Meaning: street; broad place.

The name of two biblical men and three places…

  1. The father of Hadadezer, king of Tobah (2 Samuel 8:3, 12).

  2. Neh. 10:11.

  3. the same, probably, as Beth-rehob (2 Samuel 10:6, 8; Judges 18:28), a place in the north of the Land of Israel (Numbers 13:21)

    It is now supposed to be represented by the castle of Hunin, southwest of Dan, on the road from Hamath into Coele-syria.

  4. A town of Asher (Joshua 19:28), to the east of Zidon.

  5. Another town of Asher (Joshua 19:30), kept possession of by the Canaanites (Judges 1:31).