Select FIRST letter of actor’s first name


  • Dakota Fanning

    • Faith: Christianity, raised Southern Baptist
    • Birth name: Hannah Dakota Fanning
    • Sister: Elle Fanning

  • Dakota Johnson

    • Birth name: Dakota Mayi Johnson
    • Mother: Melanie Griffith
    • Father: Don Johnson
    • Stepfather:Antonio Banderas
    • Grandmother: Tippi Hedren (actress)
    • Partner and fiancé: Chris Martin
    • Ex-Partners: Noah Gersh and Jordan Masterson (actor)
  • Damian Lewis
    Damian Lewis

    • Birth name: Damian Watcyn Lewis
    • Wife: Helen McCrory (died 2021)
    • Ex-Partner: Kristin Davis

  • Dan Aykroyd in Celtic Pride (1996)
    Dan Aykroyd

    • Faith: Spiritualism/Paranormalism, raised in Roman Catholicism
    • Birth name: Daniel Edward Aykroyd
    • Wife: Donna Dixon (estranged 2022)
    • Ex-Fiancée: Carrie Fisher
  • Dan Stevens. Photo by Kurman Communications, Inc. from Chicago. CC by 2.0.
    Dan Stevens

    • Faith: Apparently Secularism, raised in Christianity
    • Worldview: Liberalism
    • Birth name: Daniel Jonathan Stevens
    • Wife: Susie Hariet
  • Dane Cook in American Gods.
    Dane Cook

    • Faith: Unclear, raised in Roman Catholicism
    • Birth name: Dane Jeffrey Cook
    • Wife: Kelsi Taylor

  • Daniel Brühl

    • aka Daniel Bruhl
    • Faith: reportedly Agnosticism
    • Birth name: Daniel César Martín Brühl González
    • Wife: Felicitas Rombold
    • Ex-Partner and Ex-Fiancée: Jessica Schwarz (actress)

  • Daniel Craig

    • Faith: Atheism
    • Worldview: Liberalism, Globalism
    • Birth name: Daniel Wroughton Craig
    • Wife: Rachel Weisz
    • Ex-Wife: Fiona Loudon (actress)
    • Ex-Partners: Heike Makatsch (actress), Satsuki Mitchell (film producer)

  • Daniel Day-Lewis

    • Birth name: Daniel Michael Blake Day-Lewis
    • Mother: Jill Balcon (actress)
    • Grandfather: Michael Balcon (producer)
    • Wife: Rebecca Miller
    • Father-in-Law: Arthur Miller (screenwriter)
    • Ex-Partner: Isabelle Adjani (actress, resulting in a son)

  • Daniel Radcliffe

    • Faith: Agnosticism leaning toward Atheism (“I don’t expect there to be a God and an afterlife — I would be pleasantly surprised if there was.”)
    • Worldview: Liberalism, Evolutionism
    • Birth name: Daniel Jacob Radcliffe
    • Partner: Erin Darke (actress)

  • Danielle Panabaker

    • Faith: Unknown
    • Worldview: Unclear
    • Birth name: Danielle Nicole Panabaker
    • Sister: Kay Panabaker
    • Husband: Hayes Robbins
  • Danny DeVito in Drowning Mona (2000)
    Danny DeVito

    • Faith: Christianity (Roman Catholicism)
    • Worldview: Socialism
    • Birth name: Daniel Michael DeVito Jr.
    • Wife: Rhea Perlman (estranged since 2012)
  • Danny Glover in Saw (2004)
    Danny Glover

    • Faith: Buddhism
    • Worldview: Socialism, Progressive Liberalism, Political activism, Union activism
    • Birth name: Daniel Lebern Glover
    • Ex-Wives: Asake Bomani and Eliane Cavalleiro
  • Danny Huston
    • Father: John Huston (director, actor)
    • Grandfather: Walter Huston (actor)
    • Half-sister: Angelica Huston (actress)
    • Half-Brother: Tony Huston (actor, director)
    • Nephew: Jack Huston (actor)
    • Wife: Katie Jane Evans (died by suicide 2008)
    • Ex-Wife: Virginia Madsen
  • Danny Trejo in Machete Kills (2013)
    Danny Trejo

