Select FIRST letter of actor’s first name


  • Gabriel Byrne in Frankie Starlight
    Gabriel Byrne

    • Faith: Unclear, raised in Christianity (Roman Catholicism with 5 years of seminary)
    • Birth name: Gabriel James Byrne
    • Ex-Wife: Ellen Barkin

  • Gabriel Macht

    • Faith: Unclear, parents Jewish
    • Worldview: Green living, Veganism
    • Birth name: Gabriel Stephen Macht
    • Wife: Jacinda Barrett (actress, resulting in 2 children)
    • Father: Steven Macht (actor)

  • Gabrielle Anwar

    • Faith: self-described “Pagan”
    • Husband: Shareef Malnik
    • Ex-Husband: John Verea (resulting in a son and a daughter)
    • Ex-Partner: Craig Sheffer (actor, resulting in a daughter)
  • Gabrielle Union (2009).
    Gabrielle Union

    • Faith: Liberal Christianity
    • Worldview: Leftism, Progressive Liberalism (activist); has demanded the abolition of police and prisons; LGBTQ advocacy
    • Birth name: Gabrielle Monique Union
    • Step-Son: Zion Wade (transgender, identifies as female and changed name to Zaya in 2022)
    • Husband: Dwyane Wade (resulting in daughter Kaavia)
    • Ex-Husband: Chris Howard
  • Gael García Bernal
    Gael García Bernal

    • Faith: Agnosticism
    • Father: José Ángel García (actor)
    • Mother: Patricia Bernal (actress)
    • Partner: Fernanda Aragonés
    • Ex-Common-law Wife: Dolores Fonzi (actress)
  • Gal Gadot. Photo by Gage Skidmore. CC BY-SA 3.0.
    Gal Gadot

    • Faith: Judaism
    • Worldview: Zionism
    • Birth name: Gal Gadot-Varsano
    • Husband: Jaron Varsano
  • Garret Dillahunt
    • Birth name: Garret Lee Dillahunt
    • Wife: Michelle Hurd
  • Garrett Hedlund
    • Birth name: Garrett John Hedlund
    • Ex-Partners: Kirsten Dunst and Emma Roberts
  • Garry Shandling
    Garry Shandling
    …DIED age 66 (2016)—Blood clot in his lungs following deep vein thrombosis in his legs
    • Faith: Buddhism, culturally Jewish; rejected the Gospel of Jesus Christ
    • Birth name: Garry Emmanuel Shandling
    • Ex-Partner: Linda Doucett (actress)

  • Gary Busey

    • Faith: Christianity convert (1996), “I am proud to tell Hollywood I am a Christian.”
    • Worldview: Conservatism
    • Birth name: William Gary Busey
    • Wife: Steffanie Sampson
    • Ex-Wife: Judy Helkenberg (actress) and Tiani Warden (actress)
  • Gary Cole
    Gary Cole

    • Faith: Christianity
    • Birth name: Gary Michael Cole
    • Wife: Michelle Knapp
    • Ex-Wife: Teddi Siddall
  • Gary Cooper in Friendly Persuasion
    Gary Cooper
    …DIED age 60 (1961)—Prostate cancer
    • Faith: Christianity (Roman Catholicism convert), raised in Episcopal church
    • Worldview: Conservatism
    • Birth name: Frank James Cooper
    • Wife: Veronica Balfe
    • Ex-Partners: Clara Bow, Evelyn Brent, Lupe Vélez, Marlene Dietrich, Carole Lombard, Countess Dorothy di Frasso, Ingrid Bergman, Patricia Neal, Grace Kelly, Lorraine Chanel, Gisèle Pascal, Anderson Lawler, Irene Maud Lentz, and others

  • Gary Oldman

    • Faith: Secularism
    • Birth name: Gary Leonard Oldman
    • Wife: Gisele Schmidt
    • Ex-Wives: Uma Thurman, Lesley Manville, Donya Fiorentino, Alexandra Edenborough
    • Ex-Partner and Ex-Fiancée: Isabella Rossellini
  • Gary Sinise
    Gary Sinise

    • Faith: Christianity (Roman Catholicism convert)
    • Worldview: Conservatism leaning
    • Birth name: Gary Alan Sinise
    • Wife: Moira Harris
  • Gemma Chan in Collider Video. License: CC BY 3.0. Cropped.
    Gemma Chan

    • Worldview: Liberalism
    • Birth name: 陈静
    • Partner: Dominic Cooper
    • Ex-Partner: Jack Whitehall (actor, comedian)
  • Gemma Davis
    Geena Davis

