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Movie Review

I Dreamed of Africa

MPAA Rating: PG-13-Rating (MPAA) for a scene of nudity/sensuality and some violent/traumatic episodes

Reviewed by: Gabe Rodriguez

Moviemaking Quality:

Primary Audience:
2 hr. 00 min.
Year of Release:
USA Release:
I Dreamed of Africa (Copyright 2000, Columbia Pictures)
Featuring: Kim Basinger, Vincent Perez, Liam Aiken, Eva Marie Saint, Garrett Strommen
Director: Hugh Hudson
Producer: Stanley R. Jaffe, Allyn Stewart
Distributor: Columbia Tristar

“I Dreamed of Africa” is the true story of Kuki Gallmann, a rich and snobby socialite in Italy who meets and marries Paolo, a former African farmer. With Kuki’s son, Emmanuelle, Paolo and Kuki head back to Africa to get a new start and together they do amazing things.

Based on Kuki’s autobiography of the same name, “I Dreamed of Africa” has a few things out of place. The performances are great, but the script has many holes and is at many times rather dull. The scenery is astonishingly gorgeous, but the direction and narratives are uneven.

I Dream of Africa

From a Christian standpoint, “I Dreamed of Africa” has only two caveats. It has a few intense violent scenes, as well as a bit of animal attack gore. There is also a brief sex scene with partial nudity.

Entertaining and beautiful, “I Dreamed of Africa” is a good film for older teens and their parents, and it should grab Kim Basinger some attention for her great performance.

Viewer Comments
“I Dreamed of Africa” was to me a little New Age. Kim Bassenger believed (in the movie) that we become everything once we die. The trees etc. My Ratings: [2½/3½]
Esther Melsha, age 27
I found the movie very slow and at times boring. Some violent scenes and one scene with partial nudity. I felt that the movie didn’t flow well. Wait for the video. My Ratings: [3½/3½]
Bruce, age 40
The movie reminded me of Reader’s Digest. A little of this and then right a way a little of that. A few fine moments and many very dull moments. I pick my movies carefully, but struck out on this one. Visually excellent, but story-wise cut up into bits and pieces. My Ratings: [3/3]
Frank G., age 74
Movie Critics
…beautiful—but dull… ‘I Dreamed of Africa,’ and nothing much happened. Unfortunately, that in a nutshell describes the basic problem… gorgeously crafted, well-acted…
John Urbancich, Sun Newspapers of Cleveland
…rigid visual style, literate and pretentious narrative and lack of a distinctive perspective… Banal as the film is, it gives Basinger a role of stature and intelligence…
Emanuel Levy, Variety
…story is fitfully episodic and the jerky editing doesn’t help a bit… long stretches of I Dreamed of Africa consist of little more than people arguing or clambering in and out of dusty Land Rovers…
Desmond Ryan, Philadelphia Inquirer
…“I Dreamed of Africa” could be viewed as the cinematic CliffsNotes of the real life Kuki Gallmann’s 1991 novel of the same name, that detail her first decade… in the Dark Continent. …the film covers most of her experiences in… a cursory and superficial way… rapid-fire and haphazard fashion…