    • Worldview: Liberalism
    • Birth name: Dan Trejo
    • Ex-Wives: Laura ____, Debbie ____, Joanne ____, and Debbie Shreve
  • Daryl Hannah (2014). Photo by Cassidy Turner.
    Daryl Hannah

    • Faith: mostly Secularism, but “thinks of herself as Jewish”; raised in Roman Catholicism
    • Worldview: Socialism, Environmentalism (activist), Climate Change alarmism
    • Birth name: Daryl Christine Hannah
    • Half-Sister: Tanya Wexler (director)
    • Husband: Neil Young
    • Ex-Partners: John F. Kennedy Jr. and Jackson Browne
  • Dave Franco
    Dave Franco

    • Faith: Judaism
    • Birth name: David John Franco
    • Brothers: James Franco (actor) and Tom Franco (actor)
    • Wife: Alison Brie
    • Ex-Partner: Dianna Agron (actress)

  • David Arquette

    • Faith: Judaism
    • Father: Lewis Arquette (actor)
    • Grandfather: Cliff Arquette (actor)
    • Sisters: Rosanna Lisa Arquette (actress), Patricia Tiffany Arquette (actress)
    • Wife: Christina McLarty
    • Ex-Wife: Courteney Cox
  • David Carradine—Photo: Luke Ford,
    David Carradine
    …DIED age 72 (2009)—Asphyxiation by hanging (apparently Erotic Asphyxiation, not suicide)
    • Faith: Christian Scientism and Kung Fu; rejected the Gospel of Jesus Christ
    • Birth name: John Arthur Carradine Jr.
    • Father: John Carradine (actor)
    • Half-Brothers: Keith Carradine (actor) and Robert Carradine (actor)
    • Wife: Annie Bierman
    • Ex-Wives: Donna Lee Becht, Linda Anne Gilbert, Gail Jensen, Marina Anderson
    • Ex-Partner: Barbara Hershey (1968-1975, resulting in a son)
    • Ex-Partner and Ex-Fiancée: Season Hubley
  • David Caruso
    David Caruso

    • Faith: Unclear, raised in Roman Catholicism
    • Birth name: David Stephen Caruso
    • Ex-Partner: Liza Marquez (resulting in a son and daughter)
    • Ex-Wives: Cheri Maugans, Rachel Ticotin (resulted in a daughter), Margaret Buckley

  • David Duchovny

    • Faith: Secularism, Atheism
    • Worldview: Liberalism, Vegetarianism or Pescetarian, Environmentalism
    • Birth name: David William Duchovny
    • Ex-Wife: Téa Leoni
  • David Graf
    David Graf
    …DIED age 50 (2001)—Heart attack
    • Birth name: David Paul Graf
    • Wife: Kathryn Graf
  • David McCallum. Photograher: Angela George (Oct 2012). License: CC BY-SA 3.0. Image cropped.
    David McCallum
    …DIED age 90 (2023)—Natural causes
    • Faith: Christianity, sometimes attended Church of Heavenly Rest in NYC; raised in Presbyterian church
    • Worldview: Conservative-leaning, Charitable work and support
    • Birth name: David Keith McCallum
    • Wife: Katherine Carpenter (Katherine McCallum)
    • Ex-Wife: Jill Ireland (actress)
  • David Morse. Photographer: Mr. Pany Goff. License: CC BY-SA 3.0. Image is cropped.
    David Morse

    • Faith: Christianity — reportedly steadies himself with daily devotions from the Book of Common Prayer. He has said that reading C.S. Lewis’s Surprised by Joy changed his life. Lewis’s account of moving from being an atheist to a believer helped Morse through his own struggles with faith and “helped me through a particularly turbulent time. …His sudden experiences of longing, what he called joy, were something I recognized in my own life.”
    • Birth name: David Bowditch Morse
    • Wife: Susan Wheeler Duff (actress)
  • David Niven
    David Niven
    …DIED age 73 (1983)—Motor neurone disease, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
    • Faith: Secularism; apparently rejected the Gospel of Jesus Christ
    • Worldview: Conservatism
    • Birth name: James David Graham Niven
    • Wives: Hjördis Genberg and Primula Susan Rollo (died 1946)
  • David Oyelowo. Photo by Tyler Boye, CC BY-SA 4.0
    David Oyelowo

    • Faith: Jesus Christ
    • Birth name: David Oyetokunbo Oyelowo
    • Wife: Jessica Watson (Jessica Oyelowo)

