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Jurassic Park 2: The Lost World

Reviewed by: Dale Mason

Moral Rating: Very Offensive
Moviemaking Quality:
Primary Audience: Adults (no children)
Genre: Sci-Fi Action Adventure Horror Drama Adaptation Sequel
Length: 134 min.
Year of Release: 1997
USA Release:
The Lost World: Jurassic Park. Copyright, Universal Picturesclick photos to ENLARGE
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Featuring Jeff Goldblum, Julianne Moore, Pete Postlethwaite, Arliss Howard, Richard Attenborough, Vince Vaughn, Vanessa Lee Chester, Peter Stormare, Harvey Jason, Richard Schiff, Thomas F. Duffy, Joseph Mazzello
Director Steven Spielberg

“Something has survived”

It was after midnight, the first showing of the official opening day. Finally, the previews for several R-rated “coming attractions” ended, and the feature film was about to begin.

An excited, uninhibited conglomeration of mostly college-age viewers filled more than 400 plastic backed theater recliners. It was a room full of variety. Men with silk shirts and manicured beards and teen boys with wholly sweats and purple hair. Young women of modest attire and young women in skimpy vinyl body suits. A room of couples and singles and small groups. Our disparity was obvious, but we all held one thing in common. We had all come and paid to view the most-touted movie sequel of the year (possibly of the decade).

All lights dimmed. All talking and laughing and shuffling ceased. All eyes focused expectantly on the huge black screen before us. Before any image appeared, all ears strained to discern the sounds that rumbled beneath us and around us and above us …and Steven Spielberg smiled. He had us right where he wanted us—on the edge of our seats, in the palm of his hand!

“The Lost World” is the much hyped special effects sequel to Spielberg’s “other” dinosaur movie, “Jurassic Park”. Like its immensely popular predecessor, “The Lost World” is a film about a crazy scientific experiment gone awry, but with a politically-correct 1990’s twist. Capitalistic, big business greed is the villain and the whole reason why such an honorable experiment by animal-loving noblemen has such terrible consequences.

Dinosaurs of myriad types inhabit a tropical island some 70 miles from the one on which the original Jurassic Park experiment had taken place. Four years have passed and, somehow, these incredible creatures which should have been dead have flourished and multiplied, apart from man. Through almost nonstop action, tension and violence, four good guys (3 men and a woman who just want to study the dinosaurs) and dozens of bad guys (men who want to capture and even kill some of the dinosaurs) find themselves struggling together to survive. Against all odds, and I do mean ALL odds, the fittest do survive. But so does the love of money. And so the struggle is transferred to San Diego and the location of a new Jurassic theme park where the spineless “Mr. Greedy” plans to exhibit an adult and baby Tyrannosaurus Rex. Mommy Rex, however, isn’t happy, and throws a temper tantrum. It is a rather large tantrum. It seems that Mommy Rex is unhappy with her accommodations, the treatment of her only child, and just apparently the fact that they expect her to live in southern California!

The special effects are, of course, incredible. But from a Christian perspective, there is nothing of good repute here. Nothing motivated by a desire to please and honor the Creator. Nothing but actions motivated by selfishness and man-centered ideals. The film is nothing better than escapist entertainment, a work of total fiction. Remember that. It is based squarely on the religion of evolution—a religion with more substance in the minds of men than in the evidences of the fossil record.

For the record, please note that this movie contains nonstop edge-of-your-seat tension, an “average” amount of profanity (around 12-15 instances) and FREQUENT violence (including several men being trampled or eaten or torn in two, with “appropriate” sound effects).

