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Creation Celebration Episode 3: Countdown to Adventure

Reviewed by: Dale and Karen Mason

Moviemaking Quality:

Primary Audience:
Ages 5-12
Live Action and Nature
35 min.

Titillating edu-tainment! Here is a merging of exciting educational segments with humorous entertainment and very nice kid’s songs that yields this award-winning video. The third in Moody/Maranatha!’s “Creation Celebration” series, “Countdown To Adventure” continues the series' formula of using an eccentric-but-lovable traveling professor, an easily flustered housekeeper, and various animal “guest stars” (in this case an elephant, a monkey, and a large seal).

Subjects touched upon include: water organisms, gravity and weightlessness (the professor is on-board the space shuttle!), and the importance of recycling to help conserve the environment. Includes beautiful nature scenes and some sensational NASA footage of fun-loving weightless astronauts.

Year of Release—1991