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Megiddo: The Omega Code 2

also known as “La prophétie des ténèbres II,” “Megiddo - Das Ende der Welt,” “Megiddo: The Omega code 2 - tuomiopäivä,” “Mejido”
MPA Rating: PG-13-Rating (MPA) for violence and thematic elements.

Reviewed by: Lewis McNeely

Moral Rating: Better than Average
Moviemaking Quality:
Primary Audience: Teens Adults
Genre: Endtimes Thriller
Length: 2 hr.
Year of Release: 2001
USA Release: September 21, 2001
Featuring Michael York, Diane Venora, Michael Biehn, Noah Huntley, Gavin Fink, Udo Kier, Gil Colon, R. Lee Ermey, Franco Nero, Elisa Scialpi, David Hendison
Director Brian Trenchard Smith
Producer Matthew Crouch
Distributor Gener8Xion Entertainment

Wow! Chills, spills and thrills! All this in a movie minus profanity and sexual immorality!

When I heard TBN was planning a sequel to the original “Omega Code” offering, I cringed. Sorry folks, though the “Code” was light-years ahead of virtually every Christian film preceding it, in my opinion, it was a stinker. don’t misunderstand, I’m a strong proponent of Christian-based entertainment, but if a Christian owns a restaurant that sells Spam second’s as entrées—sorry but I “no eatee” there. But guess what? This movie was first rate. The effects were good, the acting prime and the story superb. It has a distinctive feel of its own that supercedes the cheesy, low-budget texture that’s common in this genre.

“Megiddo” is the chronological telling of Stone Alexander (Michael York), the anti-Christ’s life story. It begins with his childhood, follows into adulthood and finally into his role as head of a one world government. It has a logical flow of events and a smooth plot, though some parts were definitely unrealistic. For instance: President of U.S. riding in an attacking helicopter during a military operation; Prime Minister of China in a tank during a ground attack? I don’t think so (except maybe in “Independence Day”)

Biblically, the film appears sound, allowing enough speculation to not offend anyone’s end-times interpretations.

This film is fortunate to not have received an “R” rating due to the dark and violent nature of some scenes. However, contextually, such scenes were appropriate demonstrating the evil nature of the antagonist. I strongly recommend children under 12 not attend, especially if easily frightened. Also, though enjoying the film in a greater context than the first “Omega Code”, I had the suspicion that the main character, Stone Alexander, seemed more in depth to me than actually portrayed in this film, due to having seen his character in the original. Having said that, there appeared to be no real connection to the original film, meaning this one will be enjoyable even to those who have not viewed the first.

Overall, a great film with an even better conclusion.

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Positive—My wife and I hesitated to see “Megiddo”, given the disappointment of “The Omega Code”. However, we were pleasantly surprised! “Megiddo” is light-years above its predecessor in movie-making quality and clarity of story. As some have observed, “Megiddo” is not without its problems, some of which are not truly problematic. For instance—pay close attention to the rating. When it says “PG-13”, it does so for a reason. Do not expect to take young children to this movie looking for “Veggie Tales”. This is a depiction of the rise and fall of the Antichrist. By definition, it will be intense!

No, the gospel is not clearly presented in this movie. But is that necessarily bad? The Billy Graham films, wonderful as they may have been, have made us lazy. We expect the filmmakers to do our work for us. “Megiddo” presents some thought-provoking concepts; now go out and do your job and make disciples of the viewers who have had their interests piqued! “Megiddo” has played fast and loose with some scriptures, but not, I think, to the ultimate detriment of the film or the gospel. don’t forget, they only had 1 hour and 38 minutes to fit it all in—some things were sure to end up altered, compressed, or altogether eliminated. Once again, it’s up to you as a Christian to take this as a jumping-off place and fill in the gaps.

My only complaints about the special effects were that the destruction of the Coliseum was obviously “faked”, as were the shots of Stone Alexander addressing the African mobs. However, given some of the other chilling scenes, these lapses can be forgiven. This is a film well worth seeing, as long as you go into it as an informed viewer. But isn’t that the way we should all approach any film?
My Ratings: [Good / 4]
Steve Larson, age 49
Positive—The events in “The Omega Code” is not acknowledged at all in this prequel/sequel. The ONLY connection is Michael York reprising his role as the antichrist. “Megiddo” is a cinematic achievement as a Christian film. Never before has the Christian media made use of digital special effects this effective until now. Watching “Megiddo” is like watching the very pages of the bible unfold before your eyes. The battle scenes are straight out of Hollywood’s finest war films, complete with dismembered victims, and explosive footage. The drama in the life of Stone Alexander unfolds like a dark and creepy horror film. Enhanced with monstrous demons and gruesome special effects. Some scenes are very graphic and unsettling, but done without glamorizing the evil.