Viewer CommentsSend your comments
If you saw the first one you saw the second one. Although it was a good movie, it wasn’t very suprising. It was the same old stuff with some new special effects, overall it was entertaining, but unless you really want to hear movie sound, wait for the video. It was worth $5.50, but not $7; like some other person paid.
Noah Krisch, age 21
I have never seen so much hype behind something so stupid. (Except for the whole public fantasy of evolution.) This movie was a real no-brainer.
David Pesta, age 18
It’s ironic that Spielberg will make enough money to fill the cargo hold of that ship on a movie about misunderstood dinos eating the nasty, bad capitalists. I expected better. Spielberg could have entertained while making us think about the ramifications of cloning and genetic engineering but didn't. This movie was about people being eaten. Still, I couldn’t do better.
Annette Johnson, age 30
I didn’t finish the book because of the blatant slam on Christians for believing in Creationism. Although the entire movie subtly promoted evolution, it was not screamed in your face. I agree with the reviewer, entertaining and scary but no plot. I don’t remember the profanity, probably because I was so caught in the action. No sex of any sort. Very violent.
Alisa Bard, age 24
TLW was a great FX release, all of them where well done but for the clif-trail-rope. The best was the RV window scene. Other than that, all in my group concluded that there was no story, no plot just action and this will add nothing to S. Spielberg incredible carrier (other than $$$).
Jan van Dalen, age 37
I felt that LOST WORLD did exactly what I wanted it to do: give me something to enjoy that did not require a lot of thought on my part. Yes, it was violent. But there was no sex and little profanity. My children aged 14, 12, 8, and 7 all watched it and enjoyed it. We left the theater thinking that it could really happen—except for the hokey city scenes. Those reminded me of the old Ultraman series from 20-some years ago. Enjoy the movie—it is fun!
Michael Shaffer, age 38
Yes, it was predictable, but most sequels are. I had a great time watching it. I go to movies to be entertained, not to critique! It’s a fun movie… and I doubt any kid who grows up in the X-men and Power Rangers generation will be too frightened by it.
Susie Brunson, age 44
First of all, I’m not a Christian. Nor for that matter, am I affiliated with any other religious denomination. I think it’s time you got your facts straight, Mr. Mason. Evolution IS NOT a religion—it’s a theory supported by so much evidence that it’s almost fact. Where’s your proof to support “Creationism”—the idea (and nothing else) that all life is the handy-work of some omnipotent god? The Bible—the work of fallible and credulous men and by far the most destructive piece of literature set upon the minds of humans? Face it—the facts are there, you’re just afraid to recognize them.
Adam Woodbridge, age 18

Mr. Woodbridge; Your comments are representative of the feelings of many. Thank you for sharing them. …The entire “Creation/Evolution” Q&A section of ChristianAnswers.Net is replete with the type of facts and information that you state that you seek. Also, I would challenge you to read “The Illustrated Origins Answer Book.” In fact, you don’t even have to buy the book to read it. It is already digitized and available free to anyone truly interested in knowing the facts surrounding this foundational issue.

Dale Mason (Editor/reviewer)

To Mr. Woodbridge: 1. Why even post an opinion on a CHRISTIAN WEB PAGE feeling the way you do? we’re God’s people… you don’t care what we think… or do you?! 2. St. John 10:10 (Jesus talking in that destructive Bible) “The thief comes only to kill, steal and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” Destructive? I don’t think so. 3. Next time you dis us Christians, don’t forget to leave us your review of the movie… which is the whole point of this web page in the first place!!! (Excuse me for being so long, but we can’t let Satan’s little helpers dog us out and just sit there and take it! Didn’t God command us to stand?!)

Chris Utley, age 24

To Mr. Woodbridge: Something must have happened in your life or another’s life to make you doubt God’s existence and His message in the Bible. As for being destructive, no other book in history has set more people free (from drugs and other sinful lifestyles), been sold and read more, and changed more peoples hearts and attitudes (to name a few), than God’s written Word to man. I just want all of those out there who hold Mr. Woodbridge’s view to know that your opinion really doesn’t change the Bible’s message that God loves you and has a plan for your life if you turn from your unbelief and turn to Jesus' sacrificial death to wash away your sins.

