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Why Did I Get Married Too also known as “Why Did I Get Married 2”

MPAA Rating: PG-13-Rating (MPAA) for thematic material including sexuality, language, drug references and some domestic violence.

Reviewed by: Brian C. Johnson

Moviemaking Quality:

Primary Audience:
Comedy Drama Sequel
2 hr. 1 min.
Year of Release:
USA Release:
April 2, 2010 (wide—2,000+ theaters)
DVD: August 31, 2010
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Featuring: Tyler Perry (Terry), Janet Jackson (Patricia), Jill Scott (Sheila), Sharon Leal (Dianne), Malik Yoba (Gavin), Richard T. Jones (Mike), Tasha Smith (Angela), Lamman Rucker (Troy), Michael Jai White (Marcus), Denise Boutte (Trina), Louis Gossett Jr. (Porter), Cicely Tyson (Ola), Keyshia Cole (Jada), Nia Iman Muhammad (Kenya), Keesha Sharp (Pam), Tyson Gilmore (T.J.), Valarie Pettiford (Harriet), Mary-Charles Jones (Daughter), See all »
Director: Tyler Perry
Producer: Lionsgate, The Tyler Perry Company, Roger M. Bobb, Reuben Cannon, Tyler Perry
Distributor: Lionsgate Films

“Marriage is an institution they’re commited to.”

Sequel to 2007’s “Why Did I Get Married?

review updated April 7, 2010

Has Tyler Perry finally grown up as a writer and director? It appears so with his latest project “Why Did I Get Married Too?” This sequel to the 2007 hit has all the same actors reprising their roles: Janet Jackson, Jill Scott, Malik Yoba, Richard T. Jones, “Dreamgirls” Sharon Leal, Tasha Smith, and, of course, Perry himself. The cast is rounded out with critically acclaimed veterans Louis Gossett Jr. and Cecily Tyson lending star power to this Hollywood outsider-turned-media powerhouse’s movie.

Like its predecessor, “Why Did I Get Married Too?” follows four couples who have been friends for years on their annual marriage retreat. This time, instead of a hideaway in the Colorado mountains, the couples have rented a house on the sandy beaches of an island paradise in the Bahamas.

  • Terry and Diane (Perry & Leal) have apparently worked out their marital problems from the last film (she was more career-oriented and secretly had her tubes tied while he was hoping for a second child).

  • Patricia and Gavin (Jackson & Yoba) continue to try to mask their growing marital discord as Patricia celebrates her latest book on success in relationships and marriage.

  • Marcus (Michael Jai White) and Angela (Tasha Smith) are still as volatile as ever—she still does not trust him after a series of infidelities, and she wants everybody to know that she is the boss [sadly for Smith, she is once again typecast as an emasculating, domineering loud mouth].

  • Newlyweds Troy and Sheila have recently moved from Colorado to Atlanta to be closer to Sheila’s friends and family (in the last film Sheila was married to Mike (Jones) and divorced him after learning about his affair with another of her friends; Troy was there to help pick up the pieces. Strangely enough, Mike, now single and full of regret for mistreating Sheila, still attends the couples’ retreat—his presence certainly causes quite a stir.

Unlike the first film, “…Too,” gives us additional insight into the personal lives of each couple; the retreat lasts only a weekend and the audience is invited to go home with each of the couples where we are treated to an insiders’ view behind the masks. Each couple has problems—secrets, money troubles, communication breakdowns, grief and loss—is love enough to hold them together?

Perry gives us a mature film here (read—NOT for the kids); none of the silliness of his more popular films where he dons the fat suit and becomes Madea, the feisty matriarch who made him a household name. This is the type of film that Perry was made to write—films that are weighty and important, proving that the stuff of life is not all fun-and-games—real relationships take work and respect and dedication. Perry tackles issues of fidelity in fidelity in marriage, substance abuse, honesty and open communication—concepts that will resonate with Christian audiences.

There are many references to sex in this film—the married couples talk about it (including conversations about specific “private” acts; there are also scenes where the couples engage in sexual behavior (this is a film about marriage—sex is a healthy part of that relationship and is considered holy). There is a scene where a non-married couple is “caught in the act.”

Additionally, some may struggle with a Christian artist, like Perry, whose characters often use “unChristian” language, but getting past that is easy when you appreciate the message of this film. The language is coarse, at times; the characters’ use of bad language is authentic and “in the moment.” Nevertheless, it certainly can be off-putting.

“Why Did I Get Married Too?” is a darker film for Perry, but he handles it all well. It is a departure from his usual family-friendly fare, and has earned its’ PG-13 rating; for the church-going Tyler Perry fan, this film may be a bit much, but it does posit him as a force to be reckoned with by Hollywood standards. Gripping and sexy without being salacious—no nudity (and for Janet Jackson—that is a miracle in itself). Definitely worth viewing for the questions it raises and the real issues it explores!