Michael York created his character in “The Omega Code,” but here, he has fine-tuned it. An outstanding and gripping performance that will send chills. Michael Biehn fits the role of his brother who wages war on Stone, like a fine glove. The storytelling is well paced and well scripted. 8X Entertainment has pulled out the big guns to present a chilling, horrific, spellbinding, dazzling, and breathtaking Christian epic with an ending that leaves you cheering and proud. Make sure you support “Megiddo,” but be warned, “Megiddo” has earned a PG-13 rating for good cause. Contains scenes that are frightening and realistically demonic.
My Ratings: [Excellent! / 4½]
Scott Green, age 32
PositiveThis movie was well written and directed. It is not preachy at all but does contain the word. Believers and nonbelievers will enjoy this movie. Especially with all the events that has happened in this country. Its worth seeing and paying the money. My daughters are 6 and 8 and enjoyed the film. There is a scene that might scare the very young and of course war scenes but they aren’t graphic. Please support this film by buying a ticket and viewing it.
My Ratings: [Excellent! / 5]
Chandra Myers, age 30
Positive—This quality of this film astonished my (male) friend in its action, quality, and special effects—he didn’t know that Christian movies could be that good! The storyline was very good, the battle scenes realistic, and the locations were well chosen. The special effects of the demons were difficult for me to see as I believe firmly that they exist—but they were presented in a frightening and conceivable manner. The only reason I rated this a 4 was that I felt some of the acting could have been stronger. Some actors weren’t confident enough in their delivery and could have been smoother and more effective. Overall, I came out with my heart still. We found it excellent and well worth the time and ticket price.
My Ratings: [Good / 4]
Desiree Marrion, age 46
Positive—This was an excellent movie that, although secular venues may feel is untimely, it is most timely! The world is open to thoughts about biblical end times, when last month they weren’t. When even the government is calling our war the “battle of good vs. evil” people are open to ideas of good and evil. Michael York was fabulous! The effects are incredible in this movie. People in the audience get disturbed in parts of this movie, and that’s okay, they’re thinking and feeling, and they are going home to consult God about the truth. Exactly! Well done! I saw it both nights in a row!
My Ratings: [Good / 5]
Kimberly Hankins, age 32
Positive—…a far far far cry from “The Omega Code”. I think TBN certainly have made up for the disappointment I’ve experienced after watching the former movie. At the ending of “Megiddo”, not only did everyone in the movie understand it, but the whole theater stood in a standing ovation, people were crying and everyone was praising the Lord. I thought I was a moment away from a revival right there in the AMC Theater. This is what Christian movies should be about. If they don’t IMPACT they are no different from secular movies. …Of course I think some of the emotion had to do with our recent tragedy and loses with terrorist. However, most of the reaction I feel is because the movie was based on the Word of God which over the years have always impacted the human spirit. We all left this movie with NO QUESTIONS TO ASK!
Evangelist Diane Carter
Positive—Megiddo is awesome! The graphics are amazing. TBN did a great job. I would encourage every Christian to see it and to bring their unsaved friends and family members. It does have some intense visual scenes but this should not be offensive to anyone as it clearly depicts what is to come. The anointing can actually be sensed from this film, something that is new to movie theatre auditoriums! This film is another important step to taking back all forms of media from the enemy. The audience clapped and cheered during a key part in the movie and at the end of the film. It is a must see! God Bless!
My Ratings: [Excellent! / 4½]
L. Mangan, age 33
Positive—This is a movie for this season and time in history. I love the effects, and the production quality of this movie. It is truly a “must-see”.
My Ratings: [Good / 5]
Daniel Johnson, age 18
PositiveWell worth the wait! Enjoyed “The Omega Code”. Very insightful. But no doubt, this message had to be brought to light. We are living in the last days. We all need to be aware and be ready for things to come. it’s already stated in the Bible. Just as is!
My Ratings: [Excellent! / 5]
Lisa A., age 35+
PositiveA well made movie with surprisingly good acting and special effects. The intense action and anti-christ focus gives this film its PG-13 rating. The plot flows and is understandable. It shows Jesus is Lord and nothing standing against Him will prosper. It gives the Christian a sense of victory and that ultimately, we’re going to be OK! I recommend this movie. However, if you are taking children/teens, be prepared to answer and ask some questions.