  • David Schwimmer

    • Faith: Unclear, raised in Jewish family
    • Birth name: David Lawrence Schwimmer
    • Ex-Wife: Zoë Buckman (Zoe Buckman)
  • David Ogden Stiers
    David Ogden Stiers
    …DIED age 75 (2018)—Complications from bladder cancer
    • Faith: Secularism; rejected the Gospel of Jesus Christ
    • Worldview: Homosexualism, Liberalism
    • Birth name: David Allen Ogden Stiers
  • David Strathairn
    David Strathairn

    • Faith: Secularism
    • Worldview: Progressive Liberalism
    • Birth name: David Russell Strathairn
    • Wife: Logan Goodman
  • David Suchet. Photographer: Phil Chambers. License: CC BY-SA 2.0
    David Suchet

    • Faith: Christianity (Protestant), became a Christian after reading Romans 8 in his hotel room, and was later baptized; produced 2 documentaries on his hero, the Apostle Paul; became a Vice President of the British and Foreign Bible Society in 2012
    • Birth name: David Courtney Suchet
    • Wife: Sheila Ferris
  • David Tennant
    David Tennant

    • Faith: Mostly Secularism, but occasional churchgoer; father was a minister in the Church of Scotland (Presbyterian)
    • Worldview: Environmentalism, Liberalism
    • Birth name: David John McDonald
    • Wife: Georgia Moffett (actress)
    • Ex-Wives: Anne-Marie Duff, Natalie Walter, Sophia Myles
    • Father-in-law: Peter Davison (actor)
  • Dean Cain. Cropped from photo by Rob DiCaterino. License: CC BY 2.0.
    Dean Cain

    • Faith: Secularism, but accepts that God exists
    • Worldview: Leans toward Moderate Conservatism
    • Birth name: Dean George Tanaka
    • Father: Christopher Cain (director, screenwriter, producer)
    • Ex-Fiancée: Mindy McCready
    • Ex-Partner: Samantha Torres (resulting in a son)
  • Dean Jones—Photo: ©
    Dean Jones
    …DIED age 84 (2015)—Parkinson’s disease
    • Faith: Jesus Christ—devout, born-again (saved in 1973 or 1974)
    • Birth name: Dean Carroll Jones
    • Wife: Lory Patrick (actress, born Loretta Basham)
    • Ex-Wife: Mae Inez Entwisle
  • Dean Stockwell
    Dean Stockwell
    …DIED age 85 (2021)—Natural causes
    • Faith: apparently rejected the Gospel of Jesus Christ
    • Worldview: Liberalism (activist), Environmentalism
    • Birth name: Robert Dean Stockwell
    • Father: Harry Stockwell (actor)
    • Brother: Harry Guy Stockwell (actor)
    • Ex-Wives: Millie Perkins and Joy Marchenko
  • Debbie Reynolds
    Debbie Reynolds
    …DIED age 84 (2016)—Intracerebral hemorrhage caused by stroke
    • Faith: apparently rejected the Gospel of Jesus Christ; Raised a Nazarene, but later became an “ordained minister” of the Universal Life Church, a very liberal organization that allows its members to hold almost any peaceful, spiritual belief
    • Worldview: Liberalism, longtime ally of the LGBT community
    • Birth name: Mary Frances Reynolds
    • Daughter: Carrie Fisher
    • Son: Todd Fisher (director, cinematographer, producer, actor)
    • Ex-Husbands: Eddie Fisher (actor), Harry Karl, Richard Hamlett
  • Debra Messing in “Nothing Like the Holidays” (2008)
    Debra Messing

    • Faith: Judaism
    • Worldview: Leftism (activist)
    • Birth name: Debra Lynn Messing
    • Husband: Daniel Luke Zelman (actor, screenwriter, producer, director)
  • Debra Winger
    Debra Winger

