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Wallace and Gromit: A Grand Day Out

MPAA Rating: Not Rated

Reviewed by: Tim Emmerich

Moviemaking Quality:

Primary Audience:
25 min.
Year of Release:

For those unfamiliar with Wallace and Gromit, they are a most unusual pair that live in England. Wallace is an inventor and particularly enjoys eating all kinds of cheese. Gromit is his best friend, literally as Gromit is Wallace’s dog! You will be entertained by this animated pair and their antics. Indeed, you will also marvel at the neat and clever inventions these two contrive or the precarious situations they wind up in.

Wallace and Gromit need a vacation. Where should they go? Too many choices as they both examine all sorts of vacation magazines like “Where to Ski” and “Camping”. Well, their vacation destination becomes more obvious when they discover they have no cheese in the house (they both love cheese). So, where do you get lots of cheese? Why, the moon of course! Everyone knows the moon is made out of cheese.

So, off they go to their basement to construct a rocketship. Some wood, some metal welded here and there and a fresh coat of red paint. It is a construction job that would make NASA proud. Before you know it, they are off to the moon. You will have to watch to discover how their journey went and also what they found on the moon.

Superb claymation and lighting. Humorous and unique story line. Nice dashes of subtle humor like a group of mice that are witnessing the rocket launch putting on sunglasses since the rocket was so bright. Also, witnessing the construction skills of Wallace and Gromit bring about numerous chuckles.

This is definitely a just-for-fun video. While your Christian morals will not be offended, glory won’t be given to the Creator for making the Earth and moon and all its inhabitants.