Select FIRST letter of actor’s first name


  • Madeleine “Stowe in Revenge” (2011)
    Madeleine Stowe

    • Faith: Christianity (Roman Catholicism)
    • Birth name: Madeleine Marie Stowe
  • Mads Mikkelsen. Photographer: Georges Biard. License: CC BY-SA 3.0. Image cropped.
    Mads Mikkelsen

    • Faith: Agnosticism, Secularism (“I have nothing against God. I do not believe, even if I find it cool if he exists. However, I hate religion.”)
    • Birth name: Mads Dittmann Mikkelsen
    • Brother: Lars Mikkelsen (actor)
    • Wife: Hanne Jacobsen (choreographer)

  • Mae Whitman

    • Faith: Unknown
    Worldview: Pansexualism • Mother: Pat Musick (voice actress)
    • Birth name: Mae Margaret Whitman
  • Maggie Grace
    • Faith: Unknown, attended Christian school from kindergarten through 9th grade
    • Birth name: Margaret Grace Denig
    • Husband: Brent Bushnell

  • Maggie Gyllenhaal

    • Faith: Judaism
    • Worldview: Progressive Liberalism (activist), Abortion supporter (Planned Parenthood), ACLU supporter
    • Birth name: Margalit Ruth Gyllenhaal
    • Brother: Jake Gyllenhaal
    • Husband: Peter Sarsgaard
  • Maggie Q in Designated Survivor
    Maggie Q

    • Faith: Buddhism, raised in Christianity (Roman Catholicism)
    • Worldview: Veganism, Animal Rights (PETA)
    • Birth name: Margaret Denise Quigley
    • Partner: Unnamed
    • Ex-Fiancé: Dylan McDermott (actor)
    • Ex-Partners: Justin Long, Brett Ratner (producer, director), and Daniel Henney (actor)

  • Maggie Smith

    • Birth name: Margaret Natalie Smith
    • Husband: Alan Beverley Cross (died 1998)
    • Ex-Husband: Robert Stephens (actor)
  • Malcolm McDowell
    Malcolm McDowell

    • Birth name: Malcolm John Taylor
    • Son: Charlie McDowell (director, writer)
    • Wife: Kelley Kuhr
    • Ex-Wives: Mary Steenburgen and Margot Bennett (publicist, actress)
    • Nephew: Alexander Siddig (actor)
    • Daughter-in-law: Lily Collins
  • Malin Akerman
    • Faith: Buddhism, Transcendental Meditation
    • Birth name: Malin Maria Åkerman
    • Husband: Jack Donnelly
    • Ex-Husband: Roberto Zincone (actor)
  • Mandy Moore (2007)
    Mandy Moore

    • Faith: Secularism, ex-Catholic
    • Worldview: Progressive Liberalism (activist), Liberal Feminism (activist)
    • Birth name: Amanda Leigh Moore
    • Husband: Taylor Goldsmith
    • Ex-Husband: Ryan Adams
  • Mandy Patinkin
    • Faith: Self-described as a “JewBu”—“Jewish with a dash of Buddhist” and “spiritual but not religious,” raised in Conservative Judaism
    • Birth name: Mandel Bruce Patinkin
    • Wife: Kathryn Grody (actress)
  • Margaret Colin
    Margaret Colin

    • Faith: Christianity (Roman Catholicism)
    • Worldview: Pro-Life (activist)
    • Husband: Justin Deas (actor)
  • Margot Kidder
    Margot Kidder
    …DIED age 69 (2018)—Suicide by self-inflicted drug and alcohol overdose
    • Faith: Atheism; rejected the Gospel of Jesus Christ
    • Worldview: Progressive Liberalism (activist), Environmentalism (activist), LBGT supporter (activist)
    • Birth name: Margaret Ruth Kidder
    • Ex-Husbands: Thomas McGuane (writer), John Heard Jr. (actor), Philippe de Broca (director)
  • Margot Robbie in Z for Zachariah (2015)
    Margot Robbie

    • Faith: apparently Secularism, although raised in Christianity
    • Worldview: Progressive Liberalism, Liberal Feminism, Gay marriage (activist), LGBT supporter, Environmentalism
    • Birth name: Margot Elise Robbie
    • Husband: Tom Ackerley (director)

  • Maria Bello

    • Faith: Unclear, raised in Christianity (Roman Catholicism)
    • Worldview: Liberalism, Liberal Feminism, Lesbianism
    • Birth name: Maria Elena Bello
    • Partner: Dominique Crenn
    • Ex-Partners: Dan McDermott and Clare Munn
  • Mariah Carey
    Mariah Carey