Milo, age 22

I’m dissappointed by the number of Christians who reviewed this movie and slammed it because of either language, violence, or evolutionism. It makes me wonder what these people were doing seeing this movie to begin with, or did you expect to see Jesus himslef in the film? To me it was pure edge-of-your-seat entertaiment. I read the book a year ago and was dissappointed by the constant hounding of evolution (some was to be expected but it was ridiculous.) The movie, however, stuck to the action and the dino’s and gave an incredible thrill. Please, go to see a movie to be entertained, not to get spiritual enlightenment. If you know it will contain objectionable material then don’t go. That’s what I do.
Stoney G. deGeyter, age 24
If you are looking for something to do that is more spiritually and intellectually stimulating, stay home and take a nap. If you choose to see it for the thrill of special effects, more power to you.
David Pesta, age 18
Positive—I don’t get why people were so disappointed with this sequel. It had a lot of new special effects and interesting, original ideas. In the behind the scenes video, someone said something to the effect of “With the first film, everyone’s question was “Can they do dinosaurs?” Now, they know we can do dinosaurs, but their question is “What can they do WITH them?”

The plot and production quality were great. On the surface, there appear to be pretty much no significant moral messages, good or bad. There’s language, and some people have sin in their regular lives, but those aren’t KEY. The film offers a variety of different worldviews regarding the many different goals of the characters, and honestly portrays the arguments for all of them.

It’s thought-provoking with all the perspectives it presents. I wouldn’t just go around highly recommending it, but if you asked me, I would with some reservations.
My Ratings: Moral rating: Average / Moviemaking quality: 5
Gabriel Mohler, age 25 (USA)
Neutral—I found LW gorier, but less frightening than JP. The “dangling RV” scene was far longer than necessary, transforming what could have been suspense into tedium! The same could be said of several other scenes! Because the violence was “dino vs. man” rather than “psycho vs. innocent victim,” I found it less objectionable. The most truly terrifying thing I observed was the number of small children in the theater! PARENTS OF PRETEENS, get a babysitter!
Leanne Burnett, age 38
Neutral—“The Lost World” is intended for entertainment purposes only and should not be considered factual in any manner of speaking. Evolution is the vehicle upon which this story rides and this vehicle is fantasy which exists in the minds of those who refuse to believe in the existance of God. How to refute evolution? Simple, answer this question, “Where did that come from?” Keep asking the question until there is no other answer than “It was created.”
David Brollier, age 44
Neutral—I took my 19-year old son to see this movie. We had both read the book and selected scenes which we were sure would be in the movie. The only one of those scenes was the RV being pushed over the cliff. I would never let my 7-year old see the movie because of the graphic violence, though I noted that there were several “lap children” in the audience. A better option if you have children who love dinosaurs is to wait till it comes out on video, and just show them the great parts which show many different dinosaurs than we were treated to in the original, and skip all the gore. Doing this will have little effect on your grasp of the plot as a whole, since there was almost none to begin with.
MLW, age 43
Neutral—Something that’s commonly overlooked in Christian reviews of this movie, is the idea of man playing God. The attitude of science towards recreating something that God removed from his Earth long ago. I’ve found Fundamentalists who don’t believe that dinosaurs even existed. I think that although there is content in both of the “Jurassic Park” films that leaves something to be desired.

We can’t ignore the hidden philosophical inquiry created by these films. Especially with recent news of cloning successes. Jurassic Park may be closer to reality than we may expect. I urge you as a Christian to evaluate if nothing else, your role on God’s Earth, as part of our race in an era of blasphemous “creation”.
William Anderson, age 18
Neutral—This movie was rather funny. Even though people were being eaten by the dinosaurs, there were fake arms and legs flying all over the place. At one point in the movie, the Tyranosaurus Rex stepped on a person and three step later the body peeled off like a pancake.