    • Faith: Unclear, raised in Christianity (Protestant)
    • Worldview: Progressive Liberalism, Feminism (activist)
    • Birth name: Virginia Elizabeth Davis
    • Ex-Husbands: Jeff Goldblum, Renny Harlin (director, producer, writer), and Richard Emmolo
    • Ex-Partner: Reza Jarrahy
  • Gena Rowlands
    Gena Rowlands

    • Faith: apparently Secularism
    • Birth name: Virginia Cathryn Rowlands
    • Mother: Lady Rowlands (actress)
    • Husbands: Robert Forrest and John Cassavetes (resulting in a son and 2 daughters / director, died 1989)
    • Son: Nick Cassavetes (actor, director, writer)
    • Daughters: Alexandra “Xan” Cassavetes (actress, director) and Zoe Rowlands Cassavetes (director, screenwriter, actress)
  • Gene Hackman
    Gene Hackman

    • Faith: Secularism
    • Worldview: Liberalism
    • Birth name: Eugene Allen Hackman
    • Wife: Betsy Arakawa
    • Ex-Wife: Faye Maltese
  • Gene Wilder (2007)—Photo by Caroline Bonarde Ucci.
    Gene Wilder
    …DIED age 83 (2016)—Complications from Alzheimer’s disease
    • Faith: Atheism, raised in Judaism; rejected the Gospel of Jesus Christ
    • Worldview: Progressive Liberalism
    • Birth name: Jerome Silberman
    • Wife: Karen Boyer, Gilda Radner (died 1989)
    • Ex-Wives: Mary Mercier, Mary Joan Schutz
  • Geoffrey Lewis—Photo by Bruce Chianese.
    Geoffrey Lewis
    …DIED age 79 (2015)—Heart attack, Parkinson’s disease and dementia
    • Faith: Scientology; apparently rejected the Gospel of Jesus Christ
    • Birth name: Geoffrey Bond Lewis
    • Daughter: Juliette Lewis
    • Wife: Paula Hochhalter
    • Ex-Wives: Glenis Batley and Tracy Darroll
  • Geoffrey Rush in “La migliore offerta” (2013)
    Geoffrey Rush

    • Birth name: Geoffrey Roy Rush
    • Wife: Jane Menelaus (actress)

  • George C. Scott
    …DIED age 71 (1999)—Abdominal aortic aneurysm
    • Faith: Atheism; rejected the Gospel of Jesus Christ
    • Worldview: Moderate Conservativism
    • Birth name: George Campbell Scott
    • Wife: Trish Van Devere
    • Ex-Wives: Carolyn Hughes, Patricia Reed, Colleen Dewhurst
  • George Clooney
    George Clooney

    • Faith: Agnosticism, raised in Roman Catholicism
    • Worldview: Progressive Liberalism (activist, major fundraiser), LGBTQ ally and activist
    • Birth name: George Timothy Clooney
    • Wife: Amal Alamuddin (aka (أمل علم الدين, Amal Clooney, أمل كلوني‎)(Lebanese-British international human rights lawyer; co-founder with George of the Clooney Foundation for Justice)
    • Ex-Wife: Talia Balsam
    • Ex-Partners: Ginger Lynn Allen, Lisa Snowdon, Elisabetta Canalis, and others
    • Aunt: Rosemary Clooney (singer/actress)

  • George Lopez

    • Faith: Secularism, raised in Roman Catholicism
    • Worldview: Leftism, Socialism
    • Birth name: George Edward Lopez
    • Ex-Wife: Ann Serrano
  • George Peppard
    George Peppard
    …DIED age 65—Pneumonia, while battling lung cancer (1964)
    • Faith: Secularism; apparently rejected the Gospel of Jesus Christ
    • Worldview: Conservatism-leaning
    • Birth name: George Peppard Jr.
    • Wife: Laura Taylor
    • Ex-Wives: Helen Davies, Elizabeth Ashley (actress), Sherry Boucher (former actress), and Alexis Adams
  • George Segal
    George Segal
    …DIED age 87 (2021)—Complications from bypass surgery; rejected the Gospel of Jesus Christ
    • Faith: Secularism
    • Birth name: George Segal Jr.
    • Wives: Linda Rogoff (died 1996) and Sonia Schultz Greenbaum
    • Ex-Wife: Marion Segal Freed (editor, producer, screenwriter)
  • Gerard Butler
    Gerard Butler