    • Faith: Unclear, raised in Orthodox Judaism
    • Birth name: Debra Lynn Winger
    • Son: Noah Hutton (documentary filmmaker)
    • Husband: Arliss Howard (actor, director)
    • Ex-Husband: Timothy Hutton
    • Ex-Partner: Andrew Rubin (actor)
  • DeForest Kelley
    DeForest Kelley
    …DIED age 79 (1999)—Stomach cancer
    • Faith: Unclear, raised in Christianity—his father was a Baptist minister
    • Birth name: Jackson DeForest Kelley
    • Wife: Carolyn Charlotte Meagher Dowling
  • Della Reese
    Della Reese
    …DIED age 86 (2017)—No cause given, had Type 2-diabetes and had previously suffered a near-fatal brain aneurysm
    • Faith: Rejected Jesus Christ’s true identity and purpose—2nd Person of the Trinity, Creator of the universe, Redeemer/Savior and the ONLY way for sinful mankind to be reconciled to God. She founded her own “church” called the “Up Church”—Understanding Principles for Better Living—part of a pseudo-christian movement called “Unity” or “New Thought” with teachings based in metaphysics, bits of Liberal Christianity, New Age pantheism, positive thinking, etc.
    • Birth name: Delloreese Patricia Early
    • Husband: Franklin Lett Jr.
    • Ex-Husbands: Vermont Adolphus Bon Taliaferro, Leroy Basil Gray, and Mercer Ellington
  • Demi Moore. Photo by David Shankbone.
    Demi Moore

    • Faith: Unclear, formerly Philip Berg’s Kabbalah Centre religion; ex-Scientologist
    • Birth name: Demi Gene Guynes
    • Daughter: Rumer Glenn Willis (actress)
    • Ex-Husbands: Freddy Moore, Bruce Willis, and Ashton Kutcher
    • Ex-Partner and Ex-Fiancé: Emilio Estevez
    • Ex-Partners: Timothy Hutton, Oliver Whitcomb
  • Denis Leary (2015). Photo by Gage Skidmore.
    Denis Leary

    • Faith: Secularism, lapsed Roman Catholic, raised in Catholicism
    • Worldview: Liberalism-leaning
    • Birth name: Denis Colin Lear
    • Wife: Ann Lembeck
  • Denise Richards (2009). Photo by Glenn Francis of PacificProDigital.
    Denise Richards

    • Faith: Unclear, raised in Roman Catholicism
    • Birth name: Denise Lee Richards
    • Husband: Aaron Phypers
    • Ex-Husband: Charlie Sheen
  • Dennis Franz. Cropped from photo by Alan Light. License: CC BY 2.0
    Dennis Franz

    • Worldview: Conservatism
    • Birth name: Dennis Franz Schlachta
    • Wife: Joanie Zeck

  • Dennis Haysbert

    • Faith: Unknown, raised Baptist
    • Worldview: Liberalism
    • Birth name: Dennis Dexter Haysbert
    • Ex-Wives: Elena Simms and Lynn Griffith
  • Dennis Hopper (2008). Photo by Georges Biard.
    Dennis Hopper
    …DIED age 74 (2010)—Prostate cancer
    • Faith: Secularism; rejected the Gospel of Jesus Christ
    • Worldview: Liberal-leaning
    • Birth name: Dennis Lee Hopper
    • Wife: Victoria Duffy (separated 2010)
    • Ex-Wives: Brooke Hayward (actress), Michelle Phillips (actress), Daria Halpri, Katherine LaNasa (actress)
  • Dennis Quaid
    Dennis Quaid

    • Faith: Christianity since about 1990 (vocal, Protestant); had studied and dabbled in Eastern religion; raised in Baptist faith
    • Worldview: Conservatism-leaning Independent
    • Birth name: Dennis William Quaid
    • Brother: Randy Quaid
    • Wife: Laura Savoie
    • Ex-Wives: Meg Ryan (actress, resulting in son Jack Quaid), P.J. Soles (actress), Kimberly Buffington

  • Denzel Washington

    • Faith: Christianity (Pentecostal, Church of God in Christ), He is candid about his faith, says he reads the Bible daily and says that the formula for a successful life is to “stay on your knees.” Son of ordained COGIC pastor. Denzel says, “I have not always stuck with God, but he has always stuck with me.” Denzel says that his spiritual mentor is Pastor A.R. Bernard, senior pastor of the Christian Cultural Center in Brooklyn, New York.
    • Worldview: apparently Conservatism-leaning
    • Birth name: Denzel Hayes Washington Jr.
    • Wife: Pauletta Pearson
    • Son: John David Washington (actor)

