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Asa is one of the somewhat good kings of Judah (Judea). He is a son of bad King Abijah and grandson of King Rehoboam, and was the 3rd king of Judah and the 5th king of the House of David.

His story is told in 1 Kings 15:8-24 and 2 Chronicles 13:23-16:14.

Confrontation by Obed

Asa was sucessfully confronted by the wise man Obed (2 Chronicles 15), who was the father of the prophet Azariah.

Admonished by Hanani

Asa was also admonished by the prophet Hanani (2 Chr. 16:1-10).

Godliness rewarded

He was zealous in maintaining the true worship of God, and in rooting all idolatry, with its accompanying immoralities, out of the land (1 Kings 15:8-14). The Lord gave him and his land rest and prosperity.

Turn toward paganism

It is recorded of him, however, that in his old age, when afflicted with a severe disease, he “sought not to the Lord, but to the [pagan so-called] physicians” (2 Chronicles 16:12) (compare Jeremiah 17:5).


He died in the 41st year of his reign, greatly honored by his people (2 Chronicles 16:1-13), and was succeeded by his son Jehoshaphat.

Asa was buried in Jerusalem with his ancestors (2 Chronicles 16:13-14).

Mentioned by Josephus

Asa is also mentioned by the historian Josephus who records that Asa’s mother was Michaiah (1737, p. 231, VII.11.3). The ancient Jewish historian Flavius Josephus (born Yosef ben Matityahu) was the author of Antiquities of the Jews and The Jewish War (about the Great Jewish Revolt of 66–70 AD).


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