    • Faith: Liberal Christian (Episcopalian)
    • Worldview: Liberalism, LGBT supporter (honored by GLAAD, she has a large Gay fanbase, and is recognized as a Gay icon and her song “Hero” is regarded as an anthem among the Gay community)
    • Ex-Husbands: Tommy Mottola and Nick Cannon
    • Ex-Partners: Derek Jeter and Luis Miguel
  • Marilyn Monroe
    Marilyn Monroe
    …DIED age 36—Suicide or murder
    • Faith: Atheism; raised in Christian-Scientism (Church of Christ, Scientist); rejected the Gospel of Jesus Christ
    • Birth name: Norma Jeane Mortenson
    • Ex-Husbands: James Dougherty, Joe DiMaggio, Arthur Miller
    • Ex-Partners: Marlon Brando, John F. Kennedy, and others
  • Marion Cotillard
    • Worldview: Environmentalism and Climate Alarmism (activist)
    • Partner: Guillaume Canet (actor, director
    • Ex-Partner: Julien Rassam (actor) and Stéphan Guérin-Tillié (actor, director)

  • Marisa Tomei

    • Faith: apparently Secularism, raised in Roman Catholicism
    • Ex-Partner: Logan Marshall-Green (actor, director)
  • Mark Blum
    Mark Blum
    …DIED age 69 (2020)—Complications associated with COVID-19 due to underlying health problems
    • Faith: apparently Secularism; of Jewish descent; apparently rejected the Gospel of Jesus Christ
    • Wife: Janet Zarish (actress)
  • Mark Hamill
    Mark Hamill

    • Faith: apparently Secularism, although his father Bill was a “staunch Roman Catholic”
    • Worldview: Progressive Liberalism (outspoken)
    • Birth name: Mark Richard Hamill
    • Wife: Marilou York
    • Ex-Partner: Anne Wyndham
  • Mark Harmon
    Mark Harmon

    • Faith: Christianity (Roman Catholicism)
    • Birth name: Thomas Mark Hormon
    • Sister: Kristin Harmon (actress—died 2018; former wife of actor/singer Ricky Nelson)
    • Wife: Pam Dawber
  • Mark Ruffalo
    Mark Ruffalo

    • Faith: Unclear, raised in Christianity (Roman Catholicism), father is Baha’i and his grandmother a “born-again Christian”
    • Worldview: Progressive Liberalism (activist), Socialism, Globalism, Environmentalism (outspoken activist), Pro-Abortion, LGBT supporter
    • Birth name: Mark Alan Ruffalo
    • Wife: Sunrise Coigney
  • Mark Rylance
    Mark Rylance

    • Faith: apparently Agnosticism and Secularism; quote: “In a way, I think science is the modern religion, and at times, I despise it as much as I despise other religions because it really will only accept stuff that fits its masculine ability to define the world.”
    • Worldview: Socialism, Globalism, Pacifism (activist)
    • Birth name: David Mark Rylance Waters
    • Wife: Claire van Kampen (director)
    • Daughter-in-law: Juliet Rylance
  • Mark Strong in Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017)
    Mark Strong

    • Faith: Unclear, raised in Christianity (Roman Catholicism)
    • Birth name: Marco Giuseppe Salussolia
    • Wife: Liza Marshall (producer)

  • Mark Wahlberg

    • Faith: Christianity (Roman Catholicism) and says he “prays every morning”
    • Worldview: Moderate Liberalism, Gay marriage supporter
    • Birth name: Mark Robert Michael Wahlberg
    • Brothers: Donnie Wahlberg (actor), Jim Wahlberg (producer), Robert Wahlberg (actor)
    • Wife: Rhea Durham (model)
  • Marlon Brando
    Marlon Brando
    …DIED age 80—Respiratory failure from pulmonary fibrosis with congestive heart failure
    • Faith: Native American spirituality and some Christian Scienticism; rejected the Gospel of Jesus Christ
    • Worldview: Liberalism, Bisexualism, Black Panther Party supporter, Civil Rights activism
    • Birth name: Marlon Brando Jr.
    • Sister: Jocelyn Brando (actress)
    • Ex-Wives: Anna Kashfi (actress), Movita Castaneda (actress), Tarita Teriipaia (actress)
    • Ex-Partners: Sandy Campbell (actor), Marilyn Monroe (actress), Reiko Sato (actress), Katy Jurado (actress), Rita Moreno (actress), Tarita Teriipaia, Josanne Mariani, Jill Banner (actress), Maria Cristina Ruiz, and many others
  • Marlon Wayans
    • Faith: Unclear, raised in Jehovah’s Witnesses family
    • Birth name: Marlon Lamont Wayans
    • Ex-Partner: Angela Zackery (resulting in 2 children)
  • Martin Freeman in Cargo. CC BY 3.0.
    Martin Freeman

