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Hebrew: זִמְרִי —transliteration: Zimriy —meaning: praise-worthy

This is the name of 4 biblical men.

  1. Prince Zimri, a son of Salu

    Numbers 25:14

    This prince of the Tribe of Simeon was slain by Phinehas, the son of Eleazar, because of his wickedness in bringing a Midianite woman into the camp and to his tent for sex (Numbers 25:6-15). Her name is Cozbi. This sin was in open defiance against Moses and in sight of those gathered at the Tabernacle.

    Phinehas is a grandon of Aaron.

  2. King Zimri

    This treasonous soldier murdered King Elah at Tirzah, and took the throne of Israel for himself (1 Kings 16:8-10).

    Zimri was the former commander of half of Elah’s chariots. Upon becoming king, Zimri destroyed all the household of King Baasha.

    Zimri reigned as king only 7 days, for Omri, whom the army elected as king, laid siege to Tirzah, whereupon Zimri set fire to the palace, committing suicide by perishing amid its ruins (1 Kings 6:11-20).

    Omri succeeded him on the throne only after 4 years of fierce war with Tibni, another claimant to the throne.

  3. Zimri (Zabdi), a son of Zerah

    1 Chronicles 2:6

    Zimri is a grandson of Judah (1 Chronicles 2:3-4).

  4. Zimri, son of Jehoaddah (Jarah)

    This Benjamite is the father of Moza.

    His brothers are Alemeth and Azmaveth.

    1 Chronicles 8:36; 1 Chronicles 9:42

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