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Wallace and Gromit: The Wrong Trousers

MPA Rating: Not Rated

Reviewed by: Tim Emmerich

Moviemaking Quality:

Primary Audience:
30 min.
Year of Release:

For those unfamiliar with Wallace and Gromit, they are an unusual pair that live in England. Wallace is an inventor and particularly enjoys eating all kinds of cheese. Gromit is his best friend, literally as Gromit is Wallace’s dog! You will be entertained by this animated pair and their antics. Indeed, you will also marvel at the neat and clever inventions these two contrive or the precarious situations they wind up in.

It is Gromit’s birthday. Wallace has purchased Gromit a new collar and leash. In addition, a truly surprising present is an automated dog-walker, called Techno-Trousers. This set of mechanical legs can be programmed to walk a dog, just attach the leash to a conveniently provided hook. However, Gromit is not too impressed with his birthday “gifts.”

Bad news is brewing. It seems that the bills are mounting up. So Wallace puts a sign advertising a room for lease. The first interested party is a penguin, who does not like the room that is up for lease, but likes Gromit’s room. Since he will be paying, Wallace obliges. This turns out to not be a good birthday for Gromit. First, he receives rather disappointing presents. Secondly, he is now outside in the doghouse until the room that was supposed to be leased gets redecorated. Gromit is so distraught, he packs his things and walks away from home.

Penguin uses this opportunity to put his real plans into motion. First, he gets Wallace stuck in the Techno-Trousers. Then he uses the Techno-Trousers (with Wallace along for the walk) to make a diamond heist. The good news is that Gromit recognizes a wanted poster of a chicken! Or is it a penguin with a rubber glove attached to its head? You will have to watch this to see how it turns out.

The best part of this video is a hilarious chase scene on a model railroad! You will find this video very original! The clamation effects are spectacular.

From a Christian perspective, God isn’t mentioned at all. There is no bad language. This is a fairly neutral, but enjoyable movie.