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Part I: Creation to Joseph


Part I
  1. God’s Creation
  2. The Fall of Humankind
  3. The Broken Family of Cain and Abel
  4. Noah and the Great Flood
  5. The Tower of Babel
  6. The Birth of a Nation, Abraham to Joseph
Part II
  1. The Exodus
  2. The Ten Commandments
  3. The Prophets Describe the Coming Savior
Part III
  1. The Ministry of Jesus Christ
  2. The Betrayal and Crucifixion
  3. The Resurrection to Eternity
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The Fall of Humankindpage 3

Animal skin coverings. Copyrighted.
God made clothes from animal skins to cover Adam and Eve.

The fig leaves which Adam and Eve sewed together did not cover their nakedness, so the Lord God made clothes from animal skins to cover Adam and his wife. God had to kill an animal to provide covering for them, so through Adam, sin and death entered the world.

This method—of covering people’s disobedience by the death of an innocent one, was God’s plan, even before He made the world. He knew that people would foolishly reject His leadership and instead try to be the God of their own lives and fail. God calls this rejection “sin.”

Yet, because of God’s love for everyone, He planned to send a Savior who would die, to provide the offer of forgiveness for the sins of all people.

Cherubim. Copyrighted.

Then the Lord banished Adam and Eve from the garden of Eden, and he placed angels, called Cherubim, at the east of the garden, and a flaming sword which turned every direction, guarding access to The Tree of Life.

From the moment of Adam’s sin, all people were destined to die. Yet, in God’s story, there is still hope.

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