    “Is Denzel Washington a Christian Now? Listen to His Answer”
    He talks about God quite regularly both on and off screen, but is he truly born again? Christian Answers Team Member Ray Comfort discusses this, and then shares the gospel with a young man who persistently shakes off the gospel.
    Video by Living Waters
    Length: 16 minutes

  • Dermot Mulroney

    • Faith: Unknown
    • Wife: Tharita Cesaroni
    • Ex-Wife: Catherine Keener (actress)
  • Diane Keaton
    Diane Keaton

    • Faith: Now believes in God and considers herself to be a Christian, ex-Free Methodist, ex-Agnostic, ex-Atheist
    • Worldview: Liberalism, Vegetarianism
    • Birth name: Diane Hall
    • Ex-Partners: Woody Allen, Warren Beatty, Al Pacino

  • Diane Kruger

    • Faith: Unclear, raised in Roman Catholicism
    • Birth name: Diane Heidkrüger
    • Partner: Norman Reedus (actor, resulting in a daughter)
    • Ex-Partner: Joshua Jackson (actor)
    • Ex-Husband: Guillaume Canet (actor, director)
  • Diane Ladd—Photo by Tex Brook.
    Diane Ladd

    • Faith: Christianity (Roman Catholicism)
    • Birth name: Rose Diane Ladner
    • Mother: Mary Bernadette Anderson (actress)
    • Daughter: Laura Dern
    • Husband: Robert Charles Hunter
    • Ex-Husbands: Bruce Dern and William Shea Jr.

  • Diane Lane

    • Faith: Secularism
    • Worldview: Progressive Liberalism, Environmentalism
    • Birth name: Diane Colleen Lane
    • Ex-Husbands: Christopher Lambert and Josh Brolin

  • Dianne Wiest

    • Faith: Unknown
    • Birth name: Dianne Evelyn Wiest
    • Ex-Partner: Sam Cohn (talent agent)
  • Dick Van Dyke
    Dick Van Dyke

    • Faith: Secularism, ex-Christian (Presbyterian) who as an elder and Sunday School teacher
    • Worldview: Socialism (activist)
    • Birth name: Richard Wayne Van Dyke
    • Brother: Jerry Van Dyke (actor)
    • Grandson: Shane Van Dyke (actor, screenwriter, director)
    • Niece: Kelly Jean Van Dyke (actress)
    • Wife: Arlene Silver
    • Ex-Wife: Margie Willett
    • Partner: Michelle Triola Marvin (actress, died 2009 after 30 year relationship)
  • Dick Van Patten. Photo by Phil Konstantin.
    Dick Van Patten
    …DIED age 86 (2015)—Complications from diabetes
    • Faith: Christianity (Roman Catholicism)
    • Birth name: Richard Vincent Van Patten

  • Dinah Shore
    …DIED age 77 (1994)—Complications from ovarian cancer
    • Faith: apparently rejected the Gospel of Jesus Christ
    • Birth name: Frances Rose Shore
    • Ex-Husbands: George Montgomery (actor) and Maurice F. Smith
    • Ex-Partners: Burt Reynolds (6 years), Frank Sinatra, Maurice F. Smith, Dick Martin, Eddie Fisher, and Rod Taylor (actor)
  • Djimon Hounsou
    Djimon Hounsou

    • Faith: Unclear, raised in Roman Catholicism
    • Birth name: Djimon Gaston Hounsou
    • Ex-Partner: Kimora Lee Simmons (resulting in a son)
  • Dominic Cooper
    • Faith: Secularism
    • Birth name: Dominic Edward Cooper
    • Partner: Gemma Chan
  • Domhnall Gleeson. Photo by Gage Skidmore, CC BY-SA 3.0.
    Domhnall Gleeson

    • Father: Brendan Gleeson
    • Brother: Brian Gleeson (actor)
    • Partner: Juliette Bonass (producer)

  • Don Cheadle

    • Faith: apparently Secularism
    • Worldview: Leftism, Environmentalism, Climate Alarmism (activiest)
    • Birth name: Donald Frank Cheadle Jr.
    • Wife: Bridgid Coulter
  • Donald Glover 2015—Photo by NASA/Bill Ingalls.
    Donald Glover