This movie was very unrealistic and funny because of instances like that. Also it didn’t mock anyone for believing in Creationism and didn’t support anyone for believing in evolution. If you’re looking for a good laugh and scare go to this movie with a good attitude and a smile on your face. Just remember that dinosaurs don’t exist now so there is no reason to be afraid.
Lindsay, age 19
Neutral—I wanted to see this sequel for the special effects, and that was OK, but Jurassic Park was better. I felt you could enjoy the wonders of the dinasaurs more. My biggest complaint besides all the killing was they spoke too low and too fast. It was hard to understand the actors at times. I do love Jeff Goldbloom though.
Shirley Paul, age 61
Negative—What a pantheistic work of trash! Spielberg carefully weaved in a blend of his new belief in “nature”. Listen to the closing statement in the movie by that professor. Come on! If men are being killed by beasts, then it is time to bring out the big guns! Didn’t God create us to have dominion over the animals? (Genesis 1:26) Christians should pray for Spielberg (who is Jewish) because he needs to meet the Messiah, Yeshua (Jesus).
Milo, age 22
Negative—Saw it the first night. A film buff, I knew it wouldn’t be the book, so I went before finishing the book. Anyway, it was AWFUL. The effects are good, but the story is very LAME and not worth your time. Rent the first. There are several plot holes that from a layman’s viewpoint even kill the story. One clarification to the review, it is the father T-Rex in San Diego, not the mother. Read the book, though it deals with evolutionary garbage, the story is FAR MORE suspenseful and believable. In all, a BAD MOVIE.
Kevin L. Kitchens, age 30
Negative—Took the family to see it on opening night. I do computer graphics and digital video work as a part time hobby/job so I wanted to see the improvements over JP. As far as entertainment for the eye or ear is concerned, it was very stimulating—but if you’re older then 16 or give more then an instant of thought to every 1000 words or so, the story line is very, very weak and unentertaining—definitely a no brainer. For the 12 to 16 year old crowed, I’m sure it would be fine (lots of big time action), but for the rest, skip the movie and take the family out to dinner instead.
Rodger Marjama, age 47
Negative—There should have been some character cutting. Was Goldbloom’s daughter’s part necessary? They had so many characters it was difficult to keep track and after I left the movie, I can barely remember a few of their names! Virtually no character development was done (did we know Goldbloom’s character was previously married?). I also agree that all dialogue should’ve been done to where it could be heard, not three conversations competing for audience’s attention. The FX were neat but completely unbelievable! I was tempted to ask for my money back after the RV scene!
Tim Emmerich, age 29
Negative—I saw “The Lost World” Saturday with my three teenage sons. I read the novel a few months ago and enjoyed it. Something happened from novel-into-film. Like the plot got really twisted and jumbled. The film editing was poor, especially the chase scenes were choppy at best. The audience seemed genuinely surprised in only one scene. This is a film built around special effects, animatronics and little else. It was entertaining but we all agreed we liked “Jurassic Park” much better.
Darryl Zoller, age 46
Negative—If you’ve seen “Jurassic Park,” you’ve pretty much seen “Lost World,” except that this one has more of everything (more dynosaurs, more action, more terrifying, more violent, more).
Barry Yorling, age 24
Negative—My wife and I were greatly disappointed in this movie. Speilberg has made some great movies, but dropped the ball this time. We walked out after 1½ hours because of the very intense and unnecessary violence. Please don’t take your kids to see this—they'll have nightmares for months.
Kevin Lee, age 28
Negative—First off, I don’t think that I’ll ever read another book first again if I know that it will eventually come out in a movie format. The movie was NOTHING like the book and I was extremely disappointed because I kept expecting one thing but always getting another.

Secondly, I am a Christian, so please allow me to say my peace about the Christian perspective of this film. If people are looking for Christ in the movies they usually are NOT going to find it. Please people, if you’re going to see a secular film, go see it for its entertainment value… nothing else. It is not the industries job to bring the Word to us… rather our job to bring the Word to the world. See all »
Norm Sanders, age 25
Negative—Did anyone besides me get blown away by “Jurasic Park” in the theater, and then watch the video a year later on a small TV and wonder, “Could I really have enjoyed this movie?” When you took away the THX Sound and the Massive Screen, you were left with was a weak plot, pathetic acting and a script which could be improved upon by an eighth grade remedeal English student.

