8. CONCLUSION of Ways in which God’s Word and the Roman Catholic Church differ

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There are undoubtedly born-again believers in the Roman Catholic Church. But the Catholic theological and ecclesiastical system generally leads people to trust in the Church, or in themselves, for salvation. It places the Church's dogmas on par with the Bible, proclaiming false views of God, of man, of sin, and of salvation.

Since the Catholic Church often fails to present the true way to be saved and, in fact, generally obscures the way, there is a danger. Many people in the Roman Catholic Church may not be saved. Sadly, this includes even priests and nuns.

If you are a Catholic or from a Catholic background, take the following short test to help you better understand the most crucial issue involved—salvation. Also, see: An open letter to Our Roman Catholic Friends

If you are a saved Christian that has Catholic relatives or friends, we urge you to love them and pray for them. Engage them in conversations that lovingly explain what the Bible truly says about salvation. Clearly present the decision that God has set before them.

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