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also known as “No me las toquen,” “#SexPact,” “Der Sex Pakt,” “Kazišuci,” See more »
MPA Rating: R-Rating (MPA) for crude and sexual content, and language throughout, drug content, teen partying, and some graphic nudity.
Extremely Offensive
Moviemaking Quality:

Primary Audience:
1 hr. 42 min.
Year of Release:
USA Release:
March 10, 2018 (festival)
April 6, 2018 (wide—3,379 theaters)
DVD: July 3, 2018
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Relevant Issues

What does it mean to be LASCIVIOUS? Answer


CONSEQUENCES—What are the consequences of sexual immorality? Answer

SEXUAL LUST—Why does God strongly warn us about it? Answer

THE FEAR OF THE LORD— What is it? Is it important? Answer

PURITY—Should I save sex for marriage? Answer

TEMPTATIONS—How can I deal with temptations? Answer

How far is too far? What are the guidelines for dating relationships? Answer

GAY—What’s wrong with being Gay? Answer

What about Gays needs to change? Answer

Sex, Love and Relationships
Learn how to make your love the best it can be. Christian answers to questions about sex, marriage, sexual addictions, and more. Valuable resources for Christian couples, singles and pastors.



What is SIN AND WICKEDNESS? Is it just “bad people” that are sinners, or are YOU a sinner? Answer

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Featuring Leslie MannLisa Decker—single mother who’s daughter was born out of wedlock
Kathryn NewtonJulie Decker, Lisa’s daughter
Graham PhillipsAustin—Julie’s boyfriend
Ike BarinholtzHunter—absent father, divorced adulterer, porn watcher, with Lesbian daughter
June Diane RaphaelBrenda—Hunter’s ex-wife
Gideon AdlonSam—Hunter and Brenda’s daughter who is secretly a Lesbian
Jimmy BellingerChad—Sam’s prom date
Ramona YoungAngelica—Sam’s openly Lesbian crush
John CenaMitchell
Sarayu Blue … Marcie—Mitchell’s wife
Geraldine Viswanathan … Kayla—Mitchell and Marcie’s daughter who wants to lose her virginity and have drugs and alcohol, ASAP
Miles Robbins … Connor—Kayla’s prom date
Gary ColeRon—Austin’s father and Cathy’s husband
Gina GershonCathy—Ron’s wife and Austin’s mother
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Director Kay Cannon
Producer Seth Rogen (“This Is the End”)
Chris Cowles
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Distributor Universal Pictures

Worldly parents trying to stop their daughters from having sex on Prom night

Copyrighted, Universal Pictures

Here’s what the distributor says about their film: “When three parents stumble upon their daughters’ pact to lose their virginity at prom, they launch a covert one-night operation to stop the teens from sealing the deal. Leslie Mann (‘The Other Woman,’ ‘This Is 40’), Ike Barinholtz (‘Neighbors,’ ‘Suicide Squad’) and John Cena (‘Trainwreck,’ ‘Sisters’) star in ‘Blockers,’ the directorial debut of Kay Cannon (writer of the ‘Pitch Perfect’ series).”

NOTE: The title is short for “C*ck Blockers.” We assume the distributor decided that title was too vulgar for advertising purposes. Notice, however, that a rooster (or cock) is shown before the word “Blockers”—affirming the full title.

  • Violence: Minimal
  • Profane language: “Oh my f***ing G*d,” “J*sus Chr*st” (2), “J*sus” (2), “G*d d*mn” (2), “I swear to Chr*st,” “Oh my G*d” (12+), “Oh G*d” (2), “G*d,” “d*mn,” “H*ll”
  • Vulgar/Crude language: “I'm going to lose my G*d-d*mn virginity!”, “mother-f***…” (5), other f-words (60+), “p*nis,” “c*ck,” “d*ck,” “b*lls,” “bl*wjobs,” “c*m,” “p*ssy,” “m*ff,” “Let’s b*ne,” “b**bs,” “a**hole” (3), “a**” (2), s-words (20+), “b*tch”
  • Nudity: Extreme
  • Sex: Extreme
  • Alcohol and drug use: Very Heavy

PURITY—Should I save sex for marriage? Answer

What does it mean to be LASCIVIOUS? Answer

SEXUAL LUST and fornication—Why does your Creator warn about them?

See list of Relevant Issues—questions-and-answers.

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Comments from non-viewers
Negative—This is seriously a thing? A movie about a bunch of idiotic girls wanting to lose their virginity for some stupid reason while their responsible and caring parents (portrayed as the antagonists) try to prevent their daughters from making big mistakes? As if we didn't already get a painful and agonizing insight of the sexually immoral and punkishly rebellious life of the modern day teen in “Love, Simon” and “Lady Bird.”

What's even more filthsome is that this movie, like basically every “coming-of-age” movie coming from Liberal Town—AKA Hollywood, is most likely going to end with the parents’ shallowly giving in and allowing their kids to go off and “follow their hearts,” spreading the message that it's okay for parents to let their kids go out and intentionally make foolish decisions and have a sexual hayday with as many people as they want because they're young and naive and they feel like it.

I wouldn’t take a chance on this movie.
My Ratings: Moral rating: / Moviemaking quality:
Johnny, age 17
Secular Movie Critics
…highly dubious and not very funny… awkwardly tries to balance gross-out gags with tender, warm-and-fuzzy moments. It's a tough trick to pull off, and “Blockers” gets stuffed at every turn…
Adam Graham, The Detroit News
…“Blockers” is the drunk sex comedy no one needs… the latest example of the millennium’s most dispiriting film trend: Stupid drunk people making stupid drunk decisions for two stupid hours…
Johnny Oleksinski, New York Post
…ungainly, choppy pacing. It feels like a slapdash collection of scenes rather than a balloon sent smoothly aloft, with jokes often falling as flat as Cena’s buzz cut (a running gag centers on his tough-guy character’s propensity for crying, a go-to bit that ages fast)…
Ann Hornaday, The Washington Post
…has all the brashness and irreverence that any comedy fan of the Apatow era could ask for…
Kerry Lengel, The Arizona Republic
…The movie is sexually candid and foulmouthed. If you applauded Walmart’s decision to ban Cosmopolitan magazine, this movie is definitely not for you. Enemas are given. Vomiting becomes contagious. We see things we saw in “There’s Something About Mary,” and tried to forget. …[3/4]
Gary Thompson, Philadelphia Daily News
…proves, more than ever, that feminine raunch has become the hilarious new normal… “Blockers”…isn’t really about these girls losing their virginity. It’s about how they seize control of their destinies, one triumphantly lewd zinger at a time.
Owen Gleiberman, Variety
…The kids are all right in “Blockers.” The parents are dopes. …
Manohla Dargis, The New York Times
…Although the preaching for young women’s right to hook-up can feel intrusive, it doesn’t distract from the story entirely. …This film wants to have a good time with a positive feminist message. We can be silly, gross and foul-mouthed too. …
Monica Castillo, The Guardian