Select FIRST letter of actor’s first name


  • Walter Matthau
    Walter Matthau
    …DIED age 79—Heart attack
    • Faith: Judaism; rejected the Gospel of Jesus Christ
    • Birth name: Walter John Matthow
    • Wife: Carol Grace (aka Carol Marcus Saroyan) (actress, resulting in son Charles Matthau—director, producer, actor)
    • Ex-Wife: Grace Geraldine Johnson
  • Walton Goggins
    Walton Goggins

    • Faith: Unclear
    • Birth name: Walton Sanders Goggins Jr.
    • Wives: Nadia Conners (filmmaker, resulting in a son) and Leanne Kaun (died 2004)

  • Warren Beatty

    • Faith: apparently Secularism / His wife is an Agnostic. He was raised in a Baptist family.
    • Worldview: Liberalism (activist)
    • Birth name: Henry Warren Beatty
    • Wife: Annette Bening (resulting in 4 children)
    • Sister: Shirley MacLaine
    • Ex-Partners: Jane Fonda, Joan Collins, Cher, Natalie Wood, Vivien Leigh, Leslie Caron, Mamie Van Doren, Julie Christie, Faye Dunaway, Brigitte Bardot, Carly Simon, Joni Mitchell, Britt Ekland, Judy Carne, Goldie Hawn, Michelle Phillips, Candice Bergen, Kate Jackson, Melanie Griffith, Raquel Welch, Iman, Diane Keaton, Diana Ross, Justine Bateman, Elle Macpherson, Carol Alt, Isabelle Adjani, Madonna, Barbra Streisand, and numerous others
  • Warren Oates
    Warren Oates
    …DIED age 53 (1982)—heart attack, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
    • Faith: gravitated to Zen Buddhism
    • Birth name: Warren Mercer Oates
    • Wife: Judith A. Jones (aka Judy Jones)
    • Ex-Wives: Teddy Louise Farmer (begun in adultery, resulting in 3 children), Vickery Turner (actress, playwright)
    • Ex-Partner: Lee Purcell
  • Werner Herzog. Photographer: Siebbi. License: CC BY-SA 3.0
    Werner Herzog

    • Faith: Atheism, ex-Catholicism convert
    • Worldview: “Life on our planet has been a constant series of cataclysmic events, and we are more suitable for extinction than a trilobite or a reptile. So we will vanish. There’s no doubt in my heart.” / “I'm not an activist.”
    • Birth name: Werner Stipetić
    • Wife: Lena Pisetski (photographer)
    • Ex-Wives: Martje Grohmann (resulting in son Rudolph Amos Achmed) and Christine Maria Ebenberger (resulting in son Simon)
    • Ex-Partner: Eva Mattes (actress, result in daughter Hanna Mattes)
  • Wes Bentley
    Wes Bentley

    • Faith: Unclear, his father is a United Methodist minister, and his mother a chaplain and ordained elder
    • Birth name: Wesley Cook Bentley
    • Wife: Jacqui Swedberg (producer, resulting in a son and daughter)
    • Ex-Wife: Jennifer Quanz (actress)
  • Wesley Snipes
    Wesley Snipes

    • Faith: Unclear, had converted to Islam but then left it; raised in Christianity
    • Birth name: Wesley Trent Snipes
    • Wife: Nakyung Park (resulting in 4 children)
    • Ex-Wife: April Dubois (resulting in son Jelani)
  • Whitney Houston in Sparkle
    Whitney Houston
    …DIED age 48—Drowning due to coronary artery disease and cocaine intoxication
    • Faith: Christianity
    • Birth name: Whitney Elizabeth Houston
    • Ex-Husband: Bobby Brown (resulting daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown)
  • Whoopi Goldberg
    Whoopi Goldberg

    • Faith: Atheism, Secularism; although she is sometimes falsely listed as Jewish or Catholic
    • Worldview: Progressive Liberalism (outspoken activist), LGBTQ supporter, Liberal Feminism
    • Birth name: Caryn Elaine Johnson
    • Ex-Husbands: Alvin Martin (drug counselor, resulting in daughter Alexandrea Martin, actress, producer), David Claessen (cinematographer), Lyle Trachtenberg
    • Ex-Partners: David Schein (playwright), Frank Langella and others
  • Wil Wheaton in Leverage and The Two Live Crew Job
    Wil Wheaton

    • Faith: Atheism
    • Worldview: Progressive Liberalism (activist)
    • Birth name: Richard William Wheaton III
    • Wife: Anne Prince (resulting in 2 adopted sons)
  • Will Arnett (2012)—Photo by David Shankbone.
    Will Arnett

    • Faith: Unclear, but appears to be Secularism
    • Birth name: William Emerson Arnett
    • Ex-Wives: Amy Poehler (resulting in 2 sons) and Penelope Ann Miller (actresses)
    • Ex-Partner: Alessandra Brawn (resulting in a son)

