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One in a Million

Reviewed by: Ken James

Moral Rating: Excellent!
Moviemaking Quality:
Primary Audience: Teens
Genre: Discussion-Starter Drama
Length: 17 min.
Year of Release: 1986
USA Release:
Relevant Issues
One in a Million
Life Before Birth
Have questions about life before birth, or a woman’s choice about pregnancy and abortion? Visit this beautiful online presentation. Ask questions; get reliable answers.
Featuring Trevor Wallace, Lyssa Williams, Elizabeth Sinclair
Director Fred Carpenter
Producer Mars Hill Productions
Distributor Mars Hill Productions

“One in a Million” is billed as a discussion-starter film, and at 17 minutes and an open-ended conclusion one can see why. Producer Mars Hill says a “discussion-starter film is like a surgeon’s knife, ineffective in and of itself, yet in the hands of one who is skilled, it is a powerful tool for exposing real emotional, intellectual, and spiritual needs.” The topic surrounding “One in a Million” is abortion.

Bobby has a slight handicap, a limp that he just can’t accept and get over. He feels like an outcast of society with no purpose or meaning in life. His girlfriend tries to show him how important he really is to her and others, but he’s just not convinced until something amazing happens. While walking home one day he comes across a baby in a stroller left out in the middle of the street by an inattentive big brother. Seeing what needs to be done, Bobby springs into action in the nick of time and pushed the stroller out of the way. he’s the town’s newest hero and the next day the local paper has a front-page story about the incident. Now he feels really special and important.

Later that day as he is cleaning out the attack he comes across his mother’s personal journal she used years ago. He begins to read it and stumbles across some entries that talk about her falling in love with Bobby’s father, then the feeling that “everything is happening so fast”, then finding out that she is pregnant. Confused, she decides to have an abortion. Bobby looks at the dates, does some quick math, and realizes that it was him that was aborted.

With this realization Bobby begins to disappear into oblivion. The baby-in-the-street scene is replayed, this time with no Bobby to save the day.

Thought-provoking it is. If one of us wasn’t around, how would those we know be affected? The implications are obvious and great discussions can be found just around the corner.

Technically the film feels old, but it does have a 1986 production date. The acting is okay. There is a scene where Bobby and his girlfriend kiss, probably their first, and some parents may have trouble with that if they are into the courtship thing. Overall, it’s just okay, but could be quite useful for discussions.

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A film every person should see once in a lifetime!
Bill Muir, Author/Director, Church Youth Resources