Select FIRST letter of actor’s first name


  • Tab Hunter
    Tab Hunter …DIED age 86—Cardiac arrest, due to complications of deep vein thrombosis
    • Faith: apparently Secularism, raised in Christianity (Roman Catholicism); rejected the Gospel of Jesus Christ
    • Worldview: Liberalism, Homosexualism
    • Birth name: Arthur Andrew Kelm
    • Spouse: Allan Glaser (producer)
    • Ex-Partners include: Anthony Perkins (actor, director) and Ronnie Robertson
  • Tara Reid (2014)—Photo by Eva Rinaldi.
    Tara Reid

    • Birth name: Tara Donna Reid
    • Ex-Partners: Carson Daly, Michael Axtmann and Zachary Kehayov
  • Taraji P. Henson
    Taraji P. Henson

    • Faith: Liberal Christianity
    LGBT supporter, Animal Rights (activist), Veganism • Birth name: Taraji Penda Henson
    • Ex-Partner: William LaMarr Johnson
    • Ex-Fiancé: Kelvin Hayden
  • Taron Egerton
    Taron Egerton

    • Faith: Secularism
    • Worldview: LGBTQIA+ supporter; David Bowie is his hero
    • Birth name: Taron David Egerton
    • Ex-Partner: Emily Thomas
  • Taylor Kitsch
    • Faith: apparently Secularism
    • Ex-Partner: Minka Kelly
  • Taylor Lautner
    Taylor Lautner

    • Faith: Christianity (Roman Catholicism)
    • Birth name: Taylor Daniel Lautner
    • Wife: Taylor Dome
    • Ex-Partner: Marie Avgeropoulos
  • Téa Leoni
    Téa Leoni
    (Tea Leoni)
    • Partner: Tim Daly (actor)
    • Ex-Husbands: David Duchovny and Neil Joseph Tardio Jr.
  • Ted Danson
    • Faith: Liberal Christianity (Episcopalian)
    • Worldview: Progressive Liberalism (activist), Environmentalism and Climate Alarmism (activist)
    • Birth name: Edward Bridge Danson III
    • Wife: Mary Steenburgen
    • Ex-Wives: Randall Gosch and Cassandra Coates
    • Ex-Partner: Whoopi Goldberg
  • Ted Levine
    • Birth name: Frank Theodore Levine
    • Wife: Kim Phillips
  • Terence Stamp
    • Birth name: Terence Henry Stamp
    • Ex-Wife: Elizabeth O'Rourke
  • Teri Hatcher—Photo by hyku.
    Teri Hatcher

    • Faith: apparently Secularism
    • Birth name: Teri Lynn Hatcher
    • Ex-Husbands: Jon Tenney and Marcus Leithold
    • Ex-Partners: Richard Dean Anderson, Ryan Seacrest, Michael Bolton
  • Terrence Howard
    Terrence Howard

    • Faith: apparently Secularism
    • Birth name: Terrence Dashon Howard
    • Wife: Mira Pak
    • Ex-Wives: Lori McCommas and Michelle Ghent
  • Terry Crews
    Terry Crews

    • Faith: Jesus Christ; became a repentant Christian late in life and confessed his sins to the world in his autobiography—Manhood: How to Be a Better Man or Just Live with One / He reportedly grew up in a Christian household.
    • Wife: Rebecca King

  • Terry O'Quinn
    Terry O'Quinn

    • Faith: Unknown, raised in Christianity (Roman Catholicism)
    • Birth name: Terrance Quinn
    • Ex-Wife: Lori O'Quinn
  • Thandiwe Newton (2010)—Photo by Ministry Of Stories.
    Thandiwe Newton

    • aka Thandie Newton
    • Faith: Atheism, with affinity for Buddhism
    • Worldview: Liberalism, Veganism
    • Birth name: Melanie Thandiwe Newton
    • Husband: Ol Parker (filmmaker)
  • Thomas Dekker
    Thomas Dekker

    • Worldview: Liberalism, Homosexualism, Veganism
    • Birth name: Thomas Alexander Dekker
    • Spouse: Jesse Haddock (male actor)
  • Thomas Haden Church
    Thomas Haden Church

    • Faith: Non-Christian, considers himself a “spiritual person”
    • Birth name: Thomas Richard McMillen
    • Ex-Partner: Mia Zottoli
  • C. Thomas Howell
    C. Thomas Howell

    • Faith: Unclear
    • Birth name: Christopher Thomas Howell
    • Ex-Wives: Rae Dawn Chong and Sylvie Anderson
  • Thomas Jane
    Thomas Jane

    • Birth name: Thomas Elliott III
    • Ex-Wives: Patricia Arquette (actress) and Aysha Hauer (daughter of Rutger Hauer)
    • Ex-Partner: Anne Heche
  • Thomas Lennon
    • Birth name: Thomas Patrick Lennon
    • Wife: Jenny Robertson
  • Tia Carrere (2009)—Photo by Angela George.
    Tia Carrere

