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MPAA Rating: R-Rating (MPAA) for violence, sexuality, nudity and language.
not reviewed
Moviemaking Quality:

Primary Audience:
Drama, Musical/Performing Arts
2 hr.
Year of Release:
USA Release:
August 25, 2006 (limited)
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Featuring: André Benjamin, Antwan “Big Boi” Patton, Ving Rhames, Terrence Dashon Howard, Faizon Love, Paula Jai Parker, Macy Gray, Ben Vereen, Cicely Tyson
Director: Bryan Barber
Producer: Robin O’Hara, Scott Macaulay, William Green
Distributor: Universal Pictures Distribution

Here’s what the distributor says about their film: “The story of the loves and ambitions of two struggling performers is told through intricate musical numbers and vibrantly choreographed dance sequences in Idlewild, an original musical starring multi-platinum and multi-Grammy winning OutKast members André Benjamin (André 3000) and Antwan A. Patton (Big Boi).

Set against the backdrop of a 1930s southern speakeasy, ‘Idlewild’ explores the lives of Percival (Benjamin), the club’s shy piano player, and Rooster (Patton), the club’s showy lead performer and manager. Idlewild synthesizes drama, music, cinema and style to bring the tale of struggling singers to life.”

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Positive—This movie is okay. It’s intended for adults and adults only. What I mean by that is most children will not understand what’s going on. There is a bit of nudity and a bit sexual. If you are offended by that, don’t see it. It’s a musical though, a lot of rap, dancing and creativity. It is violent though—some killing and gangster stuff going on. But if you’re 18 and up, and you can handle that kind of stuff, and you have a day off, and like African-American culture, check it out.
My Ratings: Offensive / 3
Js Savage, age 20
Positive—I watched it on BET (I’m assuming it was a bit edited) and immediately checked out this site to see what the consensus was…I see not a whole lot of information. So, I’d like to add my two cents.

It was an okay movie. I think the best parts about it were the MUSIC and the way they incorporated the period dances like the Jitterbug into the Funky music of Outkast. I really kept watching it for the period settings and the costumes/hairstyles/etc. I saw some waist-upwards female nudity (fuzzed out on TV, but I’m assuming not on the DVD) and some skimpy outfits, but I think what was more offensive was the dead body count and the blood splattering around when the Gang leader was roughing up his victims. I just changed to the next channel during the sex scenes.

In the whole scheme of things, I wouldn’t let a child watch this, but if they’re going to accidentally see something, I’d rather they see some nudity and sex (a la National Geographic/Classical sculpture/Paintings/even in film) than see so many people killed. Graphically. I’m thinking about the “what’s going to scar them for life? factor.”

I know it’s not the right thing, but I actually was happy that Percival and Angel were able to get together before she died. He slipped a ring on her finger as well as put a wedding dress on her after she was dead (okay, so he was also the town mortician) so was obviously going to ask her to marry him and I got the indication that she was obviously going to say yes.
My Ratings: Moral rating: Average / Moviemaking quality: 4
Jess, age 27 (USA)