Today’s Prayer Focus

America’s Godly Heritage

Reviewed by: Dale and Karen Mason

Moral Rating: Excellent!
Moviemaking Quality:
Primary Audience: Teens Adults
Genre: Christian Documentary
Length: 1 hr.
Year of Release: 1990
USA Release:
Copyright, Wallbuilders Copyright, Wallbuilders
Featuring David Barton
Producer WallBuilders
Distributor WallBuilders

This highly enlightening video should be seen by every adult and every student in America! Using a simple set and cutaways to scores of illustrations, photographs, and charts, American history authority David Barton reveals the true beliefs of many of America’s famous Founding Fathers regarding the foundational importance of Christianity to law and government.

Of particular interest are the facts and alarming true stories concerning the false/recent doctrine of the “separation of church and state,” and the apparently direct relationship between the removal of Biblical references and sanctioned prayer from public school classrooms in the early 1960s, to the immediate rise in social ills and the decline in the academic competence of America’s students.

This video is unique. As such, you will probably want to watch it several times, and to share it with friends and relatives.

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Positive—I truly enjoyed the films and it shows that because we are not doing what God has commanded us to live by, we have all these problems in the world—family separating, people on drugs, prayers not allowed in schools or public places, can’t tell people that you are a Christian, young people getting pregnant outside of marriage, parents getting divorce, people killing other people.

I know, as being a military person, I can’t tell people at the VAMC that I’m a Christian, or have someone to pray for me when I’m in the hospital. I even saw where they discharged a Navy chaplain for praying in the name of Jesus. When I was in the Navy, we would have church meeting by a chaplain while we were out at sea. How things have changed since I got out of the service.

God sits high and looks low. You can tell that we’re living in the Last Days, and I pray that everyone would see this film.
My Ratings: Moral rating: Excellent! / Moviemaking quality: 5
—Lola, age 61 (USA)

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