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Astronomy and the Bible

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PART I: The Earth and Moon

  1. Is earth at the center of the universe?
  2. Did Bible writers believe the earth was flat?
  3. What causes leap year?
  4. Is the earth’s magnetic field decreasing?
  5. Is there a hole in the ozone layer?
  6. Has the earth’s tilt changed?
  7. Is the earth’s temperature changing?
  8. Is the Bermuda Triangle really a mystery?
  9. What are meteorites?
  10. What is a satellite?
  11. Have scientists discovered the moon’s origin?
  12. What causes the tides?
  13. Why do we see only one side of the moon?
  14. Does the mean appear every night?
  15. Do moon phases affect the earth?
  16. What causes eclipses?
  17. What does a ring around the moon mean?
  18. What are the land and sky like on the moon?
  19. Is there a problem with moon dust?

PART II: The Solar System

  1. What makes up our solar system?
  2. Has the origin of the solar system been determined?
  3. Was the fourth day of creation twenty-four hours long?
  4. What are the other planets like?
  5. What are other moons like?
  6. Is there a tenth planet?
  7. Do all the planets ever line up?
  8. How many planets exist beyond the solar system?
  9. What do we learn from comets?
  10. Did a comet kill the dinosaurs?
  11. Did natural catastrophes shape our world’s destiny?
  12. What powers the sun?
  13. Is the sun shrinking in size?
  14. What causes an aurora?
  15. What are sunspots?
  16. Can we explain the “long days” of Joshua and Hezekiah?
  17. Have computers discovered the biblical “long days”?

PART III: The Stars

  1. What is a star?
  2. Is every star different?
  3. How many stars are known to exist?
  4. How are star distances measured?
  5. How do we know what stars are made of?
  6. What is special about the North Star?
  7. Which is the brightest star?
  8. What are “wandering stars”?
  9. What was the Star of Bethlehem?
  10. What is the morning star?
  11. What are the Pleiades?
  12. What do we know about the stars named in Scripture?
  13. Is the gospel spelled out in the stars?
  14. Did the stars fight against Sisera?
  15. What is a black hole?
  16. What is the Death Star?
  17. Which are the largest stars?
  18. What is a supernova?
  19. Do stars evolve?
  20. Do new stars form today?
  21. Are we made of stardust?
  22. What are the southern skies like?
  23. Does everyone see the same stars?
  24. Did a vapor canopy once hide the stars?
  25. How can we see distant stars in a “young” universe?

PART IV: Galaxies and the Universe

  1. What is the Milky Way?
  2. Is the universe expanding?
  3. What is the big bang theory?
  4. Was there a big bang?
  5. How is redshift explained?
  6. What is background radiation?
  7. Why does everything in space display circular motion?
  8. How old is the universe?
  9. What is a quasar?
  10. Is heaven located in the northern sky?

PART V: General Science

  1. What is gravity?
  2. What is light?
  3. What is a light-year?
  4. What did ancient observatories measure?
  5. What’s wrong with studying astrology?
  6. Should man be in space?
  7. What are UFOs?
  8. Is there life in space?
  9. Does Scripture refer to life in space?
  10. Do eggs balance on the days of the equinox?
  11. Is Procter & Gamble’s symbol Satanic?
  12. What is the strangest word in astronomy?
  13. How is the date for Easter determined?
  14. Are there limits to science?
  15. Can astronomy lead a person to God?
  16. Are there heavenly signs of the end times?
  17. Can the “music of the spheres” be explained?
  18. What quotes are pertinent for our study?

PART VI: Technical Terms and Ideas

  1. Which is the best telescope to buy?
  2. Are stars as numerous as sand grains?
  3. Are relativity and quantum theories correct?
  4. What is the anthropic principle?
  5. Did Supernova 1987A actually occur?
  6. What are cosmic strings?
  7. Is there a basic building block for matter?
  8. Is the speed of light decreasing?
  9. Does the HR diagram prove that the universe is old?
  10. What is gravitational collapse?
  11. Are dying stars part of the curse in Genesis?

PART VII: Additional Astronomy Questions

  1. Who were some pioneer creationist astronomers?
  2. Does the seven-day week support creation?
  3. How did the Star of David originate?
  4. What is Arizona’s meteorite crater like?
  5. What are moon rocks like?
  6. Is the moon receding from the earth?
  7. Is there a face on Mars?
  8. Why is the sky dark at night?
  9. What is dark matter?
  10. What is Biosphere II?

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