Now we have the sequel, and I am sad to say that the same applies to “The Lost World.” With the exception of the following: the sequel does not grab you like the original; there is NO plot in this one; the acting is far worse (almost-but not quite-as bad as Congo); and the scrip… wait, was there a script?!! The only creativity displayed was by the special effects people. Forget language, morality, violence, and whether you think dinosaurs undermind Christ’s gospel… this movie is not worth the money!
Nathan Huddleston, age 26
Negative—The movie was too graphic for Christians to watch. This movie should have been reated R.
Kevin Drago, age 23
Negative—“The Lost World” failed to pack the same suspense as JP. However, my wife made an excellent observation about LW. She noticed that the movie depicted the gory and gruseme deaths of men. But when the dog was eaten by T-Rex, we didn’t see that. No wonder we kill 1.5 million babies a year.
Rodney Darville, age 36
Negative—Well, there was a theme besides capitalism vs nature. Did no one pick up on the family values theme? The human kids and the T. Rex kid. That’s worthwhile! (But it was lamely done.) I enjoyed the movie, but thought it was too long for what I was getting.
Sharon, age 29
Negative—You’ve got to be kidding. Sitting on the edge of your seat? This movie was so predictable as to defy the imagination. First, you already know that the good guys (Malcolm, Hardin, and the kid) will survive. Second, 99% of the bad guys won’t. Third, every carnivorous dinosaur will kill someone. Lastly, Murphy’s Law applies to everything. If something bad can happen, it will. T. Rex have good nose? Well, obviously, it'll chase you. Raptors at the center of island? Of course you’ll have to go there. Utterly worthless and predictable move, yawned my way through everything except for the special effects.
Joe Lin, age 22
Negative—Don’t let the $140 million dollars in 10 days fool you… THIS MOVIE IS NOT ALL THAT! Frankly, it’s a great commentary about what happens when we do things to please people; a principle that God warns us against time and time again in His Word. Spielberg did this film to please us, the hungry fans who begged and screamed for a sequel… and it showed. His films are famous for transporting us to worlds we never imagined or seen before. I sat in the theatre watching this thinking “been there-done that.” It had a couple of good scares, but this film is definitely not worth all the hype. Spielberg was definitely asleep at the wheel here. I’ll take the Star Wars Trilogy over the Jurassic Park Duo anyday!
Chris Utley, age 24
This is for Chris Utley. I agree with some of the things you said about Mr. Woodridge, but the fact that you put him down and called him a “Satan’s little helper” is something I didn’t agree with. Personally I was quite upset to read that a Christian would say something about a non-christian like that. Jesus did not say that we were supposed to put non-believers down but instead to pray for them. I don’t agree with Mr.Woodridge but as Christians we need to still love the non-believer.
Sarah, age 14

Reply to Sarah: You made an excellent point. Yes, we are supposed to pray for non-believers. I missed the mark. I should have rephrased my comments to simply fire back at Satan and not to single out an individual. I remember now… “We wrestle not against flesh and blood…”

