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tribe of Simeon

This tribe conists of descendants of Simeon, son of Jacob (Israel). The tribe was “divided and scattered” according to the prediction in Genesis 49:5-7. They gradually dwindled in number, and sank into a position of insignificance among the other tribes. They decreased in the wilderness by about two-thirds (compare Numbers 1:23; 26:14). Moses pronounces no blessing on this tribe. It is passed by in silence (Deuteronomy 33).

This tribe received as their portion a part of the territory already allotted to Judah (Joshua 19:1-9). It lay in the southwest of the land, with Judah on the east and Dan on the north; but whether it was a compact territory or not cannot be determined.

There are few subsequent mentions of this tribe (1 Chronicles 4:24-43). Like the Tribe of Reuben on the east of the Jordan River, this tribe had little influence on the history of Israel.