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71 minutes
Personal testimony
Produced: 2007
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Adults & teens

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Escape from Darkness

featuring Dr. Daniel Shayesteh

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Daniel Shayesteh was many things…

  • Radical Muslim
  • Active militant
  • Iranian fundamentalist
  • Co-founder of Hezbollah
  • Death row inmate

…but today, Daniel is a born-again Christian! He travels throughout the world revealing hate-based teachings in the Qur'an—Islam’s holy book—and shines light on the truth of the Bible. Watch this informative, illustrated testimony as he shares his miraculous escape from darkness.

Daniel Shayesteh was born in Iran near the Caspian sea. By age nine he was able to recite the entire Qur'an in Arabic, which made him a famous boy in the area. As a young man he was totally committed to Islam and was a co-founder of Hezbollah (then known as the Iranian Revolutionary Army). He inspired other good Muslims to hate and kill Americans and Jews.

After he helped to oust the Shah of Iran and bring Ayatollah Khomeini to power, he was kidnapped and sentenced to death; the Ayatollah didn’t like Daniel’s opposition to his political agenda. He existed for a time in torturous prison conditions. His cellmates were executed, but by the grace of God Daniel escaped to Turkey. It was there that he met a group of Iranian Christians. And it was through their witness of the love of Christ and training in the truth of the Bible, beginning in Genesis, that he came to know Christ as Savior.

Daniel Shayesteh's wife and daughters - shot from ESCAPE FROM DARKNESS. Copyright, Daniel Shayesteh. Shot from ESCAPE FROM DARKNESS. Copyright, Daniel Shayesteh. Daniel Shayesteh - Shot from ESCAPE FROM DARKNESS. Copyright, Daniel Shayesteh. Daniel Shayesteh - Scene from ESCAPE FROM DARKNESS. Copyright, Daniel Shayesteh. Daniel Shayesteh and wife - Shot from ESCAPE FROM DARKNESS. Copyright, Daniel Shayesteh. Wife of Daniel Shayesteh - shot from ESCAPE FROM DARKNESS. Copyright, Daniel Shayesteh. Shot from ESCAPE FROM DARKNESS. Copyright, Daniel Shayesteh. Daniel Shayesteh - Scene from ESCAPE FROM DARKNESS. Copyright, Daniel Shayesteh.

Though hated by radical Muslims, Dr. Shayesteh travels wherever possible to provide insight into the teachings of the Qur'an regarding salvation, Adam & Eve, and Christians—and how Christ changed his life and his family. He reveals the foundation of modern Islamic beliefs and actions and helps Christians understand how to effectively help those still trapped in traditions and deceptions. Speaking as one who formerly trained Muslims in the strategies of Islamic Jihad, Shayesteh also addresses the alarming social implications of the growth of radical Islam in western nations today.

Dr. Shayesteh’s message and testimony clearly highlights the uniqueness of Jesus Christ. He explains why he believes the God of Christianity is different from the gods worshipped by the other great religions of the world. Dr. Shayesteh aims to provide insight into his former beliefs and worldview, and the transformation that has taken place since his conversion. So dramatic was his conversion that he says that unless he had found Jesus he might not be alive today. He explains the uniqueness of Christ, not one amongst many, but the only one who can point His followers to THE way, THE truth and eternal life.

About the speaker: Dr. Daniel Shayesteh was deeply involved in the Iranian Fundamentalist Revolution (1979) as a leading Muslim political leader and teacher of Islam. In addition to English, he speaks three middle-eastern languages (Farsi, Turkish and Azerbaijani) and is an accomplished poet and classical middle-eastern musician. He is an author and studied in one of the universities in Tehran and later in Turkey and Australia. His doctorate is in international business. He is married to Mary, and they have three daughters. He is Director of the Exodus from Darkness ministry and a National Evangelist for the Christian and Missionary Alliance of Australia.


Dr. Shayesteh is recommended by Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis, and has appeared on the Moody Broadcasting Network and many other Christian radio programs.

“My wife and I have been missionaries to the Iranian people for many years. We went to Iran in 1955 and lived there for 25 years, then later for 8 years among Iranians in Turkey. I have known Dr. Daniel Shayesteh and his family since 1990, saw him accept the Lord Jesus as Savior, and watched him grow spiritually. I had the privilege of baptizing him in June 1990 in the Iranian church in Istanbul, Turkey. He has proven to be very faithful and true in the area of finances. We watched him mature into a man of God as he led his wife and three daughters in spiritual matters. I would like to recommend him as an honest, competent and faithful servant of the Lord. You will be blessed as he enthusiastically ministers the Word as well as informs churches about Islam and about how to win Muslims to the Savior.”
Richard Corley, missionary, age 76