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The World Is Not Enough

James Bond 007 film #19

MPA Rating: PG-13-Rating (MPA) for intense sequences of action violence, some sexuality and innuendo.

Reviewed by: Douglas Downs

Very Offensive
Moviemaking Quality:

Primary Audience:
Drama, Adventure.
2 hr. 08 min.
Year of Release:
Poster: The World Is Not Enough Pierce Brosnan in The World is Not Enough 007

Starring: Pierce Brosnan, Sophie Marceau, Robert Carlyle, Denise Richards, Serena Scott | Director: Michael Apted | Producers: Michael G. Wilson, Barbara Broccoli | Distributor: United Artists Releasing, a subsidiary of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)

“The World Is Not Enough” is the 19th Bond film. Every fan of 007 has a favorite film in the series. I will keep mine to myself. If you compare this one to those of the past, “The World Is Not Enough” is, in my opinion, the least offensive—the most offensive portion being the digital graphics in the opening credits that leave nothing to the imagination. It’s the part you always try to fast-forward through when the video is released.

“The World Is Not Enough” is the story of Elektra King, the daughter of a rich oil tycoon. Her father is killed during a rescue attempt on her life. Elektra steps in and tries to fulfill her father’s dream of creating a pipeline linking the Soviet Union with Europe. There are many that are trying to stop her, especially Renard, a villain who would love nothing more than to blow up the entire line. Of course, he has other strategic steps in mind toward the usual world domination.

There are the usual chase scenes. Every time you see a Bond film, you wonder what they will think of using next in their chase sequences. We must give credit to the creativity in this department. The cinematography, too, is indeed worthwhile—not too far from watching an IMAX film. The elaborate and unbelievable escape scenes are compelling and exciting. Not as far-fetched as in the previous Bond film.

Is there anything offensive in the film? Come on now—we’re talking James Bond. Innuendo abounds, but the count is lower than in most other films of the series. James does use sex to get a female doctor to approve him for active duty. (He is injured during the opening minutes of the film and cannot take an assignment without the doctor’s approval). There are also some other brief sex scenes, and the traditional scene where James orders his fave alcoholic beverage.

The violence is very intense and sometimes darker than most Bond films. There is not so much bad language, but according to ScreenIt! there is at least 1 use of *ss, 1 d*mn, 1 h*ll, 2 uses of “Oh my God,” and 1 use of “God” as exclamations.

We all have our “love/hate” affairs with Bond films. Christians all wish that the traditional sexual parts would just be left out of this stereotyped spy film. It is mildly there with some partial nudity similar to the scenes in “Entrapment”. I do recommend the film with the above cautions.