    • Faith: formerly Christianity (Roman Catholicism)
    • Worldview: Liberalism, Socialism
    • Birth name: Martin John Christopher Freeman
    • Partner: Amanda Abbington
    • Ex-Partner: Rachel Mariam
  • Martin Landau in “Space: 1999”
    Martin Landau
    …DIED age 89 (2017)—Hypovolemic shock with metabolic acidosis, intra-abdominal hemorrhage and diffuse atherosclerotic vascular disease
    • Faith: Judaism; rejected the Gospel of Jesus Christ
    • Birth name: Martin James Landau
    • Ex-Wife: Barbara Bain (actress)

  • Martin Lawrence

    • Faith: Liberal Christianity
    • Birth name: Martin Fitzgerald Lawrence
    • Ex-Wives: Patricia Southall and Shamicka Gibbs
    • Ex-Fiancée: Lark Voorhies
  • Martin Sheen
    Martin Sheen

    • Faith: Christianity (Roman Catholicism), but reportedly says he believes in reincarnation
    • Worldview: Progressive Liberalism (activist), Climate Alarmism (activist), Environmentalism, Pacifism, Pro-Life
    • Birth name: Ramón Gerardo Antonio Estévez
    • Sons: Emilio Estevez, Ramon Estevez, Charlie Sheen
    • Daughter: Renée Estevez
    • Wife: Janet Templeton
  • Marton Csokas
    • Birth name: Marton Paul Csokas
    • Ex-Partner: Eva Green
  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead
    • Husband: Ewan McGregor
    • Ex-Husband: Riley Stearns (filmmaker)
  • Mary McCormack
    • Birth name: Mary Catherine McCormack
    • Brother: Will McCormack (actor, producer, director)
    • Husband: Michael Morris (director, producer)
  • Mary McDonnell—Major Crimes and Reloaded
    Mary McDonnell

    • Faith: Unknown, raised Roman Catholic
    • Birth name: Mary Eileen McDonnell
    • Ex-Husband: Randle Mell (actor)
  • Mary Steenburgen. Photographer: Angela George. License: CC BY-SA 3.0. Image is cropped.
    Mary Steenburgen

    • Worldview: Progressive Liberalism (activist)
    • Birth name: Mary Nell Steenburgen
    • Husband: Ted Danson
    • Ex-husband: Malcolm McDowell
  • Mary Tyler Moore
    Mary Tyler Moore
    …DIED age 80—Complications from pneumonia
    • Faith: Christianity (Roman Catholicism)
    • Worldview: Conservative-leaning
    • Husband: Robert Levine
    • Ex-Husbands: Richard Meeker and Grant Tinker (TV executive)
  • Mary-Kate Olsen
    • Sisters: Ashley Olsen (twin), Elizabeth Olsen
    • Ex-Husband: Olivier Sarkozy
    • Ex-Partners: Heath Ledger, Nate Lowman, and others
  • Mary-Louise Parker
    • Faith: Transcendental Meditation
    • Ex-Partners: Billy Crudup and Jeffrey Dean Morgan
  • Matt Bomer
    Matt Bomer

    • Faith: Apparently Atheism, also practices Transcendental Meditation, raised in Christianity
    • Worldview: Progressive Liberalism, Homosexualism, LGBTQ activism
    • Birth name: Matthew Staton Bomer
    • Spouse: Simon Halls (Hollywood publicist)

  • Matt Damon

    • Faith: Agnosticism, Secularism
    • Worldview: Progressive Liberalism (activist), Environmentalism (activist)
    • Birth name: Matthew Paige Damon
    • Wife: Luciana Bozán Barroso (Luciana Bozan Barroso)
    • Ex-Partners: Winona Ryder, Odessa Whitmire, and Skylar Statenstein
  • Matt Dillon
    Matt Dillon

    • Faith: apparently Secularism, raised in Christianity (Roman Catholicism)
    • Birth name: Matthew Raymond Dillon
    • Partner: Roberta Mastromichele
    • Ex-Partner: Cameron Diaz
  • Matt LeBlanc
    • Birth name: Matthew Steven LeBlanc
    • Ex-Wife: Melissa McKnight
    • Ex-Partner: Andrea Anders
  • Matthew Broderick in The Producers (2005)
    Matthew Broderick

    • Faith: Buddhism, Reiki
    • Worldview: Liberalism
    • Father: James Broderick (actor)
    • Wife: Sarah Jessica Parker
  • Matthew Goode
    • Birth name: Matthew William Goode
    • Wife: Sophie Dymoke

