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The Other Side of the Mountain

Reviewed by: Leslie Aubrey

Moral Rating: Good
Moviemaking Quality:
Primary Audience: Teen to Adult
Genre: Drama
Length: 1 hr. 42 min.
Year of Release: 1975
USA Release:
Cover graphic from “The Other Side of the Mountain”
Featuring Beau Bridges, Marilyn Hassett, Belinda Montgomery, Nan Martin, William Bryant
Director Larry Peerce
Producer Ed Feldman

This is the inspiring, true story of 18-year old ski champion Jill Kinmont, America’s leading Olympics contender in the early 1950’s, until a tragic fall on the slopes at Alta, Utah, paralyzed her and left her wheelchair-bound for life.

While this story does not have a Christian base, it does present some solid values such as family togetherness, undying love, respecting fellow human beings, and turning away from self-pity.

Included are a handful of minor curse words and absolutely no sexual immorality or implication (actually, there is one very tender scene in which the paralyzed Jill is talking to her fiance about not being able to make love or have children—very tasteful and touching). There are plenty of 3-hanky scenes, and the portrayal of Jill’s accident and resulting hospitalization is tense and a bit disturbing, but the overwhelming feel of the movie is uplifting. I would highly recommend this film to teens and up.

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I was really rooting for Jill Kinmont to have triumph and happiness throughout the entire movie (the book is good, too). If you are looking for something uplifting at the video store that is from the heart, this is the one.
Hillari Hunter, age 38