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also known as “The Battle of Midway,” “La batalla de Midway,” “La bataille de Midway,” “Schlacht um Midway,” See more »

Reviewed by: Kevin Burk

Moral Rating: Average
Moviemaking Quality:
Primary Audience: Adults Mature-Teens
Genre: War Action Adventure
Length: 2 hr. 12 min.
Year of Release: 1976
USA Release: June 18, 1976
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What is the Biblical perspective on war? Answer

courage / bravery / self-sacrifice


Issue of pain and suffering

Why does God allow innocent people to suffer? Answer

What about the issue of suffering? Doesn’t this prove that there is no God and that we are on our own? Answer

Does God feel our pain? Answer

ORIGIN OF BAD—How did bad things come about? Answer

Did God make the world the way it is now? What kind of world would you create? Answer

Featuring Charlton Heston
Henry Fonda
James Coburn
Glenn Ford
Hal Holbrook
Robert Mitchum
Cliff Robertson
Robert Wagner
Toshirô Mifune (Toshiro Mifune)
Director Jack Smight
Producer The Mirisch Corporation
Walter Mirisch
Universal Pictures

“Midway” is an action-packed retelling of a massive naval battle that was one of the turning points of World War II. If you have any interest in the history of that period, this “historical fiction” account is a good starting place. With a stellar cast it also ranks as one of the most engaging war films of all time.

The film follows on one hand Captain Garth (an inactive American naval pilot) and his exploits before and during the Battle of Midway and the efforts of American Admiral Nimitz to guess what the next Japanese move will be in the naval battle for control of the Pacific. On the other hand we see a well-balanced portrayal of Japanese Admiral Yamamoto and his subordinates as they try to craft a plan to devastate the American Pacific fleet in one massive strike, compelling the Americans to sue for peace. The film provides a fascinating glimpse into the way courage, determination and sometimes just apparent good fortune shape world history. Had this event unfolded differently the world might be a very different place.

The film is a typical Hollywood 1970’s production, and peppers us with unnecessary profanities, but is tame by 21st century standards. There is also war violence, men getting shot, one pilot’s burned body is shown, etc. But, the film also upholds some of the few good things that war can produce: courage, loyalty and sacrifice. Overall, a good film with a basis in fact.

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