  • Will Ferrell

    • Faith: Atheism
    • Worldview: Leftism
    • Wife: Viveca Paulin (actress)
  • Will Forte
    Will Forte

    • Faith: Secularism
    • Birth name: Orville Willis Forte IV
    • Wife: Olivia Modling

  • Will Smith

    • Faith: apparently Agnosticism; raised Baptist, but has publicly rejected Christianity and Biblical morality / In the past, he has said complimentary things about Scientology and other faiths and financially supported both Scientology, Muslim and Christianity related ministries.
    • Worldview: Progressive Liberalism (outspoken activist)
    • Birth name: Willard Carroll Smith Jr.
    • Wife: Jada Pinkett Smith (separated 2016)
    • Ex-Wife: Sheree Zampino (actress, producer — resulting in son Trey Smith)
  • Willem Dafoe
    Willem Dafoe

    • Faith: Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga (practices daily)
    • Worldview: Climate Alarmism (claims “animal farms are one of the main causes of the destruction of the planet”), Pescetarianism
    • Birth name: William James Dafoe
    • Wife: Giada Colagrande
    • Ex-Partner: Elizabeth LeCompte
  • William Baldwin
    William Baldwin

    • Faith: Unclear, raised in Roman Catholicism
    • Birth name: William Joseph Baldwin
    • Brothers: Alec Baldwin, Stephen Baldwin, Daniel Baldwin
    • Wife: Chynna Phillips (daughter of actress Michelle Gilliam)
  • William Daniels
    William Daniels

    • Faith: Unknown
    • Birth name: William David Daniels
    • Wife: Bonnie Bartlett (actress)
  • William Fichtner
    William Fichtner

    • Birth name: William Edward Fichtner Jr.
    • Wife: Kymberly Kalil
    • Ex-Wife: Betsy Aidem (actress)
  • William Forsythe
    • Ex-Wife: Melody Mundon
    • Children: Rebecca Forsythe, Chloe Forsythe, Angelica Forsythe

  • William H. Macy

    • Worldview: Progressive Liberalism
    • Birth name: William Hall Macy Jr.
    • Wife: Felicity Huffman
  • William Holden
    William Holden
    …DIED age 63—Exsanguination following a fall
    • Faith: Christianity (Congregationalist)
    • Partner: Stefanie Powers (actress)
    • Ex-Wife: Brenda Marshall (actress)
  • William Hurt
    William Hurt
    …DIED age 71 (2022)—Complications of prostate cancer
    • Faith: Apparently Christianity (Lutheran), also is quoted as saying, “I have a faith now, and it saves my day. I was angry with God for a long time because I was unhappy with me.”
    • Birth name: William McChord Hurt
    • Ex-Wives: Mary Beth Hurt, Heidi Henderson
    • Ex-Partners: Marlee Matlin, Sandrine Bonnaire, Eva May Hoffman (actress), Capucine (actress)
  • Will Patton
    Will Patton

    • Faith: Unclear, raised in Christianity; father was a Lutheran minister
    • Birth name: William Rankin Patton
    • Wife: Elizabeth Grayson
  • William Sadler
    William Sadler

    • Birth name: William Thomas Sadler
    • Wife: Marni Joan Bakst
  • William Shatner
    William Shatner

    • Faith: Agnosticism, raised in Conservative Judaism
    • Wife: Nerine Kidd (died 1999)
    • Ex-Wives: Gloria Rand (actress), Marcy Lafferty, and Elizabeth Anderson Martin
    • Son-in-law: Joel Gretsch

  • Winona Ryder

    • Faith: Buddhism; of Jewish descent
    • Birth name: Winona Laura Horowitz
    • Partner: Scott Mackinlay Hahn
    • Ex-Partners include: Matt Damon and Johnny Depp
  • Woody Allen
    Woody Allen

    • Faith: Atheism, raised in Judaism
    • Birth name: Allen Konigsberg
    • Wife: Soon-Yi Previn
    • Ex-Wives: Harlene Susan Rosen, Louise Lasser
    • Ex-Partners: Diane Keaton and Mia Farrow

  • Woody Harrelson

    • Faith: Considers himself spiritual and leans toward Hinduism with admiration of the Hindu Yogi Paramahansa Yogananda. He was raised by a reportedly “devout” Christian mother and attended a liberal Presbyterian college (Hanover) where he says, “I was actually considering being a minister. …I was very religious growing up.”
    • Worldview: Socialism, Environmentalism (activist), Veganism, self-identifies as an Anarchist
    • Birth name: Woodrow Tracy Harrelson
    • Wife: Laura Louie
    • Ex-Wife: Nancy Simon (daughter of playwright Neil Simon)