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Nothing Like the Holidays

also known as “Humboldt Park,” “Ta Kelepouria”
MPA Rating: PG-13 for thematic elements including some sexual dialogue, and brief drug references.
Moral Rating: not reviewed
Moviemaking Quality:
Primary Audience: Adults Teens
Genre: Christmas Comedy Drama
Length: 1 hr. 38 min.
Year of Release: 2008
USA Release: December 12, 2008 (wide—1,500 theaters)
DVD: October 27, 2009
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Featuring John Leguizamo, Debra Messing, Freddy Rodríguez, Vanessa Ferlito, Alfred Molina, Jay Hernandez, Luis Guzmán (Luis Guzman), Elizabeth Peña, Melonie Diaz, Manny Perez, Christy Bella Joiner, David Hernandez, Marcia Wright, Deborah Lynn, Ramses Jimenez, Debbi Burns, Tony Castillo, Marissa Meo, Marilyn Jacobs, Ulises Acosta, Gail Rastorfer, Brian Sills, Jamie Louachai, Michael P. LaRaviere, Tanya Saracho, Greg McAleer
Director Alfredo De Villa
Producer 2DS Productions, State Street Pictures, Reid Brody, Thomas J. Busch, Paul Kim, Rene M. Rigal, Freddy Rodríguez, Robert Teitel, George Tillman Jr.
Distributor Overture Films

“They're just a typical American family. Minus the typical.”

Here’s what the distributor says about their film: “A Puerto Rican family living in the area of Humboldt Park in west Chicago face what may be their last Christmas together.”

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Movie Critics
…[2 stars] …‘Nothing Like the Holidays’ is everything like your typical holiday movie… Is there anyone out there who hasn't seen this movie a dozen times before?…
Chris Kaltenbach, Baltimore Sun
…[2½ stars]…Beyond the movie's seasonal familiarities of resentment and reconciliation are plenty of sweet-funny details of Latino life. Not least of which is a chance for audiences to participate in a parranda, a Puerto Rican Christmas tradition that takes place on Three Kings Day. …
Lisa Kennedy, Denver Post
…Leguizamo's ‘Nothing Like the Holidays’ is just like every other holiday flick… if you’re in the mood for warm and fuzzy, you could do worse. Sometimes it’s fun to unwrap a present even if you already know what’s waiting inside.
Elizabeth Weitzman, New York Daily News
…Yet another holiday film about a gently dysfunctional family whose tree branches are stocked solely with well-worn stereotypes (the ‘twist’: They’re Puerto Rican!). …
Daniel Barnes, Sacramento News and Review
…[3 stars] …The performers breathe real life into the characters…
Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times
…The only distinguishing characteristic of this mildly agreeable variation of a worn-out formula is that the boisterous family under examination is Puerto Rican, and the screenplay includes a smattering of Spanish. …
Stephen Holden, New York Times