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Fall 2000

Dear Supporters and Visitors,

Crowd at Amsterdam 2000 (Copyright, Films for Christ). Wonderful report of God at work

This summer, we were unexpectedly invited to make presentations at Amsterdam 2000, the world's largest meeting of its kind in the history of the world. Attending were 12,000 evangelists (speaking many languages) from 205 nations. We went to help them learn new, more effective ways to reach people for Christ. It was so encouraging to see how the Lord uses our humble efforts for his glory.

Crowd at our display at Amsterdam 2000 (Copyright, Films for Christ).

There was electricity in the air! Day after day, our CHRISTIAN ANSWERS display was the most popular one there. Our crew was sometimes pinned to the walls. The vast majority of these dear men and women were from developing nations. Some evangelists were moved to tears when they saw the wonderful tools we have produced in their own language (28 languages so far). As a result, thousands of financially-needy evangelists have asked us to help supply them with desperately needed Christian evangelism videos, books and equipment.

Jumbo jet (photo copyrighted)

God is working mightily! Never had we seen a hunger like this. One Christian man from a developing nation was so poor, but eager to attend, that the only way he could obtain enough money for his airplane tickets to attend was to sell himself into slavery to a rich man for two years. The poor man thought the price was a bargain! When Christians at the conference found out what he had done, the man's debt was paid for him.

Noose (photo copyrighted)

Only two Christian men managed to sneak out of one particularly dangerous nation to attend (we dare not mention the name here). One was so desperate to use our Creation evidence videos to do evangelism among college students that he was willing to leave his clothing behind in Amsterdam, so he could fit our videos in his suitcase. (We gave him one of our suitcases, instead.) In his native country, he is at risk of being hanged for showing these Christian tools.

Video (photo copyrighted).

With your help, we can assist these and many more earnest Christians willing to stand up and share their precious faith in Jesus Christ. You can help us send high-quality evangelism material to work on the front lines in countries such as Nepal, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Russia, Iran and a hundred other nations. Native Christians are waiting to put these materials to use in numerous meetings (large and small) to win souls to Jesus Christ.

Send your donation now, on-line! (Your help, large or small, will be greatly appreciated! Gifts are tax-deductible, and you will receive a receipt.)

Prisoner (photo copyrighted)
There are more prisoners in America than in any other nation.

Help reach souls in prisons

With your help, we can reach the hearts and minds of men and women in prison, so that Christ can change their lives. The Lord is at work. The picture below was taken this summer in our parking lot. It shows some of our small staff and volunteers behind another large shipment of videos that the Lord enabled us to give to financially-needy prison chaplains throughout North America.

Photo of shipment of video libraries to prison chaplains.
Thousands of Christian videos on their way to the post office for delivery to prisons, where we are putting them to work for evangelism and discipleship.

Videos being packaged to send to prisons (Copyright, Films for Christ)
Christian videos being packaged for shipment as gifts to financially-needy prison chaplains.

Through your gifts and prayers, we have now been able to help over 913 prisons and prison ministries. Each has been supplied with a small video library of effective, high-quality Christian motion pictures (free of charge) to win souls for Christ! We supply them in both English and Spanish versions. The chaplains are thrilled. Men and women, boys and girls are being saved. Many more prisons need our help!

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Your mass-media missionary and servant in Christ,

Paul S. Taylor
Executive Director
Films for Christ / Christian Answers Network
PO Box 577
Frankfort KY 40602-6134 USA
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