Viewer Comments
It seems that a lot of freedom was given to this movie merely because it is James Bond. Though Bond movies are new to me, I cannot see how we can condone a movie where the protagonist beds both central women and his doctor! This sends the all too familiar message that women are objects! Love, commitment, marriage and sex do not seem to be given any connection in this movie. The only thing established between the characters is a physical attraction. I also find it amazing that the critic fails to warn viewers that the villainess manipulates her victims using sex. Therefore, I would hardly call the sexual content “mild”. I admit that I haven’t seen many Bond movies, however, I hardly think the accepted standards for action films make this movie any more acceptable. My Ratings: [2½/3]
Katie, age 16
I have seen better Bond movies than this one. The Bond women in this movie were no good either. Especially bad when Bond makes out with a woman half his age. If this franchise is going to stay afloat, they need to make better bond movies. My Ratings: [2½/2½]
John, age 34
It is hardly worthwhile reviewing the latest Bond film for the simple reason that it is so much what you should expect. If you liked “Tomorrow Never Dies” you will like this. If you didn’t like it, then you won’t like this film. I was persuaded to see this film against my better judgment, and regretted going, but my wife and mum enjoyed it. Apart from the stunning chase along the Thames I found the film boring. I don’t find the sex offensive in the film, but I do find the mindless violence and killing sickening. Does no-one else find the “sex” trivial but the “violence” disturbing? My Ratings: [3/3½]
John Clayton, age 39
I love all of the Bond Films, particularly the ones with Sean Connery and Pierce Brosnan. This film was very entertaining. A good plot, less corny than the last Bond film—great action scenes—and lots of world travel. One major weak point was the incredibly poor acting by the American bomb builder. Other than that, a fun film for teens and adults. My Ratings: [3½/4½]
Sarah Modisett Lee, age 34
I came out of the theatre wondering why I spend the money God gives me on this stuff. Sure, the effects are cool, and the action is intense. But the sexual innuendos are despicable, and as a fellow reviewer states, “It’s sickening how cheap they make love seem.” In all honesty, I would not allow my children to watch this movie, and I am honestly considering evaluating movies altogether. Are there any GOD-centred ones out there? My Ratings: [1/4]
Ben Musclow, age 26
All of the set pieces we’ve come to expect from a James Bond movie are here—the spectacular fights, chases and escapes, exotic locations, way-out gadgets, and pretty women—so fans of this series won’t be disappointed. Agent 007 is shown as being destructible for once, as he has to deal with a shoulder injury that the villain uses to his advantage in one scene, and he does show remorse for having to kill one of his enemies in another. This is not the worst of the Bond films; it’s an enjoyable time-filler that has the most action of the ones so far with Pierce Brosnan in the title role. However, there are many signs that the adventures of the international playboy spy is showing its age, especially when Bond’s long-time gadget maker, Q, makes a surprise announcement. This is fine for adults and perhaps some older teens, but beware of the double entendres (there are many), and some of the violence, which borders on being graphic. My Ratings: [2/3]
Hillari Hunter, age 37
It’s another Bond film. I thought that the acting from Brosnan was well done, however, Denise Richards occasionally seemed as though she was speaking to the audience instead of Bond! While the acting in previous Bond movies was a definitely better, the story was still full of the typical Bond action. The stunts are by far the best to date in a Bond movie, and as usual, there are the numerous sex scenes (especially the intro. YIKES!) If you loved the last two, you are certainly going to love this one! My Ratings: [2½/4]
Ben Harris, age 16
This is a TYPICAL Bond movie, with the USUAL gratuitous sex… this could have been left OUT and made it FAR more enjoyable… but this is Bond… a man who only sees women as conquests, and NEVER as true LOVE interests… The story line was quite intriguing, and leaves you ROOTING for Bond as usual… I recommend it as one of the better movies out right now… and it is HARD to find ANYTHING decent to watch anymore…
Kathy, age 55
This is one of the best James Bond movies I have ever seen. Besides some minor (like no more than 30 sec.) nudity/sex scenes, this movie was overall entertaining. For once I felt like I didn’t have to leave the theater in the middle of the movie. I love action and this movie kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. I would recommend this movie to any teen/adult. My Ratings: [3/4]
Tiffany Millikan, age 14
I would have to say compared to past Bond movies this one lacks in the plot department. I would have to say “Tomorrow Never Dies” is still the best quality Bond movie all around with “Goldeneye” taking in the award for best plot. The movie was great, though it went way too quickly… the Bond girls lack in the acting and significance to the plot when compared to the two previous films with Brosnan… My Ratings: [3/3½]
Clinton Strawderman, age 17
All James Bond films tend to be pretty much the same, and this is no different. This plot, however, seems to have been thought of in five or ten minutes. The lines are so predictable and… crude at times. Fortunately, there was not much swearing. There were more bed scenes than usual and some almost-nudity. It’s sickening how cheap they make love seem. I’d give it a .002 on a scale of .001 to .007. My Ratings: [2½/1½]
Mark Arndt, age 16
The movie was ok, but the story line was kind of boring… The sexual innuendos in the movie came often and got cornier as the movie went on… It was a good movie, and I might see it again, but not for $7.50. My Ratings: [3½/2½]
Courtney, age 15
Bond, James Bond. We all know the name. In the latest installment in the long running Bond series 007 must protect Elektra King daughter of a slain oil baron from Viktor Zokas (Renard) a terrorist who can feel no pain due to a bullet lodged in his brain. The opening sequence is just breath taking. A chase along the Thames river in the now infamous Q-boat. From that we go globe hopping around the world. We have all that we expect from a Bond movie. Ingenious Q-Branch gadgets, over-the-top villains, fast chases, and the always present Bond women. The plot was kind of thin in some points and the big twist was really predictable. But Brosnan was better than ever as Bond. And John Cleese made a wonderful appearance as R.

As always the movie was heavy on sexual innuendo with some really nasty one-liners. There was no nudity per say but they came a bit to close in some points. Thankfully the violence was not very graphic. Not much bloodshed. The language was typical of this type of movie. This is not really a movie to take the kiddies to. Responsible Christians from the teen level and up should be able to enjoy this without any real problems. My Ratings: [3/4]
John Davidson, age 21
“The World is Not Enough” is one of the two best James Bond films I’ve seen (“Goldeneye” was the other)! The action sequences are cool, the villain is not a one-dimensional lunatic, and the jokes are funny! Concerning content, there’s the requisite number of shootings but little profanity. The main objection some people will have is the sex parts. The jokes are now a bit more ribald (but then, so was Shakespeare) and the scenes where Bond is seen nude in bed with some woman after making out are a bit more graphic (very, very brief nudity and a scene where part of the act itself is seen via infrared camera; nothing is shown but both parties get redder and redder (heat)). Bottom Line: “The World is Not Enough” is a great movie! See it today and prove the critics wrong! My Ratings: [3/4]
Matt Quinn, age 15
Movie Critics
…the James Bond films have now officially run out of plot ideas…
…Bomb. James Bomb. …
Chuck Schwartz, The Cranky Critic®
Diamonds are forever, and so are the plots of James Bond movies. …the storylines are paint-by-number …pure escapism… with plenty of zing… Gunshots never make a mess… Quips are dirtier than ever…
Randy Dotinga, APBnews