  • Matthew McConaughey

    • Faith: Christianity (nondenominational Protestant), raised a Methodist, married his Brazilian-American wife in a private Catholic ceremony
    • Worldview: Unclear, no known political affiliations or activism
    • Birth name: Matthew David McConaughey
    • Wife: Camila Alves
  • Matthew Perry, 2012
    Matthew Perry
    …DIED age 54 (2023)—Acute effects of ketamine overdose, combined with buprenorphine, causing loss of consciousness and subsequent drowning in hot tub, after a long history of drug and alcohol abuse and medical problems including coronary artery disease
    • Faith: possibly Christianity
    • Worldview: Liberalism
    • Birth name: Matthew Langford Perry
    • Father: John Bennett Perry (actor)
    • Ex-Fiancée: Molly Hurwitz
    • Ex-Partner: Lizzy Caplan

    “The Truth About Matthew Perry’s Encounter with God Before Death”
    Length: 10 minutes

  • Maura Tierney

    • Faith: Unclear, raised in Catholic family
    • Birth name: Maura Lynn Tierney
    • Ex-Husband: Billy Morrissette (actor, director)
  • Maureen O'Hara (1947) from “Modern Screen” magazine
    Maureen O'Hara
    …DIED age 95—Natural causes
    • Faith: Christianity (Roman Catholicism)
    • Worldview: Conservatism leaning (activist), staunch Republican
    • Birth name: Maureen FitzSimons
    • Husband: Charles F. Blair Jr. (died 1978)
    • Ex-Husbands: George H. Brown (annulled), Will Price​
    • Ex-Partners: Anthony Quinn and Enrique Parra
  • Max von Sydow—Photo by Georges Biard.
    Max von Sydow
    …DIED age 90 (2020)
    • Faith: Unclear, raised in Christianity (Lutheran) and attended a Catholic school, became an Agnostic (or Atheist), and late in life said he changed his mind and now believed in the afterlife / However, as we are not currently aware of any public or private evidence that he truly repented of his sins and humbly committed his life to the Son of God, it appears that he ultimately rejected the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
    • Birth name: Carl Adolf von Sydow
    • Wife: Catherine Brelet (documentary filmmaker)
    • Ex-Wife: Christina Inga Britta Olin
  • Maya Rudolph
    • Birth name: Maya Khabira Rudolph
    • Partner: Paul Thomas Anderson (filmmaker)
  • Meagan Good
    Meagan Good-Franklin

    • Faith: Liberal Christianity (Seventh-day Adventist)
    • Birth name: Meagan Monique Good
    • Husband: DeVon Franklin (producer, Progressive Liberal Seventh-day Adventist preacher, author, motivational speaker)

  • Meg Ryan

    • Faith: Non-Christian, follower of New Ager Eckhart Tolle, Buddhism leanings, raised in Christianity (Roman Catholicism)
    • Worldview: Progressive Liberalism, Environmentalism
    • Birth name: Margaret Mary Emily Hyra
    • Son: Jack Quaid (actor)
    • Ex-Husband: Dennis Quaid (resulting in son Jack Quaid
    • Ex-Partners: Russell Crowe and John Mellencamp
  • Megan Fox—Photo by Eva Rinaldi.
    Megan Fox

    • Faith: Charismatic Christianity (Pentecostal), ex-Catholic
    • Worldview: Liberal leaning, Bisexualism (“One of my favorite things that I get called, is being like, a bi icon and that is one of the things I am the most proud of!”)
    • Birth name: Megan Denise Fox
    • Ex-Husband: Brian Austin Green
    • Ex-Partner: Machine Gun Kelly

  • Megan Mullally

    • Husband: Nick Offerman (actor)
    • Ex-Husbands: James Thomas Hines and Michael A. Katcher (talent agent)
  • Mel Brooks
    Mel Brooks

    • Faith: Secularism, Atheism, of Jewish descent
    • Birth name: Melvin Kaminsky
    • Wife: Anne Bancroft (died 2005)

  • Mel Gibson

    • Faith: Christianity (Roman Catholicism), believes people without faith in Jesus Christ can (and possibly will) go to Heaven
    • Worldview: Conservatism-leaning
    • Birth name: Mel Colmcille Gerard Gibson
    • Partner: Rosalind Ross (writer)
    • Ex-Wife: Robyn Denise Moore
    • Ex-Partner: Oksana Grigorieva (pianist songwriter)
  • Melanie Griffith in “A Stranger Among Us”
    Melanie Griffith

    • Faith: Secularism
    • Mother: Tippi Hedren (actress)
    • Daughter: Dakota Johnson
    • Ex-Husbands: Don Johnson (actor), Steven Bauer, Antonio Banderas (actor)
    • Ex-Partner: Ryan O'Neal (actor)
  • Melanie Lynskey
    • Birth name: Melanie Jayne Lynskey
    • Husband: Jason Ritter
    • Father-in-law: John Ritter
    • Ex-Husband: Jimmi Simpson
  • Melissa George (2009)—Photo by Porter Hovey.
    Melissa George

