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Duck Duck Goose also known as “Jönnek a kacsák,” “Raţă, raţă şi gâscan,” «Татко гусак», “Asas Pelos Ares,” “Kaczki z gesiej paczki,” “Gans im Glück,” “Destination Pékin,” “Al Aire Patos”

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Moviemaking Quality:

Primary Audience:
Kids Family
Animation Comedy
1 hr. 31 min.
Year of Release:
USA Release:
July 20, 2018
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Featuring: Jim Gaffigan … Peng (voice)
Zendaya … Chi (voice)
Lance Lim … Chao (voice)
Greg Proops … Banzou (voice)
Natasha Leggero … Jinjing (voice)
Diedrich Bader … Bing (voice)
Reggie Watts … Carl (voice)
Carl ReinerLarry (voice)
Stephen Fry … Frazier (voice)
Craig Ferguson … Giles (voice)
Jennifer Grey … Edna (voice)
Rick Overton … Stanley (voice)
Meilee Condron … Actress (voice)
Jack Huang … Chef (voice)
William M. Steinberg … Frog
Director: Christopher Jenkins—“Surf's Up” (2007), “Atlantis: The Lost Empire” (2001)—Artistic Coordinator, “Hercules” (1997)—Visual Effects Animator
Producer: Original Force IP [China]
Edoardo Bussi
Viola Chen
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Distributor: Global Road and Netflix
Copyrighted, Global Road and Netflix

Here’s what the distributor says about their film: “After he’s grounded by an injury, a high-flying bachelor is saddled with two wide-eyed orphans as they come face-to-face with the dangers and beauty of the outside world in this funny and touching animated feature, ‘Duck Duck Goose.’ Our free-wheeling hero, Peng, rejects the community of his tight-knit flock of geese in an attempt to live life on his own terms. But after he narrowly rescues two young ducklings, Chi and Chao, from an eccentric but deadly cat named Banzou, the two latch onto the Goose like a parent; and with a paralyzing winter on the horizon and the departure of both their flocks, Peng agrees to look after the ducklings out of fear his injury might be discovered by Banzou, and other predators who would prey on a goose who cannot fly. The makeshift trio embarks on a beautiful and dangerous journey through mountains and lakes, bamboo forests, marble caves and deep river valleys to reach their respective flocks. On the way, Peng must learn to care for the two ducklings despite his independent attitude, all the while evading the hungry and relentless Banzou, who’ll stop at nothing to claim the ducklings he feels entitled to.”

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Negative—As a Christian parent of 4, I am very selective before taking one of my children to see a movie. “Duck Duck Goose—after not finding any reviews on it—and after viewing the trailer—seemed a good choice for my 9 year old—as the target audience seemed to be 5-10 years old—especially as the animation was very “cute.”

Minutes into this movie I regretted my choice.

The story is about a young, attitude filled goose that ends up rescuing 2 ducklings, and their adventures along the way. Which were entertaining and funny at parts. Yet—there were 2 major objections for this movie—and if I had known them before—I would not have taken my child.

1) 2 characters (storm type male birds) are clearly gay/homosexual characters. This is displayed by the way they talk, relate (to each other), the obvious over emphasised way they walk (mincing steps) and in one dialogue with another character (senior Goose)—he refers to them “as ladies.”

2) Evil Cat—I understand every story needs a villain—and for water fowl—a fat wild cat a good choice—but—this creature was border line demonic. It alternated personalities as it alternated eyes. Switching very blatantly from a angry cat (singular) to a plural speaking monster. Certainly not suitable for younger viewers.

An Eastern production—the obvious Ying Yang symbols and Tai Chi inserted through the film.

The movie would have been fine and sweet without those things—but they ruined it—and I would definitely not recommend viewing.
My Ratings: Moral rating: Extremely Offensive / Moviemaking quality: 3½
Karen, age 40 (South Africa)

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