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Nocturnal Animals also known as “Animais Noturnos,” “Animales nocturnos,” “Animali notturni,” “Naktiniai gyvuliai,” “Noćne životinje,” “Yön eläimet,” “Zwierzęta nocy,” “Éjszakai ragadozók”

MPAA Rating: R-Rating (MPAA) for violence, menace, graphic nudity, and language.
Not Recommended
Moviemaking Quality:

Primary Audience:
Psychological Thriller Adaptation
1 hr. 55 min.
Year of Release:
USA Release:
November 18, 2016 (36 select theaters)
November 23, 2016 (limited—127 theaters)
DVD: February 21, 2017
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Featuring: Amy AdamsSusan Morrow
Jake GyllenhaalTony Hastings / Edward Sheffield
Michael ShannonBobby Andes
Aaron Taylor-Johnson … Ray Marcus
Isla FisherLaura Hastings
Ellie Bamber … India Hastings
Armie HammerHutton Morrow
Karl Glusman … Lou
Robert Aramayo … Turk
Laura LinneyAnne Sutton
Andrea Riseborough … Alessia
Michael SheenCarlos
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Director: Tom Ford
Producer: Fade to Black Productions
Focus Features
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Distributor: Focus Features

Here’s what the distributor says about their film: “An art gallery owner (Amy Adams) is haunted by her ex-husband’s (Jake Gyllenhaal) novel, a violent thriller she interprets as a veiled threat and a symbolic revenge tale. The film is an adaptation of the 1993 novel Tony And Susan by Austin Wright, described as a two-part ‘story inside a story’.”

Violence: Extreme / Profanity: Extreme / Sex/Nudity: Extreme

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Movie Critics
…The film's pleasures include a coolly acerbic critique of the Los Angeles contemporary art scene…
David Rooney, The Hollywood Reporter
…seductive cautionary tale… [4/5]
Mark Kermode, The Observer
…stylish, violent LA story…
Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune
…a great movie requires a great ending, and “Nocturnal Animals” doesn’t have one. … [3/4]
Kyle Smith, New York Post
…melodramatic yet nihilistic… “Nocturnal Animals” combines high art and base behaviour… [3/4]
Peter Howell, Toronto Star Newspapers
…a stylish, sadistic head-trip… In slow-motion close-up, three grotesquely obese women dance in the nude… [2½]
Ty Burr, The Boston Globe
…“Nocturnal Animals” is never dull, thanks to the careful manipulation of light and space, in collaboration with cinematographer Seamus McGarvey. But the prettiness of it all can be suffocating. …
Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune
…“Nocturnal Animals” looks good but says too little…
Stephanie Zacharek, Time
…squanders talent on a ridiculous, high-camp mess that could easily be mistaken for substance, if it weren’t so irredeemably silly… [1½/4]
Barry Hertz, The Globe and Mail
…a miserable wallow in style… visually fussy and narcissistic. If this movie were a person, it would be constantly admiring itself in the mirror. …The images are striking, but they turn out to be meaningless… [2/4]
Rene Rodriguez, The Miami Herald
…a devastating movie about sin and retribution. It's as searing as a thunderbolt, as poisonous as the strike of a snake. … [1/5]
Paul Asay, Plugged In

…abhorrent… pretentious, self-indulgent, obscene, depressing, politically correct…
Ted Baehr, Movieguide


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