    • Faith: Unclear
    • Birth name: Melissa Suzanne George
    • Ex-Husband: Claudio Dabed (actor / film director)
    • Ex-Partner: Jean-David Blanc
  • Melissa Leo
    • Faith: Secularism—“I have no religion.”
    • Birth name: Melissa Chessington Leo
    • Ex-Partner: John Heard
  • Melissa McCarthy
    Melissa McCarthy

    • Faith: Apparently Secularism, raised in an Irish-Catholic family and graduate from a Catholic academy
    • Worldview: Progressive Liberalism; pro-abortion
    • Birth name: Melissa Ann McCarthy
    • Husband: Ben Falcone
  • Melora Hardin
    • Birth name: Melora Diane Hardin
    • Father: Jerry Hardin (actor)
    • Husband: Gildart Jackson (actor, writer)
  • Melora Walters
    • Ex-Husbands: Dylan Walsh and Alex Vendler (cinematographer)
  • Mena Suvari
    • Worldview: Veganism, Environmentalism
    • Birth name: Mena Alexandra Suvari
    • Husband: Michael Hope
    • Ex-Husbands: Robert Brinkmann (cinematographer) and Simone Sestito

  • Meryl Streep

    • Faith: Agnosticism, raised Presbyterian
    • Worldview: Progressive Liberalism (activist)
    • Birth name: Mary Louise Streep
    • Husband (separated): Don Gummer
    • Partner (deceased): John Cazale (actor)
  • Mia Farrow
    • Faith: Christianity (Roman Catholicism)
    • Worldview: Liberalism, Socialism, Environmentalism
    • Birth name: María de Lourdes Villiers Farrow
    • Mother: Maureen O'Sullivan (actress) • Father: John Farrow (filmmaker)
    • Ex-Husbands: Frank Sinatra and André Previn
    • Ex-Common-law Husband: Woody Allen
  • Mia Wasikowska
    Mia Wasikowska

    • Faith: apparently Secularism
    • Ex-Partner: Jesse Eisenberg
  • Michael C. Hall
    • Birth name: Michael Carlyle Hall
    • Wife: Morgan MacGregor
    • Ex-Wives: Amy Spanger (actress) and Jennifer Carpenter

  • Michael Caine

    • Faith: Secularism, raised Protestant by his mother; his father was Roman Catholic
    • Worldview: has referred to himself as a “left-wing Tory”
    • Birth name: Maurice Joseph Micklewhite
    • Brother: Stanley Caine (actor)
    • Wife: Shakira Baksh (actress and Muslim)
    • Ex-Wife: Patricia Haines (actress)

  • Michael Cera

    • Birth name: Michael Austin Cera
    • Wife: Nadine Cera
  • Michael Clarke Duncan
    Michael Clarke Duncan
    …DIED age 54—Heart attack
    • Faith: reportedly Jesus Christ
    • Ex-Partner: Omarosa Manigault

  • Michael Douglas

    • Faith: Judaism (Reform)
    • Birth name: Michael Kirk Douglas
    • Father: Kirk Douglas
    • Mother: Diana Dill
    • Wife: Catherine Zeta-Jones
    • Ex-Wife: Diandra Luker
    • Ex-Partner: Brenda Vaccaro
  • Michael Ealy in Unconditional (2012)
    Michael Ealy

    • Faith: Christianity (Baptist)
    • Birth name: Michael Brown
    • Wife: Khatira Rafiqzada
  • Michael Fassbender in Alien: Covenant (2017)
    Michael Fassbender

