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Come Sunday

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January 21, 2018 (festival)
Netflix: April 13, 2018
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Misrepresenting the Bible and God

Rejecting key doctrines communicated to man by God

Leading others astray—away from eternal salvation

Promotion of homosexuality

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Featuring Chiwetel EjioforCarlton Pearson
Jason SegelHenry
LaKeith Stanfield (Keith Stanfield) … Reggie
Martin SheenOral Roberts
Danny GloverQuincy
Condola RashadGina Pearson
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Director Joshua Marston—“Maria Full of Grace” (2004)
Producer Endgame Entertainment
This American Life
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Here’s what the DISTRIBUTOR states and claims about their film: “Every Sunday, Bishop Carlton Pearson—evangelical megastar, brilliant orator, and television host with millions of followers—preaches the fundamentalist gospel to six thousand supplicants at his Higher Dimensions Church. He’s the pride and joy of his spiritual father, Oral Roberts, and the toast of Tulsa. One day, rattled by an uncle’s suicide and distraught by reports of the Rwandan Genocide, Pearson receives an epiphany. Suddenly it’s crystal clear—God loves all humankind; everyone is already saved, whether Christian or not; and there is no hell. But these ideas are heretical, violating sacrosanct doctrines.

The next Sunday, when Pearson unveils this theology of inclusion to his flock, shock waves sweep the enormous hall. Church leaders and members begin to defect in droves, and his empire topples. Based on the true story of a controversial and courageous man of God, ‘Come Sunday’ elegantly and respectfully captures the authentic texture and tone of Pearson’s devout world, never resorting to hyperbole. Chiwetel Ejiofor’s tour-de-force performance embodies the effusive charisma and grounded humility of a character with everything to lose, yet even more to gain by heeding his convictions.”

Editor’s Note: Carlton D'metrius Pearson was a Pentecostal pastor, ordained in the very liberal United Church of Christ denomination, and founded a Pentecostal mega-church in Tulsa—the Higher Dimensions Evangelistic Center Incorporated (aka Higher Dimensions Family Church) associated with the ecumenical Joint College of African-American Pentecostal Bishops (who later separated from him). He also reportedly attempted to become mayor of Tulsa. He publicly became a Universalist, teaching that there is no need for salvation, and falsely claiming that the Bible teaches Universalism. Universalism teaches that ALL people will be saved, and distorts the true holiness and justice of God, denying His Final Judgment on all the wicked who reject God’s offer of eternal life.

His Higher Dimensions church devolved into greater heresy with him and was absorbed by a Unitarian Universalist church. In the Chicago area, he became a minister to a universalist church with New Age influences in the so-called New Thought movement. Returning to Tulsa he became minister of the Unitarian church. (Unitarianism is very liberal and rejects the Trinity, among many other things, and is apostate.)

Pearson currently claims the following titles on his Web site—“Progressive Spiritual Teacher, Thought Leader, Sacred Activist/Humanist, Peace Agent”—and asks people to join his “movement to inspire Self-Actualization of Soul and Self and Expanded Consciousness.” He has also “founded the Metacostal Network of Churches and Ministries bridging the gap between his Pentecostal roots in spiritual transcendence and embracing a Metaphysical approach to ministry and progressive spirituality.” (March 26, 2019)

UNIVERSALISM—Will ALL mankind eventually be saved? Answer

What awaits sinners who reject Christ’s grace

What is the FINAL JUDGMENT? and WHAT do you need to know about it? Answer

What is ETERNAL LIFE? Answer

What is ETERNAL DEATH? Answer

HELL: Fact or Fiction—Is it an actual place? Answer

Why was Hell made? Answer

Is there anyone in Hell today? Answer

Will there literally be a burning fire in Hell? Answer

What should you be willing to do to stay out of Hell? Answer

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Negative—Last night, we watched a movie that we thought was about a man of God entitled “Come Sunday”. The true story was one that greatly dishonoured the Lord and the Holy Bible. During the film, we kept hoping that the pastor would come to his senses and not continue on down his heretical path.

Sadly, the film was structured in such a way as to allow sinful lifestyles to be acceptable to his misconception of God’s grace. But the Bible says that Jesus came to save people FROM their sins, not IN them.

Should anyone want to watch this film, be ready to be confronted by anyone that sees this as a message of God’s love. Should they ask what is your personal opinion about the film, if you are a Christian that knows what GOD has said in His Word, you actually don’t have an opinion, because you are not the judge of man, God is. God’s Word, in its proper context, is what people need to understand and embrace. The Book that we are told to put our right hand on in court contains the holy truth that all men will be judged by.
My Ratings: Moral rating: Very Offensive / Moviemaking quality: 3
G Davies, age 70 (Canada)

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