    • Birth name: Althea Rae Duhinio Janairo
    • Ex-Husbands: Elie Samaha (producer) and Simon Wakelin

  • Tilda Swinton

    • Birth name: Katherine Matilda Swinton
    • Faith: Secularism, “Anti-religious”
    • Worldview: Socialism, Communism
    • Partner: Sandro Kopp
    • Ex-Partner: John Byrne

  • Tim Allen

    • Faith: Jesus Christ, raised as an Episcopalian
    • Worldview: Self-described as “fiscally conservative and emotionally liberal”
    • Birth name: Timothy Allen Dick
    • Wife: Jane Hajduk
    • Ex-Wife: Laura Deibel
  • Tim Curry
    Tim Curry

    • Faith: Agnosticism
    • Worldview: Progressive Liberalism (activist)
    • Birth name: Timothy James Curry
  • Tim Matheson
    Tim Matheson

    • Faith: Secularism
    • Birth name: Timothy Lewis Matthieson
    • Wife: Elizabeth Marighetto
    • Ex-Wives: Jennifer Leak and Megan Murphy Matheson
  • Tim Robbins
    Tim Robbins

    • Faith: apparently Secularism, raised in Roman Catholicism
    • Worldview: Socialism
    • Birth name: Timothy Francis Robbins
    • Ex-Wife: Gratiela Brancusi (actress)
    • Ex-Partner: Susan Sarandon
  • Tim Roth
    Tim Roth

    • Worldview: Socialism, Environmentalism
    • Birth name: Timothy Simon Roth
    • Wife: Nikki Butler
  • Timothée Chalamet
    Timothée Chalamet

    • aka Timothee Chalamet
    • Faith: Unclear, of Jewish descent on his mother’s side
    • Worldview: Progressive Liberalism
    • Birth name: Timothée Hal Chalamet
    • Sister: Pauline Chalamet (actress, director)
    • Uncle: Rodman Flender (actor, director, producer)
  • Timothy Dalton
    Timothy Dalton

    • Birth name: Timothy Leonard Dalton Leggett
    • Ex-Partners: Vanessa Redgrave, Oksana Grigorieva (resulting in a son), Kate Adie
  • Timothy Hutton (2006). Photo by Sagindie. CC BY 2.0
    Timothy Hutton

    • Faith: Unclear
    • Worldview: Freemasonry
    • Birth name: Timothy Tarquin Hutton
    • Father: Jim Hutton (actor)
    • Ex-Wives: Aurore Giscard d'Estaing and Debra Winger
  • Timothy Olyphant in Hitman (2007)
    Timothy Olyphant

    • Faith: Secularism
    • Birth name: Timothy David Olyphant
    • Wife: Alexis Knief
  • Timothy Spall
    Timothy Spall

    • Faith: reportedly Christianity (Roman Catholicism)
    • Birth name: Timothy Leonard Spall
    • Son: Rafe Spall (actor)
    • Wife: Shane Spall

  • Tina Fey

    • Faith: Primarily Secularism, raised in Eastern Orthodox Christianity and married in Greek Orthodox church
    • Worldview: Progressive Liberalism, Women’s Rights advocacy, LGBTQ+ advocacy, ACLU supporter
    • Birth name: Elizabeth Stamatina Fey
    • Husband: Jeff Richmond (composer, actor, director, producer)
  • Tobey Maguire
    Tobey Maguire

    • Faith: Secularism
    • Worldview: Progressive Liberalism, Animal Rights, Veganism
    • Birth name: Tobias Vincent Maguire
    • Ex-Wife: Jennifer Meyer
    • Ex-Partners: Kirsten Dunst, Rashida Jones, and Tatiana Dieteman (model)
  • Tobin Bell
    Tobin Bell

    • Birth name: Joseph Henry Tobin Jr.
    • Ex-Wife: Elizabeth Warren
  • Toby Jones
    Toby Jones

    • Birth name: Tobias Edward Heslewood Jones
    • Father: Freddie Jones
    • Brothers: Rupert Jones (director) and Casper Jones (actor)
    • Wife: Karen Jones

  • Toby Kebbell

    • Faith: Christianity (Roman Catholicism)
    • Birth name: Tobias Alistair Patrick Kebbell
    • Wife: Arielle Wyatt
  • Tom Berenger
    Tom Berenger

    • Faith: Unclear, raised Roman Catholic; ex-Scientologist
    • Birth name: Thomas Michael Moore
    • Wife: Laura Moretti
    • Ex-Wives: Barbara Wilson, Lisa Williams, and Patricia Alvaran

  • Tom Cruise

    • Faith: Scientology (devout zealot), earlier “aspired to become a Catholic priest”
    • Birth name: Thomas Cruise Mapother IV
    • Ex-Wives: Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman, and Katie Holmes
    • Ex-Partners: Rebecca De Mornay, Penélope Cruz (Penelope Cruz), Melissa Gilbert, Patti Scialfa, Cher, amd Nazanin Boniadi
  • Tom Felton
    Tom Felton

