nuestras estructuras de ADN son 97% similares a las de los chimpancés.¿Somos sólo simios altamente evolucionados? Para un apropiado entendimiento de este asunto, considere estos siete conceptos.

Traducción por Danilo Araya Z.

  • Who's who and what's what in the world of “missing” links? Answer
    Are the “missing links” really missing, or have they truly been found and documented over the previous century?
  • Is there fossil evidence of “missing links” between humans and apes? Did ancient humans live millions of years ago? Answer
    A detailed and eye-opening report from paleontologist Dr. Marvin Lubenow
  • Where are all the human fossils? Answer
    Why don't we find thousands of human fossils if the Flood of Noah is true? What happened to all the people who were not on board Noah's Ark?
  • Does the human fetus temporarily develop gills, a tail, and a yolk sac? Answer
    We've all heard that the human embryo supposedly resembles a fish in the womb. Is this true? Are these claims evidence of man's evolution from fish? (embryonic recapitulation theory / vestigial organs)
  • Human gills”—Is it true that humans have occasionally been born with gills? Answer
    A look at the claims that people have been born with evolutionary “fish gills” in the neck. This featured report originates from the Australian Northern Star newspaper.
  • Click to learn about ADAM, the first manWhat was Adam, the first man, really like? Discover the fascinating facts about this unique man from whom we are all descended! Answer This answer is in our children's section, but it's written on a level that adults will enjoy.
  • ORIGIN OF ETHNIC PEOPLE GROUPS—How could all ethnicities come from Noah, his three sons and their wives? Answer
    Are the differences in ethnicities justifiable reasons to disprove that all descended directly from Noah and his family? Learn the truth of the matter.
  • Black and White—Racial Issues. Illustration copyrighted.For answers about Racism, Ethnicity Issues and Christianity see our question and answer index
    Including such questions as “How did different skin colors come about?”, “What are the consequences of false beliefs about the origin of ethnicities?”, “Are black people the result of a curse on Ham?”, “What about the ‘Stone Age’ people?”, “Is inter-ethnic marriage biblical?”, and more
  • Cloning: Right or Wrong? Answer
  • Did Adam have a belly button? Answer
    We've been asked this question often. Here's the answer.
  • How did bad things come about? Answer
    If the world before the fall had no death or struggle, how can we explain the origin of animal and insect instincts designed to hurt and kill other living organisms? An in-depth study into some possible explanations.
  • Where did cancer come from? Answer
    A Christian doctor of pathology discusses the true nature of cancer and its fascinating connection to the Edenic curse which followed Adam and Eve's sin.
  • Krogman, the Croc—a new species of primeval man? Answer
    What does the fossil record of human teeth teach us? Is there sufficient evidence of three-cusp teeth evolving into four-cusp?

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