    • Faith: Atheism, Secularism, raised a Jehovah’s Witness
    • Worldview: Liberalism
    • Birth name: Donald McKinley Glover Jr.
    • Brother: Stephen Glover (actor, producer)
    • Partner: Michelle White
  • Don Johnson
    Don Johnson

    • Faith: Unclear, apparently Secularism
    • Worldview: Conservatism leaning
    • Daughter: Dakota Johnson
    • Wife: Kelley Phleger
    • Ex-Wives: Melanie Griffith and two unknown wives (annulled)
    • Ex-Partners: Patti D'Arbanville (actress), Pamela Des Barres, Barbra Streisand, Uma Thurman, Penelope Ann Miller
  • Donald Sutherland
    Donald Sutherland

    • Faith: Atheism
    • Worldview: Progressive Liberalism (activist)
    • Son: Kiefer Sutherland
    • Wife: Francine Racette (actress)
    • Ex-Wives: Lois Hardwick and Shirley Douglas (actress)
    • Ex-Partner: Jane Fonda
  • Donnie Yen in Legeng of the Fist (2010)
    Donnie Yen

    • Faith: Secularism
    • Worldview: apparently Communism—supportive of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and an active member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference “Literature and Arts” sector
    • Birth name: Yen Ji-Dan
    • Wife: Cissy Wang
    • Ex-Wife: Leung Zing-ci
  • Doris Day—“The Doris Day Show” (1968) on CBS.
    Doris Day
    …DIED age 97 (2019)—Pneumonia
    • Faith: Charismatic faith healers (including Kathryn Kuhlman), New Age, Psychics, Christian-Scientist (Church of Christ, Scientist), ex-Catholic; rejected the Gospel of Jesus Christ
    • Worldview: HIV/AIDS activism, Animal Welfare (denouced the wearing of fur)
    • Birth name: Doris Mary Ann Kappelhoff
    • Son: Terry Melcher (record producer, died 2004)
    • Husband: Martin Melcher (died 1968, movie and music executive)
    • Ex-Husbands: Al Jorden, George William Weidler (musician, Christian-Scientist), and Barry Comden

  • Dougray Scott

    • Birth name: Stephen Dougray Scott
    • Wife: Claire Forlani (actress)
  • Edited photo originally by Glyn Lowe, Germany. Licensed: CC BY 2.0.
    Drew Barrymore

    • Faith: apparently New Age, although she once converted to Judaism for ex-husband Will Kopelman
    • Worldview: Progressive Liberalism, Bisexualism, LGBT Activism, Veganism
    • Birth name: Drew Blythe Barrymore
    • Father: John Drew Barrymore (actor)
    • Ex-husbands: Jeremy Thomas, Tom Green, Will Kopelman
    • Ex-Partner: Fabrizio Moretti

  • Dustin Hoffman

    • Faith: Judaism
    • Worldview: Liberalism (activist)
    • Birth name: Dustin Lee Hoffman
    • Wife: Lisa Gottsegen
    • Ex-Wife: Anne Byrne (actress)
  • Dwayne Johnson in San Andreas (2015)
    Dwayne Johnson

    • Faith: Liberal Christianity, not born-again
    • Worldview: Progressive Liberalism with some moderate leanings, currently identifies as Independent
    • Birth name: Dwayne Douglas Johnson
    • Wife: Lauren Hashian
    • Ex-Wife: Dany Garcia

    “Dwayne Johnson’s Faith Isn’t What It Looks Like…”
    Video by Living Waters (a Christian Answers team member)
    Length: 11 minutes
  • Dyan Cannon in “Coast to Coast”
    Dyan Cannon

    • Faith: Christianity (Charismatic), ex-Agnostic, raised partially in Judaism / She says she is now a born-again Christian.
    • Birth name: Samille Diane Friesen
    • Ex-Husbands: Cary Grant and Stanley Fimberg
    • Ex-Partners: Armand Assante, Mort Sahl, Murray Shostak (producer), Ron Weisner (talent agent), Carl Hartman, Hal Ashby (producer), Jerry Schatzberg (producer), Hy Chase (actor), Ron Ely (actor), Michael Nouri (actor)
  • Dylan Walsh
    Dylan Walsh

    • Faith: apparently Secularism
    • Birth name: Dylan Charles Hunter Walsh
    • Wife: Leslie Bourque
    • Ex-Wives: Melora Walters (actress, producer, director) and Joanna Going (actress)