Chris Utley, age 24

Comments from young people
I saw the movie “The Lost World.” I’ve heard so many reviews and comments, I’m just going to say what is in my opinion. I liked it, a lot. I like dinosaurs, and I believe that God did create dinosaurs just like He created everything else. Sure, they could have put something about God in the movie and the book, but since they think that dinosaurs and everyone else come from evolution, they wouldn’t have put anything about God in either one anyway. So I just sat back and enjoyed the effects and Jeff Goldblum (who I think is a good actor), and even though the story was pretty bad, and they should have explained his black daughter a little better, I still enjoyed it anyway. True, they could have left out some of the curse words in both the movie and the book, but there’s always an over-abundance of curse words in practically every PG, PG-13, R movie. I didn’t think that kids should have seen Jurassic Park or Lost World. I don’t believe in evolution, either, I believe very much in God and the Bible and Jesus Christ is Lord. Well, there’s my opinion.
S.J., age 17
This movie was the dumbest movieI have ever seen! Not really exciting and it bored me to death! I do not recommend it to any one.
Maried Aybar, age 13
This movie was a waste of money. I spent 12 dollars for me and some girls and was totally disappointed. The effects where great, but that was about it. Totally a science fiction movie, and no real suspense. A cheap copy of the first one!
Edwin Aybar, age 16
I read the book, and was dissappointed with Crichton, but decided to go see the movie, anyway. Bad move. The movie was worse. I can’t imagine anyone other than a 3-year-old being entertained by a dinosaur set loose in the city. Woodridge, I wish I could talk to you about evolution, because it is just as much a religion as Christianity. Every evolutionistic “fact” has to be believed in by faith, because there has never been the slightest amount of proof of macro-evolution. Everything you could tell me, can be disproved. Think again about the theory of evolution, and if your smart enough, you will realize how incredibly dense it really is.
Candi Gould, age 16
“The Lost World” is said to be scarier than “Jurassic Park,” but that’s because there’s more action. And because most of the movie is action there wasn’t much of a story line. Overall, I thought that the first one was better. But this movie is still worth seeing in the theaters. on a 1 to 10 (Jurassic Park being a 10) I would give the Lost World a 8, or 9.
Jon Robison, age 14
I went with my Mom and Dad to this movie, and I thought it was excellent. I would not recommend this for kids under 8 or those who are easily scared. I liked the graphics. The dinosaurs are cool.
Mike Coulter, age 11
Hey, Mr. 16 year-old anonymous. I don’t want to sound rude, but the reason many of us (including me) disapproved of the dialogue is because there is no substance to it and it officially makes no sense. Why in all of heck hasn’t some stupid enviromentalist or an idiotic left-wing extremist or a stuttering, whiny liberal scientist or a lowlife eco-terrorist actually MADE ANY DINOSUARS? What? Have we not found the DNA in some sap or something? Michael Crichton writes pretty good books but there is a reason you’ll find them in the fiction section.
Michael C., age 15
I thought the book was great and exciting, and the movie just as good. The Lost World is one of the best movies I’va ever seen, Okay the plot is lame, but the special effects were so cool that the movie was worth going to and paying 7.50 for or even more. It was the coolest movie ever.
Jennier Vleck, age 13
I have a lot of friends going to see this movie but, frankly, it doesn’t interest me a bit. I watched about 45 minutes of JP on TV and turned it off. It was kinda stupid and I didn’t really want my younger brother and sisters to watch it. My sister had a nightmare just from the part she saw. If TLW is anything like its prequel, I’m content to hear about it from my friends.
Rachel A., age 14
I went to see Lost World the Friday after it was released and thought it was well worth the seven dollars. Although I will agree that there were several profanities as mentioned in the review I still think it did not deserve the one point rating it was given. There were a few scenes where it showed men being eaten but they were easliy avoided by not looking. This movie was a real thriller and had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. I think if you can look past the few words and put up with a little bit of blood then it will be well worth your money. P.S. It is a very intense film and I would not recommend it for anyone but teens and adults.
Annalisa Woods, age 16
I went opening night, and I thought the plot was poorly done. I had read the book, and it was MUCH better. JP 1 had a better storyline to it, and I think that the profanity could have gone down a little. The editing of the film was poorly done, seeing there were some parts of mumbling, and some effects were poorly done. But overall, well, put it this way… I SAW IT TWO TIME IN ONE WEEKEND. I ahve never done that. But JP was better.
Doug Stuart, age 16
Based on the evolution? You got to be kidding! It has no evolution in it!! It’s a real cliffhanger!!! And it’s funny too!!! I definatly recomend this movie!!! 10 stars!!!… Anyways, everyone has there own likings. I like this movie. Other people may not. If you like hot action movies, go see this one today!!!
Clinton, age 11
I agree that there is nothing spiritual in this movie but it is a great entertainment movie. If you are looking for a movie that has thrills in it go see it, if not don’t. As for the profanity I honestly didn’t hear it. It might have been because it was muttered under people’s breath or something else but I didn’t hear. I enjoyed it and if you liked Jurassic Park you would too.
Charity Temple, age 16
I just watched THE LOST WORLD: JURASSIC PARK. It kiks butt! There was no big bad ANTI-GOD thing that [some people were] having a cow over. The movie was as good as they come. The effects are the best. I believe the it will actually help us Creationist, and not hurt us… There will be a new interest in Dinos and we can provide young ones with the correct answers!!!
Mikel James Wisler, age 16
I was very entertained and amazed by this movie! I was on the edge of my seat the entire time and actually enjoyed myself at a PG-13 rated movie. I was very happy that I could go watch a movie rated this and actually not hear profanity being used every other word!
Chaia VanGoethem, age 15
It was a movie that kept me on the egde of my seat. The special effects were believeable and it was a good blend of comedy, terror, and good plot.
Amy Huizenga, age 12
“The Lost World” was cool (and thankfully, I got in!) but the first hour and a half was kinda lame and disappointing. The Compys were the best. The profanity and violence was really sparse. And this isn’t about evolution, it’s about a theme park. Besides, if evolution were true, then this could actually happen (HA!). I hope they make a Roland (Pete Postlethwaite, who was Bro Gilbert in “Dragonheart”, a far superior movie) action figure. He was one cool hunter.
Michael C., age 15
Positive—When I first saw “Jurassic Park 2: The Lost World,” I was already a fan of the original Jurassic Park and excited to see it. I was at first very happy after watching The Lost World. It had realistic dinosaurs, dinosaurs wreaking havoc, and a whole family of my favorite dinosaur, T-Rex. There was nothing I could find fault with- that is, until I found websites writing reviews on it. There was so much controversy about its weak plot and script, I decided to watch The Lost World more closely. I found that there really wasn’t much of anything story-wise. It was just, okay, here’s some dinosaurs, here’s some people, now let’s mix them up and let the chaos begin! I don’t think that’s something you’d expect from the sequel to a movie with a good plot.

