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Movie Review

Dr. T and the Women

MPA Rating: R-Rating (MPA) for graphic nudity and some sexuality
Very Offensive
Moviemaking Quality:

Primary Audience:
Romance Comedy
2 hr. 2 min.
Year of Release:
USA Release:
October 13, 2000 (wide)
Richard Gere and Helen Hunt in Dr. T and the Women
Featuring: Richard Gere, Helen Hunt, Farrah Fawcett, Shelley Long, Laura Dern
Director: Robert Altman
Producer: Robert Altman, James McLindon
Distributor: Artisan Entertainment
in Dr. T and the Women

Here’s what the distributor says about their film: A successful gynecologist whose patients consist largely of Dallas’ upper crust, Dr. Sullivan Travis (Richard Gere) is overwhelmed by the women in his life. In addition to his overbooked doctor’s office, the women in Dr. T’s family have gone haywire—his wife, sister-in-law, and neices are planning his daughter’s wedding. It seems as if all the women in Dr. T’s life swirl around him in a dizzying comedic blur.

Viewer Comments
My friend and I thought this was out there. It had some neat scenes because we live in Dallas. The majority of the time the movie was choppy and seemed to drag. The ending was totally unexpected. The birth scene was way to graphic even for someone who has had babies. We would not recommend spending the 7.50$ to go see it. My Ratings: [Average / 3½]
KD, age 32
On the way home after seeing this movie, I quickly came to the conclusion that Robert Altman, and come to think of it, the writer of this movie, are misogynists. Every single woman in this movie are either drunk and neglectful (Laura Dern), mentally disturbed (F. Fawcett), hard (H. Hunt), silly (his ridiculously overcrowded waiting room of hyper, neurotic, shallow women), unprofessional (his staff), lesbian (his daughter)…(need I say more). The men hunt, are successful professionals while the women shop, dress to the 9’s, have bridal showers and are cute cheerleaders. The women have to strip, or are examined gynecologically while Dr. T never even looses his cool. What the tornado has to do with this movie is a mystery. And the ending… I honestly think that people make movies like this is so that others will talk about them… very sad. My Ratings: [Very Offensive / 2]
Dominique, age 47
The whole movie was a mess of an attempt to show something… but I couldn’t figure out what that something was. The doctor receptionist office scenes were dumb and all of the characters acted overly silly and almost embarassing to that profession. The lack of an ending by adding the tornado was totally unbelievable… The movie was inviting only due to the class of names on the marquee—but they didn’t produce to the class expected… If they did, then like I said… I missed it. You should probably see something else. My Ratings: [1½/1½]
Curtis Mann, age 65
Worst movie I have ever seen! Makes all women appear to be materialistic airheads. What a waste of time. Go see “Remember the Titans” instead. My Ratings: [2½/1]
M. Armstrong, age 35
This was one of the worst movies I have ever seen. period. My Ratings: [1/1]
This is one of the most boring movies I have every seen. I don’t like to throw away my hard-earned money, but I walked out after one hour. And to make matters worse, it is subtly and not so subtly morally filthy! I am so sorry I bothered, but trailers can be misleading, and unfortunately, so can reviews, even Christian ones. Robert Altman knows how to direct movies, so that technically the pieces all fit (hence my rating of “3” for movie-making quality), but the plot and the casting were utterly dull and lifeless. My Ratings: [2/3]
Movie Critics
…both full frontal and rear nudity… some lesbian kissing occurs…
…graphic childbirth scene, comical treatment of a drinking problem, nudity, profanities and obscenities…
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