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Tower of Babel


This is the name commonly given to the monumental tall structure built in the land of Shinar after the Deluge (see Genesis 11:1-9). Archaeological evidence seems to indicate it was some form of pyramid. What is left of its foundation has been found in Iraq.

God dispersed them by confusing their language, and hence the name Babel, meaning “confusion.”

In ancient Babylonian tablets there is an account of this event, and also of the Creation and the Deluge.


The Biblical record says that the builders burned the bricks thoroughly. Normally in the East, brick were simply sun-dried. Burning them is more expensive and labor intensive, but makes the bricks much more durable and capable of bearing much heavier structural loads.

Why did the builders of the tower of Babel use bricks instead of stones? Unlike Egypt, the area of Babylon lacks suitable, easily accessible stone.

Dispersion brought new pyramids throughout the world

In understanding ancient history, it is important to note that following the wide dispersion of the people of Babel, monumental pyramid-type structures quickly appeared throughout the world—evidence that the pagan religion and goals of the sinners of Babel continued to be practiced elsewhere.

Explanation of the origin of races, beginning at Babel

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