And after reading the book the second movie was based on, I felt really disappointed with The Lost World movie. I mean, I could live with the fact that the book and the movie weren’t even remotely similar, but the book actually had a plot, it explained how dinosaurs got on to another island. The movie, however, not so much. And you know that one scene where one of the adult T-Rex terrorized San Diego? It seemed too much like a Godzilla movie. I didn’t like this because I heard the director, Steven Spielberg, say in an interview that he wanted dinosaurs portrayed as animals doing what they do, not mindless monsters like Godzilla. That T-Rex in San Diego scene made him sound hypocritical. Now, all that said, I still like The Lost World because of the dinosaurs, as I am a huge dinosaur fan. However, I don’t think that, unless you’re a huge dinosaur/Jurassic Park fan, you will appreciate the movie too much.See all »
My Ratings: Moral rating: Average / Moviemaking quality: 4
Emilio Diaz, age 12 (USA)
Comments from non-viewers
After researching the evidences for scientific and biblical creationism, I couldn’t bring myself to even see “The Lost World” and its evolution-indoctrinating entertainment. I’ll give my money to someone who doesn’t promote godless evolution.
Jeff Dykes, age 33
I was supernaturally delivered from the sin of involving myself in so called innocent entertainment of movies and television. Anything which is opposite of Loving God with all of our heart and soul and striving to please him daily is worthless. Spend time reading the Bible and praying. It will provide eternal benefits.
Don, age 33