    • Faith: Secularism, lapsed or former Roman Catholic
    • Wife: Alicia Vikander
    • Ex-Partner: Sunawin Andrews
  • Michael Gambon. Photographer: IamIrishwikiuser. License: CC BY-SA 3.0
    Michael Gambon
    …DIED age 82 (2023)—Natural causes following bout with pneumonia
    • Faith: apparently Secularism, raised in Christianity (strict Roman Catholicism and was an altar boy)
    • Worldview: Liberalism
    • Birth name: Michael John Gambon
    • Wife: Anne Miller
    • Mistress: Philippa Hart
  • Michael J. Fox
    • Faith: Unclear, but he participates in his wife’s faith in Reformed Judaism and attends Synagogue, as do his children
    • Worldview: Progressive Liberalism (activist), Health activism (Parkinson’s disease)
    • Birth name: Michael Andrew Fox
    • Wife: Tracy Pollan
  • Michael J. Pollard
    Michael J. Pollard
    …DIED age 80 (2019)—Cardiac Arrest
    • Faith: apparently Secularism; appears to have rejected the Gospel of Jesus Christ
    • Birth name: Michael John Pollack Jr.
    • Ex-Wives: Beth Howland (actress), Annie Tolstoy, and Mindy Jasmine
  • Michael Landon
    Michael Landon
    …DIED age 54 (1991)—pancreatic cancer (exocrine adenocarcinoma)
    • Faith: Judaism (self-identified); raised by his father in Judaism and had Bar Mitzvah, but in adult years Michael was not known as observant or religious; his mother was Roman Catholic; Michael ultimately rejected the Gospel of Jesus Christ
    • Worldview: Conservatism
    • Birth name: Eugene Maurice Orowitz
    • Wife: Cindy Clerico (makeup artist)
    • Ex-Wives: Dodie Levy-Fraser and Marjorie Lynn Noe
    • Sons include: Christopher Landon, Michael Landon Jr. (the latter converted to Christianity, as did his mother)
    • Daughters include: Jennifer Landon (actress)
  • Michael Lerner
    Michael Lerner
    …DIED age 81 (2023)—Complications from brain seizures
    • Faith: apparently Secularism, of Romanian Jewish descent; appears to have rejected the Gospel of Jesus Christ
    • Birth name: Michael Charles Lerner
    • Wife: Deborah Lerner

  • Michael Keaton

    • Faith: apparently Secularism, raised in Roman Catholicism
    • Worldview: Progressive Liberalism (activist)
    • Birth name: Michael John Douglas
    • Ex-Wife: Caroline Margaret McWilliams (actress)
    • Ex-Partner: Courteney Cox

  • Michael Madsen

    • Birth name: Michael Søren Madsen
    • Sister: Virginia Madsen
    • Wife: DeAnna Morgan
    • Ex-Wives: Georganne LaPiere and Jeannine Bisignano
  • Michael Nyqvist—Photographer: Manfred Werner (Tsui) (2016).
    Michael Nyqvist
    …DIED age 56—Lung cancer
    • Faith: Secularism; rejected the Gospel of Jesus Christ
    • Legal name: Rolf Åke Mikael Nyqvist
    • Wife: Catharina Ehrnrooth (scenographer)
  • Michael Peña (2015)—Photo by NASA/Bill Ingalls.
    Michael Peña

    • Faith: Scientology
    • Worldview: Liberalism
    • Birth name: Michael Anthony Peña
    • Wife: Brie Shaffer
  • Michael Pitt in “Criminal” Photo by Jack English, © 2016, Lionsgate
    Michael Pitt

    • Faith: Atheism
    • Birth name: Michael Carmen Pitt
    • Ex-Partners: Asia Argento and Jamie Bochert
  • Michael Rapaport. CC BY 3.0.
    Michael Rapaport

    • Faith: Judaism (Ashkenazi Jewish)
    • Birth name: Michael David Rapaport
    • Wife: Kebe Dunn
    • Ex-Wife: Nichole Beattie (producer, writer)
  • Michael Shannon
    Michael Shannon

    • Faith: Secularism
    • Birth name: Michael Corbett Shannon
    • Wife: Kate Arrington (actress)
  • Michael Sheen in Passengers (2016)
    Michael Sheen

    • Faith: Secularism
    • Worldview: Liberalism (activism)
    • Birth name: Michael Christopher Sheen
    • Partner: Anna Lundberg (actress, resulting in 2 daughters)
    • Ex-Partners: Kate Beckinsale (resulting in a daughter), Rachel McAdams, Sarah Silverman, and Lorraine Stewart
  • Michelle Monaghan in “Patriots Day”
    Michelle Monaghan

    • Faith: Christianity (Roman Catholicism)
    • Birth name: Michelle Lynn Monaghan
    • Husband: Peter White

  • Michelle Pfeiffer

    • Faith: Secularism, ex-Breatharian cult member
    • Worldview: Progressive Liberalism (activist)
    • Birth name: Michelle Marie Pfeiffer
    • Husband: David E. Kelley (TV writer/producer)
    • Ex-Husband: Peter Horton (actor, director)
    • Ex-Partners: John Malkovich and Fisher Stevens
  • Michelle Rodriguez in “Fast and Furious 6” (2013)
    Michelle Rodriguez

    • Faith: Secularism, reportedly Atheism, ex-Jehovah’s Witness
    • Worldview: Liberalism, Environmentalism, Bisexualism
    • Birth name: Mayte Michelle Rodriguez
    • Ex-Fiancé: unnamed Muslim boyfriend
    • Ex-Partners: Zac Efron, Cara Delevigne, Kristanna Loken, Halston Sage
  • Michelle Trachtenberg
    • Faith: Unclear, parents are Jewish
    • Birth name: Michelle Christine Trachtenberg
    • Ex-Partner: Jason Segel