Violence: Moderate / Profanity: Moderate / Sex/Nudity: Moderate

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Comments below:
Positive—I don’t understand why there are bad comments about this movie; if one or more people don’t like it, then they shouldn’t knock it down because they didn’t like it; everyone has their own opinion. Tyler Perry is not obligated to make all his plays and movies FOR CHRISTIANS ONLY. It may seem wrong, but it seems like he made it for everyone to see, no matter their religion. Christians are not supposed to judge anyone; it’s in the Bible—Matthew 7:1-6. I saw the comments that were left, and I see why people run away from Christianity. I had a coworker tell me that “christians are so judgmental and hypocritical.” Tyler Perry and other movie producers have been blessed with a talent to entertain people, whether they are Christian or not.
My Ratings: Moral rating: Excellent! / Moviemaking quality: 5
Mary, age 25 (USA)
Positive—I enjoyed this movie and was glad to go to an ADULT movie with my husband (no kids). Just because a movie isn’t rated R doesn’t mean it’s for your kids. The title and previews should give you a clue. I am truly a follower of Christ, and the conversations they were having are real life. Married people make love, and we argue sometimes. No marriage is perfect. Louis Gossett and Cicely Tyson were the example of a couple who has weathered the storm and were still in love. I agree that Angela needs work, but we all do. Great movie! Leave the kids at home.
My Ratings: Moral rating: Good / Moviemaking quality: 5
Trish, age 42 (USA)
Neutral—This movie was what you expect from a worldly Hollywood movie. Not many religious references in the movie. I remember just one when Jill Scott’s character got on the beach. Although it was disturbingly entertaining in a senseless dramatic Springer sense, would have liked to have left the theater feeling uplifted or inspired instead of just entertained by senseless marriage drama. This movie also didn’t really show any good examples of married couples in its attempt to bring out the realness of marriage. It would have been good to see an example of a positive Christian marriage in the movie.

A lot of profanity in the movie, and some suggestive scenes make this definitely a movie for adults. Lastly, the ending left a lot to be desired. The movie was just okay, but I was hoping to leave the theater inspired and uplifted about marriage and/or life in general.
My Ratings: Moral rating: Average / Moviemaking quality: 3
magnus006gn, age 32 (USA)
Neutral —I was very disappointed at Mr. Perry’s latest effort. I went to the movie with my family thinking that it would have the same tone as far as the content. Boy was I wrong. Janet Jackson must have used the b-word ten times, and her character proved to be cold and heartless, which was rewarded at the end of the film.

The domestic violence scene was weird and frightening, as I thought the husband was going to force himself on the wife. There was a couple in the bed making “intimate” noises, and a character walked in on the “noise makers. There was open discussion of “rough” intimacy between the male characters. A few scenes with the married couples displaying intimacy was a little too steamy. There was also frequent use of the a-word, copious alcohol consumption, and a scantily clad gay man popping out of a cake.

All in all, I felt embarrassed to have brought my family to this movie and will apologize to them while trying to discuss what happened in the movie. I wish I had taken them to see “…Wimpy Kid” or just stayed home. With each new film, Mr. Perry seems to be getting further and further away from Christian values. If after my review you are still thinking about taking your family then I would at least ask that you pray on the matter, as I am full of regret at this time. God Bless!
My Ratings: Moral rating: Very Offensive / Moviemaking quality: 5
Erica, age 31 (USA )
Negative—I agree with one of the comments, TYLER PERRY, has left his “first love” and is now producing movies that any producer/director/actor can make. That is the problem, those won’t produce a film or play that in every movie/play shares the plan of salvation. Not only is this an ADULT ONLY movie, but it is the first Mr. Perry has made to my knowledge without a single reference to CHRISTIANITY.

I was so glad when I saw films/plays where Jesus was praised, and believing in Him, was a focal part, and CONVERSIONS TO JESUS WERE ACTUALLY IN THE FILM. This one left a worldly view of marriage, which is true, but Tyler Perry has the ability to show how Jesus can transform a person, marriage, and even a hardened prisoner.

If Tyler Perry continues in this mode, we are back to only Hollywood for morals. I hope everyone sends Tyler Perry a message, e-mail, or searched his Web site and pleads with him to make the type of films NO ONE ELSE WILL, as Christians we need to, respectfully, tell Mr. Perry not to do what others can do, BUT DO WHAT ONLY HE CAN DO! I certainly will have by the time you read this.
My Ratings: Moral rating: Average / Moviemaking quality: 3
dhobbs, age 59 (USA)
Negative—I’m a little surprised that this was called a “mature,” film by the reviewer. Is that what a film is called when a person who is known to present the gospel in his films suddenly switches to a worldly view of marriage? When Tyler leaves out every reference of God, (except maybe one line…) then the film is mature? If you want the view from a Christian standpoint, this film is basically a worldly, Hollywood version of marriages on the rocks with no redemptive message or values whatsoever. It was not funny, or encouraging. You would be better off with Tyler’s older films if you want entertainment with a message.
My Ratings: Moral rating: Offensive / Moviemaking quality: 2
Joseph Nigro, age 54 (USA)
Negative—…there is nothing at all redeeming about this movie and nothing at all positive about marriage. Except for the older couple played by Gossett and Tyson their is nothing in the way of a strong role model of what marriage should be and their roles were very minimal, at best.

This is the 2nd movie from Tyler Perry on this theme with the 1st being named Why Did I get Married? The same couples from the 1st one were in this one and even though the 1st movie seemed to end on a positive note of redemption, restoration and reconciliation… every couple from the 1st movie was totally dysfuncyional in the second. The characters seemed to be caricatures walking through a hybrid soap opera, Lifetime movie nightmare and as far as the plot devices, I felt as if I were being beat over the head with a hammer… geesh this was terrible!

So, besides the fact this movie had nothing at all to do with Jesus, it leaves you wondering Why would anyone get married, TOO!
My Ratings: Moral rating: Offensive / Moviemaking quality: 4
Art, age 55 (USA)