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Meaning: servile; servitude / Hebrew: “Abdown.”

The name of four biblical men and one city:

  1. The son of Hillel, a Pirathonite, the tenth judge of Israel (Judges 12:13-15). He is probably the Bedan of 1 Samuel 12:11.

  2. The first-born of Gibeon of the tribe of Benjamin (1 Chronicles 8:30; 9:36). King Saul was his nephew.

  3. The son of Micah, one of those whom Josiah sent to the prophetess Huldah to find the meaning of the recently discovered book of the law (2 Chronicles 34:20). He is called Achbor in 2 Kings 22:12.

  4. One of the “sons” of Shashak (1 Chronicles 8:23).

  5. This is the name also of a Levitical town of the Gershonites, in the tribe of Asher (Joshua 21:30; 1 Chronicles 6:74). The ruins of Abdeh, 8 miles northeast of Accho, probably mark its site.