  • Michelle Williams

    • Birth name: Michelle Ingrid Williams
    • Husband: Thomas Kail
    • Ex-Husband: Phil Elverum
    • Ex-Partner: Heath Ledger
  • Michelle Yeoh
    Michelle Yeoh

    • Faith: Buddhism
    • Worldview: Liberalism, Activism in many areas
    • Birth name: Yeoh Choo-Kheng
    • Husband: Jean Todt
    • Ex-Husband: Dickson Poon
  • Mickey Rooney
    Mickey Rooney
    …DIED age 93—Natural causes
    • Faith: Christian Scientism; rejected the Gospel of Jesus Christ
    • Birth name: Joseph Yule Jr.
    • Ex-Wives: Ava Gardner, Martha Vickers (actress), Elaine Devry (actress), etc.

  • Mickey Rourke

    • Faith: Christianity (Roman Catholicism)
    • Birth name: Philip Andre Rourke Jr.
    • Ex-Wives: Debra Feuer (actress) and Carré Otis (Carre Otis, actress)
    • Ex-Partner: Anastassija Makarenko
  • Miguel Ferrer
    Miguel Ferrer
    …DIED age 61—Throat cancer
    • Faith: Secularism; rejected the Gospel of Jesus Christ
    • Birth name: Miguel José Ferrer
    • Parents: actors José Ferrer and Rosemary Clooney
    • Cousin: George Clooney • Wife: Lori Weintraub
    • Ex-Wife: Leilani Sarelle (actress)
  • Mika Boorem
    • Faith: Unknown
    • Birth name: Mika Sue Boorem
    • Ex-Partners: Anton Yelchin and York Alec Shackleton
  • Mike Connors
    Mike Connors
    …DIED age 91 (2017)—Leukemia
    • Faith: Unknown
    • Worldview: Conservatism
    • Birth name: Krekor Ohanian
    • Wife: Mary Lou Willey

  • Mike Myers

    • Faith: Leans toward New Age and Deepak Chopra, raised Liberal in Christianity (Episcopalian)
    • Worldview: Liberalism
    • Birth name: Michael John Myers
    • Wife: Kelly Tisdale
    • Ex-Wife: Robin Ruzan

  • Mila Kunis

    • Faith: apparently Secularism, background Judaism
    • Worldview: Progressive Liberalism, Abortion supporter (reportedly makes monthly donations to Planned Parenthood)
    • Birth name: Milena Markovna Kunis
    • Husband: Ashton Kutcher
    • Ex-Partner: Macaulay Culkin
  • Miles Teller. Photographer: Gage Skidmore (2015). License: CC BY-SA 3.0. Image croppped.
    Miles Teller

    • Wife: Keleigh Sperry
  • Miley Cyrus in “LOL”
    Miley Cyrus

    • Faith: Agnosticism or Atheism, with interest in Tibetan Buddhism and Hinduism, ex-Southern Baptist
    • Worldview: Liberalism, Veganism, self-described “Queer” and Bisexual, LGBTQ activism
    • Birth name: Miley Ray Cyrus
    • Ex-Husband: Liam Hemsworth
    • Ex-Partners: Nick Jonas, Justin Gaston, Josh Bowman, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Stella Maxwell, Kaitlynn Carter, and Cody Simpson

    “What Happened to Miley Cyrus’ Faith?”
    Video by Living Waters (a Christian Answers team member)
    Length: 12 minutes

  • Milla Jovovich

    • Faith: Liberal Christianity, Yoga, Meditation, raised in Russian Orthodox
    • Worldview: Liberalism, LGBT activism
    • Birth name: Milica Bogdanovna Jovovich
    • Husband: Paul W.S. Anderson (film director/writer)
    • Ex-Husbands: Shawn Andrews (actor) and Luc Besson (filmmaker)
  • Millie Bobby Brown. Photo by Laviru Koruwakankanamge. CC BY-SA 4.0.
    Millie Bobby Brown

    • Faith: Unclear, her family is reportedly some combination of Christianity and Judaism
    • Worldview: Progressive Liberalism
    • Birth name: Millie Bobby Brown
    • Fiancé: Jake Bongiovi (son of Jon Bon Jovi)
  • Milo Ventimiglia
    • Worldview: Lacto-vegetarianism
    • Birth name: Milo Anthony Ventimiglia
    • Ex-Partners: Alexis Bledel and Hayden Panettiere
  • Mimi Rogers
    • Faith: Unknown, Ex-Scientologist; father was a Scientologist of Jewish descent and her mother an Episcopalian
    • Worldview: Liberalism (supporter)
    • Birth name: Miriam Ann Spickler
    • Husband: Chris Ciaffa
    • Ex-Husband: Tom Cruise and Jim Rogers
    • Ex-Partner: Emilio Estevez
  • Mindy Kaling
    Mindy Kaling

