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  • Dinosaurs! (introduction) —Go
  • Why is so little known about dinosaurs? —Go
  • What kinds of dinosaur fossils have been found? —Go
  • Are dinosaurs in the Bible? —Go
  • Where did most of the dinosaur fossils come from? —Go
  • (continued) Where did most of the dinosaur fossils come from? —Go
  • How long does it take for a bone to become a fossil? —Go
  • Why did God send the flood? —Go
  • Did Noah take dinosaurs on the Ark? —Go
  • Leviathan —Go
  • Dragons & Dinosaurs —Go
    Babylon | Scandinavia | France & Europe | Italy | China | Ireland | Africa and Arabia
  • Are any dinosaurs alive today? —Go
  • Leviathan —Go
  • Were the dinosaurs ever really as ferocious as they are shown in books and films? —Go
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