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Reviewed by: Dale and Karen Mason

Moral Rating: Excellent!
Moviemaking Quality:
Primary Audience: All Ages
Genre: Docu-drama
Length: 120 min.
Year of Release: 1979
USA Release:

This film was made entirely in Israel with a cast of over 5,000 Israelis and Arabs. With a script taken entirely from the book of Luke, this is clearly one of the most accurate Bible dramas ever produced. The story begins with the angel’s announcement to the virgin Mary of the impending birth of Jesus, visually depicts the main events of Jesus' life and ministry, portrays a painfully realistic crucifixion, and then ends with His ascension through the clouds. Includes none of the standard Hollywood sensationalism usually written into Bible films of this financial magnitude ($6,000,000 in 1979 dollars). Wonderful attention to scriptural purity combined with excellent technical and cinemagraphic quality. Moves slower than American viewers are used to, but allows the many events depicted and message imparted to “sink in” rather than simply being lost as non-applicable entertainment.

NOTE: As of July 1, 1997, this film has been translated into over 406 languages and is used as an evangelism tool throughout the world. “JESUS” has had over 1 billion viewers and, as of January 1, 1997, 46 million have indicated a decision for Christ. Indoor and outdoor screenings of the 16mm version serve as the catalyst to introduce literally thousands each month to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

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