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Lady and the Tramp

Reviewed by: Brett Willis

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1 hr. 16 min.
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Cover Graphic from Lady and the Tramp
Featuring voices of Barbara Luddy, Larry Roberts, Verna Felton, Stan Freberg, George Givot, Peggy Lee, Dal McKennon, Lee Millar, Alan Reed, Bill Thompson
Director _____
Producer Walt Disney
Distributor _____

This story, set in the early 20th century, follows the relationship that develops between a pampered cocker spaniel and a mongrel from the wrong side of the tracks.

Lady has had everything she could ever want from her humans, “Jim Dear” and “Darling;” but now a baby is on the way, and she’s getting shortchanged. Tramp comes on the scene and tells her she should strike out with him and see what real living is, because she’ll never get the same attention at home that she used to get. Both Lady and Tramp are blamed for things they didn’t do, but the story works out well in the end.

There’s a small amount of scariness for young children (including a rat that gets into the baby’s room); but overall, this film should be watchable by the whole family with no reservations. The story is well done and entertaining, and the music is very good; for anyone who isn’t already familiar with it, I don’t want to give anything away.

Viewer Comments
Excellent film! I only discovered this film when we purchased it for our two-year-old girl. She loves it, and always requests the “doggies” film. On several occasions, she has even cried when it is over because she wants to see it again and again. My Ratings: [4/4½]
T.C., age 26