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Christian Answers Network is a worldwide ministry designed for effective evangelism, education and discipleship through the Internet. Its main goal is ministry—providing FREE, ACCURATE, BIBLICAL ANSWERS on a wide variety of questions on the minds of both Christians and non-Christians.

This Afrikaans portion is provided through the gracious volunteer(s) who helped translate this site.

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Christian Answers Network
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Inligting en beelde op hierdie webwerf mag nie sonder toestemming gebruik (besonderhede). The ChristianAnswers.Net domain is owned and operated by Films for Christ which operates under the following names. “Christian Answers,” “Christian Answers Network,” “ChristianAnswers.Net,” “Eden Communications,” “Films for Christ,” “Christian Spotlight on the Movies,” “Christian Spotlight on TV,” “Kid Explorers,” “WebBible” and “Christian Videos for Prisons.” These are operating names belonging to Films for Christ.

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