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Space Jam

Reviewed by: Larry Massey

Moral Rating: Average
Moviemaking Quality:
Primary Audience: • Kids • Teens • Adults
Genre: Live-Action Animation Sports Comedy Family
Length: 90 min.
Year of Release: 1996
USA Release:
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Sequel: “Space Jam: A New Legacy” (2021)

Wow! The elements are all there. Michael Jordan to the Max. The best of the original Looney Tune cartoon characters with all their famous lines. Even exciting, jam-packed basketball action and a visit from aliens. What more can we ask?

The movie starts out with scenes from Jordan’s childhood, interspersed with Looney Tune Land and the recent visit of aliens from Moron Mountain (an ultimate theme park on another planet). The plot: to capture all the Looney Tune characters and force them to be in the amusement park so that it will be a thousand times better.

But wait, the aliens are really short and Bugs (as in Bunny) comes up with the challenge of a basketball game to keep them in Looney Land or, if the aliens win, to make them leave forever. The challenge goes out, the aliens from Moron Mountain accept it, find out what basketball is and turn into a huge, tall, “monster dream team.” Enter Michael Jordan.

The aliens find a way to become super-talented in slam dunking and all spectacular aspects of NBA action (much to the dismay of some NBA superstars) and the game begins. Although the Looney Tune characters are not good at basketball, it is a sight to behold. Tweety Bird and Grandma, Wiley Coyote and Roadrunner, even Yosemite Sam all contribute to this memorable game of all time. And who wins? Not Michael Jordan as you might expect, but someone who is not even a cartoon character.

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I really enjoyed “Space Jam.” I thought that it was a terrific movie. It was very funny, and also taught children to help out each other and that everyone needs friends. And that we should all be nice to one another. The students at my college also enjoyed it very much as along with me.
Samantha, age 23
The movie was OK. “Toy Story” was better. My sons, ages 6 and 9, thought it was good. If Michael Jordan was not in the movie it would have flopped. It was a fun movie for kids, nothing offensive, except for the scene with the fortune teller.

Charles Barkley praying in a church was a nice example for the kids.

I enjoyed seeing my old pals from Looney Tunes. As an adult I’d give it a 6 on a 10 scale. My 9 year old says his favorite part was when all the NBA players were losing their professional skills and they were falling all over the place.
Don Harmening, age 44
Great movie, a lot fun for the whole family.
The movie was not bad. It was good to see the Warner Bros. Characters I had grown up with again. Cameos by the likes of Larry Bird and Bill Murray were interspersed to keep adult watchers interested.

However, my 3½ year old daughter was a little scared by the Monstars (monsters). She lost interest before the movie was over and wanted to leave.

The movie would probably have better appeal for boys and/or basketball fans.
Curtis Hinton, age 32
Frankly, I was surprised by all the rave reviews from Christians about Space Jam. No one mentioned the robbing of abilities for personal profit, the demonic faces the so-called innocent aliens took on or the amazing transformation attained by these same aliens into super-beings.

As Johanna Michelson said in Like Lambs to the Slaughter, Satan is working on a pre-evangelistic campaign to lure our children to his ways. “Space Jam” is another example of this very thing. We don’t watch “Power Rangers” because of these miraculous changes available to mere humans.

After reading your reviews of Space Jam, I thought it would be an acceptable movie. Needless to say, I was grieved to see what so many have deemed acceptable. As Christians, we need to wake up and see what is happening to our childrens’ minds.

When Satan comes disquised as an angel of light, will our offspring recognize him for what he is? I am afraid with movies like “Space Jam,” they will welcome him with open arms—because they have been watching it on TV for so many years.
Dick Ayres
Young people
“Space Jam” was hilarious AND clean. I loved it when the toons used Pepe as a weapon. The soundtrack is great. The language never rises above “butt” or “screwed” (they’re not used in a bad or offensive way, either). It was also very inspirational (and sad) in the scenes with Michael’s dad.
Michael Christopher, age 15
I think it was one of my favorites.I am a big fan of Michel.The looney toons were great.there wasen`t any swearing.The movie had a great plot.My brother is 5.He sat through the whole thing. After the movie was over, I had the urge to play basketball.
Chris Andrews, age 10
We saw “Space Jam” and it was awesome and spectactular. We liked the Looney Tune characters and their personalities, the aliens, and of course, Michael Jordan. Only one of us remembers the word “hell” being used once. We would not recommend this movie for very small children because of how the aliens went into the players body. Also, they went to a fortune teller and that wasn’t good.
Jennifer 13, Jessica 12, Amanda 11, Katherine 10
I thought Space Jam was a pretty good movie. What I liked the most were the NBA players with lost talent; they created some good gags. But why would we want to see the warty rear end of a Monstar with his pants pulled down? That was stupid. Overall, though, it was okay. 6½ out of 10.
Jill, age 13
I thought “Space Jam” was a very good movie, the only thing was that it had a lot of swearing in it, and I think that they could have made it a lot better by no swearing, and I think the kids would have enjoyed it better also like that, along with the teenagers, and adults.
Heather, age 12
I realy don’t want to see it if it has a lot of swearing. Thanks Heather for giving me that information. In my opinion Toy Story is better by far.
Jared, age 12
Positive—I’m not sure if Heather and I saw the same movie. If there was a lot of swearing it sure got by me. I had my 4 year old with me and was trying to pay attention. The other comments I am reading seem to agree with my memory. However, if another adult would like to refresh my memory I’d be glad to reconsider. Otherwise I believe it was a very good movie for kids and recommend it highly.
James, age 31
I enjoyed the movie. I think that Micheal is a great athlete and should make more movies. Mike is my most favorite athlete, and I wish I could meet him, but I understand that he is very busy. I hope he reads this letter. Thank you, Jessica Greer
Jessica Greer, age 13
Michael is the man. I saw the movie three times in one week, once with Charlie. It rocked. The movie was clean and funny. GO BULLS!!!
Lindsey Bier, age 17