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Teen Titans Go! To The Movies also known as “Teen Titans Go!: Movie Madness!,” “Jóvenes Titanes en acción!: La Película,” “Teen Titans Go! La película,” “Diànying Shàonián Hàn Jiang GO!,” “Mlodzi Tytani: Akcja! Film,” “Os Jovens Titãs em Ação! Nos Cinemas,” “Teen Titans Go! Filmen,” “Teen Titans Go! Il film,” “Teen Titans Go! O Filme,” “Teen Titans Go: Eiga,” “Tini Titánok: A film,” “¡Jóvenes Titanes en acción! La película,” «Малки титани: В готовност! Филмът», «Юнi титани, вперед!», «Юные титаны, вперед!»

MPAA Rating: PG-Rating (MPAA) for action and rude humor.
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Moviemaking Quality:

Primary Audience:
• Kids • Family
Animation Teens Kids Action Comedy
1 hr. 33 min.
Year of Release:
USA Release:
July 27, 2018 (wide—3,188 theaters)
DVD: October 30 2018
Copyright, Warner Bros. Pictures click photos to ENLARGE Copyright, Warner Bros. Pictures Copyright, Warner Bros. Pictures
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Copyright, Warner Bros. Pictures

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Copyright, Warner Bros. Pictures Copyright, Warner Bros. Pictures Copyright, Warner Bros. Pictures Copyright, Warner Bros. Pictures Copyright, Warner Bros. Pictures Copyright, Warner Bros. Pictures Copyright, Warner Bros. Pictures
Featuring: Nicolas CageSuperman (voice)
Kristen BellJade Wilson (voice)
Will ArnettSlade (voice)
Tara Strong … Raven (voice)
Halsey … Wonder Woman (voice)
Khary Payton … Cyborg (voice)
Greg Cipes … Beast Boy (voice)
Scott Menville … Robin (voice)
Hynden Walch … Starfire (voice)
Jimmy Kimmel … Batman (voice)
Greg Davies … Balloon Man
Dana Snyder … Atom (voice)
Lil Yachty … Green Lantern (voice)
Director: Aaron Horvath
Peter Rida Michail
Producer: Warner Bros. Animation
DC Entertainment
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Distributor: Distributor: Warner Brothers Pictures. Trademark logo.
Warner Bros. Pictures

“They can’t save the world… at all”

Copyrighted, Warner Bros. Pictures

Here’s what the distributor says about their film: “When the Teen Titans go to the big screen, they go big! Teen Titans GO! to the Movies finds our egocentric, wildly satirical Super Heroes in their first feature film extravaganza—a fresh, gleefully clever, kid-appropriately crass and tongue-in-cheek play on the superhero genre, complete with musical numbers.

It seems to the Teens that all the major superheroes out there are starring in their own movies—everyone but the Teen Titans, that is! But de facto leader Robin is determined to remedy the situation, and be seen as a star instead of a sidekick. If only they could get the hottest Hollywood film director to notice them. With a few madcap ideas and a song in their heart, the Teen Titans head to Tinsel Town, certain to pull off their dream. But when the group is radically misdirected by a seriously Super-Villain and his maniacal plan to take over the Earth, things really go awry. The team finds their friendship and their fighting spirit failing, putting the very fate of the Teen Titans themselves on the line!”

  • Violence: Moderately Heavy
  • Profane language: Minor—“dang,” “darn”
  • Vulgar/Crude language: Mild—“fart,” “butt,” “booty,” “jerks,” “dumb dumb,” “losers,” “crud”
  • Nudity: Minor—tights and underwear
  • Sex: Mild—“Kids, ask your parents where babies come from!”
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Secular Movie Critics
…Although obviously geared to the small fry who will no doubt eat it up, “Teen Titans Go! To the Movies” will provide many laughs for their adult chaperones as well. …
Frank Scheck, The Hollywood Reporter
…one of the biggest surprises at the movies this summer. In fact, it’s downright super. …
Drew Taylor, The Playlist
…The meta jokes flow like Mountain Dew—this is a rollicking, goofy superhero send-up that never overstays its welcome. …
Dana Schwartz, Entertainment Weekly
…Its kid-friendly, free-for-all spirit rides atop an undercurrent of pointed commentary about the state of the superhero industry (and the entertainment industry more broadly) that will give those parental guides something to hold on to amid the candy-colored cacophony. Or they could just surrender and enjoy the butt jokes. They’re pretty good butt jokes!…
Genevieve Koski, Vox
…This is a show that adults can more than merely tolerate; I am happy to binge-watch it with my nine-year-old. …
Marsha Lederman, The Globe and Mail (Toronto)
…the sort of silly film you and your kids can both enjoy, a slice of pure escapist fare in these divisive days. …
Mark Kennedy, The Associated Press
…“Teen Titans…” never reaches that sweet spot where adult and kid humor align in a single gag. …
Carla Meyer, SF Gate (San Francisco Chronicle)
…Packed with an equal amount of fart gags and jokes about the modern state of superhero films…
Matthew Monagle, Austin Chronicle
…The jokes are infantile-obvious and pounded home with a sledgehammer, as if the writers figured they had to get through something especially thick. …
Roger Moore, Movie Nation