    • Faith: Unclear, raised in a Roman Catholic family
    • Worldview: Liberalism
    • Birth name: Gerard James Butler
    • Ex-Partners: Morgan Brown, Lizzie Cundy, Madalina Ghenea, Brandi Glanville, Martina Rajic, Goga Ashkenazi, Jennifer Aniston, Shanna Moakler, and others
  • Gérard Depardieu—Photo by Georges Biard.
    Gérard Depardieu
    (Gerard Depardieu)
    • Faith: Liberal Christianity (Roman Catholicism)
    • Birth name: Gérard Xavier Marcel Depardieu
    • Partner: Clémentine Igou
    • Ex-Wife: Élisabeth Depardieu (actress)
    • Ex-Partner: Carole Bouquet (actress)
  • Giancarlo Esposito
    Giancarlo Esposito

    • Faith: Unclear, raised in Roman Catholicism and considered becoming a priest / Has said “I’m interested in spirituality and in religion and our relationship to the divine.”
    • Birth name: Giancarlo Giuseppe Alessandro Esposito
    • Ex-Wife: Joy McManigal
  • Gillian Anderson (2017). Photo by Martin Kraft.
    Gillian Anderson

    • Faith: New Age and Psychics
    • Worldview: Feminism, Bisexualism
    • Birth name: Gillian Leigh Anderson
    • Ex-Husbands: Clyde Klotz and Julian Ozanne
    • Ex-Partner: Mark Griffiths
  • Gina Carano
    Gina Carano

    • Faith: Unclear; raised in Protestant Christianity; graduated from Trinity Christian High School (Las Vegas, Nevada)
    • Worldview: Conservatism (outspoken)
    • Birth name: Gina Joy Carano
  • Gina Torres. Photo by Fuzheado. License: CC BY-SA 4.0.
    Gina Torres

    • Faith: reportedly Christianity, graduated from Trinity Christian High School
    • Ex-Husband: Laurence Fishburne
    • Ex-Partner: Kevin Wright
  • Ginger Rogers
    Ginger Rogers
    …DIED age 83 (1995)—Hear attack
    • Faith: Christian-Scientism practitioner (Church of Christ, Scientist); rejected the Gospel of Jesus Christ
    • Worldview: Republican
    • Birth name: Virginia Katherine McMath
    • Ex-Husbands: Jack Pepper, Lew Ayres III (actor), Jack Briggs (actor), Jacques Bergerac (actor), William Marshall (director, producer)
  • Ginnifer Goodwin
    Ginnifer Goodwin

    • Faith: Judaism, raised in Judaism and Unitarianism; rejects the Gospel of Jesus Christ
    • Birth name: Jennifer Michelle Goodwin
    • Husband: Josh Dallas
  • Giovanni Ribisi
    • Faith: Scientology
    • Birth name: Antonino Giovanni Ribisi
    • Partner: Emily Ward
    • Ex-Wives: Mariah O'Brien and Agyness Deyn
  • Glen Campbell
    Glen Campbell
    …DIED age 81 (2017)—Alzheimer’s disease
    • Faith: Christianity, raised in Church of Christ, later became a Baptist (attended church in Phoenix), and late in life became devoted to Christian Messianic Judaism
    • Worldview: Conservative leaning
    • Birth name: Glen Travis Campbell
    • Wife: Kimberly Woollen
    • Ex-Wives: Diane Marie Kirk, Billie Jean Nunley, and Sarah Barg Davis
  • Glenn Close. Cropped from photo by Timothy O'Reilly. License: CC BY-SA 4.0.
    Glenn Close

    • Faith: Secularism
    • Worldview: Progressive Liberalism, LGBT activism, Pro-Abortion (activist)
    • Birth name: Glenda Veronica Close
    • Ex-Husbands: Cabot Wade, James Marlas, and David Shaw
    • Ex-Partners: Len Cariou, John Starke, Steve Beers

  • Glenn Ford
    …DIED age 90 (2006)—Natural causes after a series of minor strokes
    • Faith: Unknown, but appears to have been Secularism; apparently rejected the Gospel of Jesus Christ
    • Worldview: Conservatism (in later years)
    • Birth name: Gwyllyn Samuel Newton Ford
    • Ex-Wives: Eleanor Powell (actress), Kathryn Hays (actress), Cynthia Hayward, Jeanne Baus
    • Ex-Partners: Rita Hayworth, Maria Schell, Geraldine Brooks, Stella Stevens, Gloria Grahame, Gene Tierney, Eva Gabor, Barbara Stanwyck and others

  • Glenn Quinn
    …DIED age 32 (2002)—Heroin overdose
    • Birth name: Glenn Martin Christopher Francis Quinn
  • Goldie Hawn
    Goldie Hawn