    • Faith: Hinduism
    • Birth name: Vera Mindy Chokalingam
    • Ex-Partner: Unnamed (resulted in a son and daughter)
  • Ming-Na Wen
    • Faith: Buddhism; attended a Catholic school as a youth
    • Birth name: 溫明娜
    • Husband: Eric Michael Zee
    • Ex-Husband: Kirk Aanes (screenwriter)
  • Minka Dumont Kelly
    Minka Kelly

    • Faith: Secularism
    • Worldview: Liberalism
    • Birth name: Minka Dumont Kelly
    • Ex-Partners: Trevor Noah, Taylor Kitsch (actor), and an unnamed young man (resulting in an abortion)
  • Minnie Driver. Photographer: Josh Jensen. License: CC BY-SA 2.0.
    Minnie Driver

    • Faith: New Age Eastern meditation
    • Worldview: Liberalism
    • Birth name: Amelia Fiona Jessica Driver
    • Partner and Fiancé: Addison O'Dea (filmmaker)
    • Ex-Fiancé: Josh Brolin
    • Ex-Partner: Timothy J. Lea (writer, producer; resulting in a son)
  • Mira Sorvino
    Mira Sorvino

    • Faith: Christianity (Liberal Protestant), ex-Atheist
    • Birth name: Mira Katherine Sorvino
    • Father: Paul Sorvino
    • Brother: Michael Sorvino (actor, producer)
    • Husband: Christopher Backus (actor, director, screenwriter)
    • Ex-Partner: Quentin Tarantino (filmmaker)
  • Mischa Barton
    • Faith: reportedly Christianity (Roman Catholicism)
    • Worldview: Liberalism
    • Birth name: Mischa Anne Marsden Barton
    • Mother: Nuala Quinn-Barton (producer)
    • Ex-Partners: Brandon Davis, Cisco Adler, James Abercrombie, and Jon Zacharias
  • Missi Pyle
    • Birth name: Andrea Kay Pyle
    • Ex-Husbands: Antonio Sacre and Casey Anderson (filmmaker)
  • Molly Ringwald. Photographer: Pgianopoulos. License: CC BY-SA 3.0
    Molly Ringwald

    • Worldview: Progressive Liberalism (activist), but has spoken out against Cancel Culture
    • Birth name: Molly Kathleen Ringwald
    • Husband: Panio Gianopoulos
    • Ex-Husband: Valery Lameignère
  • Molly Shannon
    • Faith: Unclear, raised in Catholicism
    • Worldview: Liberalism
    • Birth name: Molly Helen Shannon
    • Husband: Fritz Chesnut
  • Monica Bellucci—Photo by Manfred Werner - Tsui.
    Monica Bellucci

    • Faith: Agnosticism, ex-Catholic
    • Birth name: Monica Anna Maria Bellucci
    • Ex-Husbands: Vincent Cassel and Claudio Carlos Basso
    • Ex-Partners: Nicola Farron (actor), Nicolas Lefebvre, and Tim Burton (filmmaker)
  • Montgomery Clift
    Montgomery Clift
    …DIED age 45 (1966)—Heart attack brought on by occlusive coronary artery disease, aggravated by drug addiction, effects of dysentery and chronic colitis, and underactive thyroid
    • aka Monty Clift
    • Faith: apparently Secularism, raised in Christianity (Protestant); appears to have rejected the Gospel of Jesus Christ; parents were Quakers
    • Worldview: Liberalism, Homosexualism
    • Birth name: Edward Montgomery Clift
    • Known Ex-Partners: Jack Larson (actor), William LeMassena (actor), Jerome Robbins (choreographer), Roddy McDowall (actor), Truman Capote, Lehman Engel (composer), Donald Windham, Sandy Campbell, and others
  • Moon Bloodgood
    • Faith: Unknown
    • Worldview: Liberalism
    • Birth name: Korinna Moon Bloodgood
    • Husband: Grady Hall
  • Morena Baccarin
    Morena Baccarin

    • Birth name: Morena Silva de Vaz Setta Baccarin
    • Husband: Ben McKenzie
    • Ex-Husband: Austin Chick (director, screenwriter, producer)

  • Morgan Freeman

    • Faith: Zoroastrianism, Agnosticism or Atheism
    • Worldview: Progressive Liberalism
    • Ex-Wives: Jeanette Adair Bradshaw and Myrna Colley-Lee