    • Birth name: Thomas Andrew Felton
    • Ex-Partner: Jade Olivia Gordon

  • Tom Hanks

    • Faith: Christianity (Greek Orthodox), ex-Catholic, ex-Mormon, ex-Nazarene
    • Worldview: Progressive Liberalism (activist), Environmentalism
    • Birth name: Thomas Jeffrey Hanks
    • Sons: Colin Hanks, Chet Hanks
    • Wife: Rita Wilson
  • Tom Hardy
    Tom Hardy

    • Faith: Secularism, raised Catholic
    • Birth name: Edward Thomas Hardy
    • Wife: Charlotte Riley
    • Ex-Wife: Sarah Ward
  • Tom Hiddleston
    Tom Hiddleston

    • Faith: Unclear, apparently Secularism
    • Birth name: Thomas William Hiddleston
    • Partner: Zawe Ashton (actress)
    • Ex-Partner: Kat Dennings
  • Tom Holland
    Tom Holland

    • Faith: Christianity (Roman Catholic)
    • Birth name: Thomas Stanley Holland
    • Partner: Zendaya (Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman)
  • Tom Hulce
    Tom Hulce

    • Worldview: apparently Secularism, Homosexualism (self identifies as Gay)
    • Birth name: Thomas Edward Hulce
  • Tom Selleck in CSB Blue Bloods.
    Tom Selleck

    • Faith: Christianity (Disciples of Christ Church), but says he is not very religious
    • Worldview: self-identifies as “a registered independent with a lot of Libertarian leanings”
    • Wife: Jillie Mack
    • Ex-Wife: Jacqueline Ray
  • Tom Sizemore
    Tom Sizemore
    …DIED age 61 (2023)—stroke and resulting brain aneurysm
    • Faith: Secularism, raised Roman Catholic
    • Birth name: Thomas Edward Sizemore Jr.
    • Ex-Wife: Maeve Quinlan
    • Ex-Partner: Janelle McIntire (resulting in 2 children)
    • Ex-Partner: Heidi Fleiss
  • Tom Welling
    Tom Welling

    • Faith: Christianity (self-identified)
    • Worldview: Environmentalism, Animal welfare (supporter), Charitable work (supporter), one of his parents is a Democrat and the other a Republican
    • Birth name: Thomas Joseph Welling
    • Wife: Jessica Rose Lee
    • Ex-Wife: Jamie White (relationship begun in adultery)
  • Tom Wilkinson
    Tom Wilkinson
    …DIED age 75 (2023)
    • Birth name: Thomas Geoffrey Wilkinson
    • Wife: Diana Hardcastle (actress)

  • Tommy Lee Jones

    • Worldview: Progressive Liberalism
    • Wife: Dawn Laurel
    • Ex-Wives: Katherine Lardner and Kimberlea Cloughley
  • Toni Collette (2015)—Photo by Gage Skidmore.
    Toni Collette

    • Faith: attracted to Buddhism; married in a traditional Buddhist ceremony
    • Worldview: Liberalism, Animal Rights activism
    • Ex-Husband: Dave Galafassi
  • Tony Curtis
    Tony Curtis
    …DIED age 85—Cardiac arrest, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
    • Faith: Judaism; rejected the Gospel of Jesus Christ
    • Birth name: Bernhard Schwartz
    • Daughter: Jamie Lee Curtis
    • Wife: Jill Vandenberg
    • Ex-Wives: Janet Leigh, Christine Kaufmann, Leslie Allen, Andrea Savio, and Lisa Deutsch
  • Tony Goldwyn
    Tony Goldwyn

    • Faith: Unclear, Jewish ethnicity
    • Worldview: Progressive Liberalism (activist)
    • Parents: Samuel Goldwyn, Jr. (film producer) and Jennifer Howard (actress)
    • Grandfathers: Samuel Goldwyn (famous movie mogul) and Sidney Howard (famous playwright and screenwriter)
    • Grandmothers: Actresses Clare Eames and Frances Howard
    • Wife: Jane Musky
  • Tony Shalhoub
    Tony Shalhoub

    • Faith: Christianity (Syriac Maronite Church of Antioch)
    • Worldview: Progressive Liberalism
    • Birth name: Anthony Marcus Shalhoub
    • Wife: Brooke Adams (actress)

  • Topher Grace

    • Birth name: Christopher John Grace
    • Wife: Ashley Hinshaw
  • Treat Williams
    Treat Williams
    …DIED age 71 (2023)—Motorcycle accident
    • Faith: Unclear, although some report Christianity
    • Worldview: Identified as politically Independent, “I’m not a Democrat, but I certainly voted for Biden.”
    • Birth name: Richard Treat Williams
    • Wife: Pam Van Sant

  • Tyler Perry

    • Faith: Liberal Christianity
    • Birth name: Emmitt Perry Jr.
    • Ex-Partner: Gelila Bekele
  • Tyrese Gibson
    Tyrese Gibson

    • Faith: Liberal Christianity; has identified himself as a “born-again Christian”
    • Birth name: Tyrese Darnell Gibson
    • Ex-Wives: Norma Gibson and Samantha Lee