    • Faith: Confused combination—Buddhism, New Age, Judaism, Christianity, raised Jewish / “I don’t think of myself as a Buddhist. I was born Jewish, and I consider that my religion.” “It’s not the idea of a particular religion that’s important; it’s the development of a spiritual life.”
    • Worldview: Liberalism, LGBT supporter
    • Birth name: Goldie Jeanne Hawn
    • De facto husband: Kurt Russell
    • Ex-Husbands: Gus Trikonis and Bill Hudson
    • Ex-Partners: Yves Rénier and others
  • Gore Vidal. Photo by Mark Coggins. License: CC BY 2.0
    Gore Vidal
    …DIED age 86 (2012)—Pneumonia, while suffering from Wernicke–Korsakoff syndrome (neurological disorder caused by his years of alcohol abuse) / Upon his death, he gave his millions to Harvard University.
    • aka Eugene Luther Vidal Jr.
    • Faith: Rejected the Gospel of Jesus Christ; raised in Christianity (Episcolapian); attended a Quaker school (Friends)
    • Worldview: Liberalism (activist); Postmodernism; Bisexualism
    • Birth name: Eugene Louis Vidal
    • Ex-Partner and Fiancée: Joanne Woodward (actress)
    • Other Ex-Partners: Howard Austen, Anaïs Nin, Diana Lynn (actress), and many others; In Vidal’s memoir he says he cruised the streets and bars of New York City and other locales and by age 25 he had more than a thousand sexual encounters, including many men. He reportedly “enjoyed telling his sexual exploits to friends.”
  • Grace Kelly
    Grace Kelly
    …DIED age 52 (1982)—Cerebral hemorrhage caused fatal car crash
    • Faith: Christianity (Roman Catholicism)
    • Birth name: Grace Patricia Kelly
    • Husband: Rainier III, Prince of Monaco
    • Ex-Partners: Don Richardson (drama teacher, adultery), Claudius Charles Phillipe, Prince Aly Khan, Gary Cooper, Clark Gable
  • Greg Grunberg
    • Faith: Judaism
    • Birth name: Gregory Phillip Grunberg
    • Wife: Elizabeth Dawn Wershow
  • Greg Kinnear
    Greg Kinnear

    • Birth name: Gregory Buck Kinnear
    • Wife: Helen Labdon
  • Gregory Itzin
    Gregory Itzin
    …DIED age 74 (2022)—Complications during an emergency surgery following a major heart attack
    • Faith: Apparently Secularism; apparently rejected the Gospel of Jesus Christ
    • Worldview: Liberalism
    • Birth name: Gregory Martin Itzin
    • Wife: Judie Itzin

  • Gregory Peck
    …DIED age 87 (2003)—Bronchopneumonia
    • Faith: Liberal Christianity (Roman Catholicism)
    • Worldview: Liberalism (activist)
    • Birth name: Eldred Gregory Peck
    • Grandson: Ethan Peck (actor)
    • Wife: Veronique Passani
    • Ex-Wife: Greta Kukkonen
    • Ex-Partner: Ingrid Bergman (adultery)
  • Cropped image of a photo by Diana Ringo. License: CC BY-SA 4.0
    Greta Gerwig

    • Faith: Unitarian Universalism; rejects the Gospel of Jesus Christ
    • Worldview: Progressive Liberalism, Liberal Feminism, Normalizing LGBTQ
    • Birth name: Greta Celeste Gerwig
    • Partner: Noah Baumbach
  • Gretchen Mol
    Gretchen Mol

    • Faith: Secularism
    • Birth name: Gretchen Mol
    • Husband: Tod Williams (director, resulting in a son and daughter)
  • Groucho Marx in “Copacabana” (1947)
    Groucho Marx
    …DIED age 86 (1977)—Pneumonia
    • Faith: Atheism, of Jewish descent; rejected the Gospel of Jesus Christ
    • Worldview: Liberalism
    • Birth name: Julius Henry Marx
    • Ex-Wives: Ruth Johnson, Kay Marvis Gorcey, Eden Hartford (actress)

  • Guy Pearce

    • Faith: Atheism
    • Birth name: Guy Edward Pearce
    • Partner: Carice van Houten

  • Gwyneth Paltrow

    • Faith: New Age, Transcendental Meditation, and Kabbalah, raised by a Pennsylvania Dutch Quaker and a Jew from a long line of influential rabbis. She has indicated she wants to raise her children in some Jewish traditions.
    • Worldview: Progressive Liberalism (activist)
    • Birth name: Gwyneth Kate Paltrow
    • Mother: Blythe Danner
    • Father: Bruce Paltrow (producer, director)
    • Husband: Brad Falchuk (TV writer, director, producer)
    • Ex-Husband: Chris Martin (resulting in son Moses and daughter Apple)
    • Ex-Fiancé: Brad Pitt