My Ratings: [Better than Average / 3½]
Lori, age 27
Positive—MEGIDDO came out at a very good time. It is very interesting and has a lot of thought in it. A must see with a lot to think about.
My Ratings: [Excellent! / 5]
Diana Daniel, age 49
Positive—a very good film for Christian outreach. I would like to have seen a much greater battle, i.e., navy and nukes, which will be used when the real Armaggdon comes. Also, the appeareance of Christ on the white horse. Perhaps nex time. However, a good outreach film. 10 out of ten.
My Ratings: Moral rating: Good / Moviemaking quality: 4½
Peter, age 67 (United Kingdom)
Neutral—The movie was okay but it didn’t seem realistic enough. I was bothered by the fact they didn’t use Jesus name once, I think they should have him at least appear at the end of it since we will be with him for 1000 years.
My Ratings: [Better than Average / 2]
Kim, age 37
Neutral—I believe that it was a good SCIENCE FICTION movie. It really was not related to the Bible. It was far away from the book of Revelation or Daniel. I was VERY DISAPPOINTED when Satan said, THE NAZARENE, and not JESUS-CHRIST IS LORD at the end of the movie. It had a lot of violence, and many parts of the movie were gross. But compared to most of the movies Hollywood has to offer, it was good. What amazes me is the fact that some people have actually been saved and received Jesus Christ as Lord as a benefit of going to this movie, Jesus’ name was not even mentioned once? I Praise God for it, and I believe that the movie is therefore worth all the cost and advertising. This movie was worth my money and time because thanks to it at least one person in America today can say, “I once was blind but now I see.”
My Ratings: [Better than Average / 3]
Fab Zinga, age 23
Neutral—This has good moments and moments that I question. For instance, why do the filmakers choose certain denominations after the rapture. Specifically the Catholic church. Are they saying that Catholic Christians aren’t going up in the rapture? I don’t know, but that’s a question I would like to ask them. Why are there no evangelical Christians in the movie praying in Jesus’s name? Why does the movie choose to parallel Satan’s communion to that of a Catholic or Orthodox Christian? I watch TBN all the time and I ask myself why they did some things some ways rather than ways similar to what TBN believes.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the movie very much. I just have some question about some choices they made. I agree with some of the other reviewers—that some of the acting was poor. I think what makes and brakes this movie is Michael York. He drives this film and takes you along. York is a well trained actor and one can tell he is among amateurs.
My Ratings: [Better than Average / 3½]
Aleksandar Heckner, age 22
Neutral—While this was indeed a good movie, it was not entirely biblical. First, a Catholic parishioner asks “David” to save us. (?) Where in the Bible does it say that a mere man will save us? I had a problem with that. Also, the devil never once said that Jesus was Lord; it called him, “Nazarene”. How are people to use this as a witnessing tool to those that don’t know the Bible or Jesus? While it was indeed well made, I truly think it was lacking in many areas of truth. They needed to focus more on Jesus and the true aspects of Revelation… it was definitely too “Hollywood”.
My Ratings: [Better than Average / 4]
Gina Armstrong, age 25
Neutral—Megiddo does a good job of bringing the audience up to speed on the background of Stone and his brother David so you don’t have to see “The Omega Code” first. I thought Megiddo was a notch above “Left Behind” in overall quality, though still not quite up to the best of what secular studios are doing. My family and I enjoyed the movie. Michael York was excellent as Stone; he portrays evil incarnate quite well. The actors and actresses who played the other main roles did a good job too. The special effects were much better than those in “Left Behind”, though not as good as the effects in “Phantom Menace” or “Jurassic Park”. I thought the computer rendering of Satan to be not very good—somewhat cartoonish. The military tactics displayed in the movie were unrealistic. It was never clear why Stone brought all the armies together at Megiddo in the first place. And the film’s depiction of Satan getting thrown down a hole in the ground and chained up in the Lake of Fire was downright silly…
My Ratings: [Better than Average / 3]
Hans Zaepfel, age 43
Neutral—I have had those who have thought about taking a non-Christian to this movie in hopes of using it as a talk point. Forget it. If you don’t know your book of Revelation you are going to miss any number of things that are going on in this movie. I’m sure there are other ways to bring up Jesus to your friends. Think harder and make your own opportunities. I had hoped to be able to use the movie as a conversation starter myself.

The 2 teenaged boys I was with liked it. I thought the acting was good and some of the special effects were very cool, especially at the end. “Hell” was the only profanity I remember. It wasn’t explicit and given the context it might be forgiven. But why go there at all. Catholicism was eluded to as the denomination of choice for the “believers” in the film. Illustrated by characters “crossing” themselves at certain times, and the priest who helps inform David of God’s mission for him; which is apparently to assassinate the character Stone. I got a problem with that also.

When you consider all of the other garbage that people, even Christian people, will watch this year, I would say this is more worthy of being watched than most of the stuff we will spend our money on this year. But don’t expect this movie to explain the book of Revelation to you. Remember God’s Word in the truth and not any movie, no matter who makes it.
My Ratings: [Better than Average / 3]
Tom N, age 38
Negative—Although this film is MUCH better then “The Omega Code” (almost any film can make that claim), is still leaves a lot to be desired. There is a scene in the middle seems to clearly be leading the audience to understand that the President of the United States is the second coming of Jesus Christ (will someone who thinks I’ve misunderstood the film please explain that scene to me?). The film pretty much fell apart for me at that point. The little dog-like demons were a very cool special effect item, I thought, and made me wish for a film version of “This Present Darkness”. One fairly amazing coincidence which will give the most cynical viewer pause: the Antichrist in the film gains worldwide support and influence via a successful global war on terrorism!
My Ratings: [Average / 3]
Timothy Blaisdell, age 37
Negative—In my opinion sometimes no translation is better than a loose translation. If you are looking for something that points to strong Biblical accounts to represent the occurrences of Revelation, then you are going to be sadly disappointed; however, if you are looking for a Good vs Evil movie that is loosely Biblically based then this is a good fit. I personally didn’t like the movie because of the loose translations (i.e. The movie gave Satan way too much power, people in a Catholic Church start laying hands on, and almost worshipping a regular man, and no rapture ever takes place in the movie). I must admit though, if just one person receives the Lord from this movie then it has served a very valuable purpose.
My Ratings: [Better than Average / 3]
Scott Armstrong, age 28
Negative—Since we loved “The Omega Code”, we took all 5 of our children (ages 4-13) to see it. The entire movie focused on the satanic side with demons appearing many times. It included satanic rituals and did not glorify God until the last 2 minutes. It contained Hell as a cuss word 2 times. We were very disappointed that this was a Christian film that never had a gospel message and focused on the satanic aspects 99% of the time. We already told our children that we would not be buying this one on video.
My Ratings: [Average / 3]
Rhonda Weston, age 36
Negative—This movie does not even mention the name of Jesus Christ. In the end it is not Christ that defeats Satan it is a force. I don’t call that Biblical. We saw this with several other mature believers and they wanted to walk out it was so badly done. Since when does the Anti Christ release the plagues? I have told everybody I know not to see this movie.
My Ratings: [Very Offensive / 2]
Beverly Terry, age 63
Negative—As a Christian, I will try to be balanced here. Christian film producers should give up trying to interpret end-time stories. Instead they should try to pursue more useful themes such as love, forgiveness, healing. Maybe then, they will succeed in making a good movie. “Megiddo” (apart from its Biblical message), as a movie, is trash! I don’t think viewers (my brothers) who rate this film as excellent have seen good movies lately. The special effects were expensive but horrible (except, I must admit for the final scenes of God’s glory descending and destroying the enemy). Video games do better at special effects than “Megiddo”.

But that is not the worst. The geo-political assumptions that the writers of this story make are simply ridiculous, childish, naive, excessively predictable. I am sure that when the anti-Christ rises to power, the circumstances will have nothing to do with what we saw. People who say the story was good should study world history, current events, international politics. You want a good story with “Bible-based” elements and good effects? Try “Raiders of the Lost Ark” filmed 20 years ago. Or “Ben Hur”, or “The Ten Commandments”. You want a beautiful movie? Try “Lawrence of Arabia”.

…You want visual effects? Try “Gladiator”. You want a film with redeeming values? Try “Return to Howard’s End”. I could go on and on and on… My point is: Let’s stop being mediocre. Christians should stop trying to compete with the secular movie industry if the movies we produce are bound to embarrassment.

Yes, if I had taken a non-Christian friend to watch “Megiddo”, I would be embarrassed at the silly, uncaptivating, 2nd class Spam that this movie is (like “Left Behind”, “The Omega Code”, etc…) Christians want a reference for a great movie based on a Christian writer’s story? Wait for “Lord of the Rings” this semester and make that a reference—not “Megiddo”. “But we cannot compete with a budget such as this…” some might say. Well, let us not compete then. Let us save the millions of dollars that go into making these trash movies to send out more missionaries, feed the poor, evangelize the lost on a personal level.

I guarantee it will prove to be more effective than “Megiddo.” Let’s raise our standards of excellence folks! Let’s follow the example of excellence set forth by the likes of C.S. Lewis, J.R. Tolkien, Francis Schaeffer, Augustine, Charles Swindoll, Billy Graham, Johan S. Bach. Spam like “Megiddo” only make us objects of the secular world’s laughter and ridicule. Not because of the cause of Christ, but because of our own cultural/intellectual/educational mediocrity. And finally, the fact that God has touched the lives of individuals through “Megiddo”, only proves to me that truly our God is an awesome God. He can bring repentance to a sinner even through trash like “Megiddo”!
My Ratings: [Good / 1½]
Fred Ramos, age 29
Comments from young people
Positive—This movie was excellent and very accurate according to Revelation. I haven’t been to a movie, except The Omega Code, where the audience members would cheer, clap, and praise God during the movie. This film was that moving and gave me goose bumps. A little too violent for younger children, but for everyone else it’s a must see.
My Ratings: [Good / 5]
Jeremy Scott, age 15